Yihi SXmini ESS driver automatic vape juice injecting tech applied SXmini X Class will be released at IECIE

Yihi will launch the industry first ESS driver tech applied vape SXmini X Class at IECIE 2019, and revolutionary vaping experience for vapors is going to be created.

ESS Driver electric e juice jetting technology combines chip control technology, special mechanical structure design, software intelligent control and RDA-Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer.

This high tech combines the following merits of those 4 above designs:

  1. RDA’s good vaping taste.
  2. Chip control technology’s smart controlling. which frees vape beginners from the headache of reading the manuals of the vaping device.
  3. Software makes your vaping experiences more accustomed to your vaping habits.
  4. Special mechanical structure design solves the problem of vape juice leakage completely.

x class 200w yihi sx659j Ess driver dual 18659 max200w

SXmini X Class Specifications:

Max 200w
Powered by Yihi sx659j
Yihi new technology ESS driver
Dual 18659 max200w battery


SXmini X Class can be one of the most advanced vapes in the market, which is worth trying.

2019 Shenzhen eCig EXPO Invitation letter from SXmini


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