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SX Auto to be released in September 2019 – World first auto refilling pod vape


Several images of SX Auto were released on the official website of Yihai Vape Company on July 30. At first glance, it looks like a box mod product.

It’s a pod vape actually. Its highlight is the automatic e juice refilling, which can only be experienced in the mod vapes in the past. We didn’t expect that the pod also achieves this function, is it very powerful? Can’t you wait to have a try this special pod vape?

SX Auto

SX Auto Smoke adopts a new ESS technology, combined with a new generation of temperature control technology and original atomizing head structure design, which realizes precise temperature control and pure taste. The so-called ESS EFI technology, through the new concept of ESS Driver (automatic e liquid refilling), can combine the four components of chip control technology organically. Special mechanical structure design, software intelligent control, and RDA (Rebuildable dripping atomizer) to achieve the best vaping experience.

SX Auto

The design structure separate the e juice tank and the heater. And the e juice is transported by means of electric injection, which can ensure that every drag is 100% fresh. Fully automatic e juice locking system ensures no e juice leakage at all.

SX Auto
SX Auto

SX Auto pod system comes with four colors, flue-cured black, plated nickel, bronze tangcao, red ancient tangcao, is expected to be on the market in the coming September.

Are you looking forward to it?

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