DRAG X mod pod review – More fun to vape – DirtyCheck No.66

Maybe it’s the concept of fast vaping makes the success of VOOPOO,
Making it stand up straight until today.
Now let’s take a look at the new DRAG product X from VOOPOO

VOOPOO brand brief view

VOOPOO is an electronic cigarette brand under ICCPP. It integrates product development, manufacturing, sales and brand operation. It is a global high-tech enterprise with “technical innovation” and “customer service” as its core competitiveness. After years of development, it has become one of the outstanding brands in the international vaping category and has a worldwide good reputation.


DRAG X kit content

DRAG X Pod(4.5ml * 1)
PnP-VM1,0.3Ω * 1
PnP-VM6,0.15Ω * 1
Type-C cable* 1
User manual* 1
Warranty card * 1
Chip card* 1

DRAG X device

Material: alloy + leather
Output power: 5-80W
Output voltage: 3.2~4.2V
Resistance: 0.1~3.0Ω
Battery capacity: single cell 18650 (without battery)
Size: 95mm * 32.5mm * 28mm

DRAG X atomizer

Capacity: 4.5ml
Material: PCTG
Resistance: 0.15Ω (PnP-VM6) 0.3Ω (PnP-VM1)


DRAG X colors


DRAG X first impression

Such a good-looking device really shines,
The perfect combination of leather and metal presents a unique texture and beauty,
It comes with the above standard level quality of the kit.
The capacity of the atomizer is excellent, enough for the needs of players.
There are many choices in colors.
Simply observing from the appearance,
DRAG X is indeed striking my hearing.


DRAG X user experience

Everyone actually knows the standard atomization core,
This device is more like a mod vape.
But the atomizer is compatible with all Pnp coils under VOOPOO.
In other words, it’s not just mod vape,
In fact, it’s good enough for direct-to-lung vaping.


GENE.TT chip provides heating speed of 0.001s,
This quick vaping feeling is awesome.
However, the condensation is relatively serious,
Under this structure of this atomizer.

I think RBA should be optional for such device,
Whether the workmanship,
Or the choice of metal accessories,
The original RBA really hurts my user experience.
It’s not even better than third party RBA core.
This point really needs to be improved.


The combination of leather and metal is undoubtedly outstanding.
However, the finishing and capping process of the leather is not perfect,
But it does not affect the feel on hand.


SCORE RANKING section is made interesting,
According to the amount of cloud per puff,
You can constantly unlock new levels from “soldier” to “king”

In terms of taste, whether it is 0.15Ω or 0.3Ω, it is relatively rich
One is honeycomb core mesh core, another is the conventional mesh core
I won’t go into details about the specific use of it,
In the later period, you can also replace some resistor atomizer cores according to your own needs



Overall, DRAG X mod pod looks very beautiful,
Very interesting to vape,
It can also be matched with a third-party 510 adapter with a separate atomizer.
There are also chip Ranking Score settings,
Some smart modes of the machine can identify the pnp core of the factory,
Rich taste, full of smoke & vapour,
Very suitable for novices and heavy smokers
What do you think of this kind of DRAG X
I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time

Where to buy DRAG X mod pod


Did VOOPOO submit a PMTA?

VOOPOO is a popular mod vape brand in USA and many dealers are starting asking about the PMTA of VOOPOO. Then, does VOOPOO have plans for PMTA?

According to online information and reply from VOOPOO official, sadly, VOOPOO seems to have no plan for PMTA because PMTA costs too much money.

It’s Chinese New Year Holiday now so we don’t expect their detailed reply yet. And we’re reaching out to VOOPOO official for future updates about the PMTA. Stay tuned with VAPE HK and follow the VOOPOO PMTA updates


Why do vape shop owners care PMTA so much?

Some vape shop owners in the USA said, “Being in the industry myself, I’ve been advised against the PMTA by my lawyers. Currently, it’s too big of a gamble and in the end, the PMTA will be useless for e juice since most stores would be gone. If the FDA does approve a PMTA, where would I sell? Vape shops will not survive with 5-10 flavors since customers will transition to online stores which most likely will continue selling until forced to stop.”

Only With a PMTA, you can be safe from the flavor ban and any other political regulations.

Therefore, PMTA is the admission of a brand to sell in USA legally and reduce the law risk of vape sales to a minimum degree.

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

Today, I’m bringing you one of the most popular pod vape devices. It is VINCI developed by VOOPOO with care.

About the brand:

When it comes to VOOPOO, we need to talk more. VOOPOO was founded in 2014, when mod vape prevailed. It is believed that all old friends from that time will remember that the king once had a trident logo, a stable wood patch, and an invincible X200 box with extremely powerful and domineering hand. In 2017, VOOPOO acquired invincible (the right way to write it should be WOODY), began to enter the e-cigarette market, and achieved great success. The epoch-making device – 0.025 seconds ultimate heating, the real blazing-fast vaping experience, up to now, “Instant vaping” is still active in the hands of friends who love mod vapes, we can see its excellent performance.

Before that, we also reported several introductions about VOOPOO and its new product VINCI. This time, we carried out the review directly.

VINCI, the best electronic cigarette device of the year, launched on the whole network!

VOOPOO makes the world see a new generation of China’s “smart” manufacturing!

VINCI interprets the user value of epoch-making products under the transformation of electronic cigarette industry

VOOPOO new VINCI won the best device award in 2019!

VINCI new generation vape – VINCI, an epoch-making product compatible with mod and pod vapes together!

And can VINCI in our hands continue the myth? How can VINCI, carefully developed and built by VOOPOO, win the best device award in 2019? Next, it’s the unboxing time..

[Packaging & Design]

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

In the aspect of packaging design, I sincerely hope that VOOPOO manufacturer make a tear strip on the cellophane of the outer packaging, which will greatly improve the convenience and the use experience…

[Open package & package content]

This review is about the peacock blue version, the decorative board similar to the invincible stable wood patch is really good-looking. VINCI’s debut brings us four colors: Aurora, carbon fiber, peacock blue and scarlet.

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review Popular VOOPOO VINCI review Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

Basic package content

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

The drawer type packing box comes with device * 1, 5.5ML large capacity tank * 1, 0.3 ohm mesh core * 1, PNP 0.8 ohm core * 1, USB charging cable * 1, instruction, warranty card, etc. Let’s talk about the instruction manual here. For the instruction manual printed in multiple languages.

[Actual user experience]

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

First of all, we use a 0.3 ohm core, which can be clearly seen from the figure as a net structure. Its vapor volume and e-liquid vaporizing are relatively maximized.

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

The SALTY BASTARD vape juice is still used for the test. In the core of 0.3 ohm, the layer feeling brought by Lucky 13 is quite clear. It’s smooth to enter the throat. At the moment of exhaling, it’s like honey and caramel mixed with hazelnut. The fragrance is mellow and full, and the aftertaste comes with the sweet smell of vanilla and tobacco. Moreover, the mesh core magnifies the sweetness hidden in the SALTY BASTARD, and really gives the user experience of the whole taste of Lucky 13.

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

After changing to 0.8 ohm, PNP’s silk and cotton core, the ruffian of riding salt 40mg was added. A light puff (manual mode), full of vapor at the entrance, entering the lung through the throat. When inhaled, the smell similar to nuts spreads out along the esophagus. When exhaled, caramel mixed with tobacco, just one mouthful, endless satisfaction and throat hit come up immediately. It’s no exaggeration. It’s really just one bite. Although the delicate experience is a little dizzy, it really tastes good.

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

VINCI has a super cool appearance, and its zinc alloy body also has a high-level sense. Although it is a stuck the hand, it is stuck in the comfort degree. In addition, there are three modes in the dual-mode format.

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

The visual enjoyment brought by 0.96 inch TFT color screen is very good. Is it familiar to see this layout? Hee hee ~ ~ ~ the top of the screen is the brand logo and the power display, and the middle is the current wattage setting and a green lock. Next down are the number of puffs and the number of seconds of the last inhalation. On the left side of the lower part, there is a letter P, which represents that the current mode is manual mode, and only pressing and holding the key to ignite can user draw. On the right side, the display shows the resistance and the output of the electric voltage. The non ignition value is 0, which changes with the drawing. In this mode, press and hold the ignition key and down key at the same time to clear the number of puffs. Press and hold the ignition key and up key at the same time to lock the device. That is to say, whether you press the key or draw directly, the device will not work. Put it in your pocket or bag, and don’t worry about it working by mistake, which greatly reduces the risk of use.

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

After pressing and holding the ignition key and the up key to unlock, the ignition key will be unlocked three times in a row. At this time, the mode will turn into automatic mode. In this mode, you can choose to draw directly or press the ignition key. The response speed of key ignition is really fast. Thanks to the powerful GENE.AI chip, the instant vaping can be better inherited. However, the response speed of air switch is still strong despite the slight delay. In this mode, after you lock the wattage, it will not work unless you use the air switch. Safety is OK, too.

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

A very interesting A & P mode, as the name implies, double vaping by hand. It is similar to the automatic mode, i.e. both vaping modes are available, but, however, in this mode, the direct vaping response speed is positive and the eruption is fast. After testing, in this mode, use 0.8 core to vape butyl salt, as long as a SIP (slightly more than 1 second), the vaping experience is excellent. The only criticism is that even if the vape juice tank is turned and the suction resistance is changed, the puff is still slightly empty. It is estimated that it will be better to replace with a 1.2 ohm PNP core. If there are friends who like tight draw resistance, they can also hold down the air inlet on both sides of the device when vaping. But, however, don’t press it too tightly. In this way, not only it can’t be vaped, the atomizer is very hot. In this mode, after you lock the wattage, even if you press and hold the ignition key, as long as you do not vape, it will not work, of course, you can directly vape. How to say, this mode, like the automatic mode, except for the air switch, even if it is pressed, you don’t want to ignite.

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

As shown in the above two figures, the side with the e-liquid filling hole is inserted into the front, which is particularly comfortable for the use of mod vape. Deep lung inhalation and ignition will increase with your vaping time, whether it is button or direct vaping, it has necessary delay, which is positive and protective, avoiding the sudden heat of deep lung vaping and e-liquid. When you twist 180 degrees, insert the side with the VOOPOO logo into the front, which increases the vaping resistance to a certain extent, and the ignition response is relatively positive (in both modes), so as to meet your ultimate experience of one mouthful into buzz, two mouthfuls into ecstasy, and three mouthfuls into fantasy.

[Overall review & summary]

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

Exquisite appearance, excellent workmanship, careful design and solid hand feel are the vapor enjoyment brought by VINCI. Of course, the problem of vaping resistance may perplex some friends’ vaping experience. (the premise is that it’s the nicotine salt) the waste of e-liquid caused by the failure to change the e-liquid tank (the mod changes the nicotine salt, and the e-liquid and heating core must be changed), and the atomizer can increase the sweetness (it is recommended that those mod e-liquid with sweetness should not be used as much as possible, except that you like sweetness). These are also its little regrets. But there is no perfect person and there is no perfect thing in the world. As far as we can see, VOOPOO is worthy of the name of a big brand and Vinci is worthy of the name of Chinese Da Vinci.

Of course, at the end of the article, I still hope that when the manufacturer designs the products in the future, he can leave a hot spot tearing strip on the cellophane, which can win more praise. Although Vinci compete with another well-known similar pod vape, each product has its own advantages and disadvantages. Only by carefully selecting the appropriate device can we not feel that the product itself is bad. Here, I sincerely hope that Vinci can sell well. The above only represents the personal point of view, do criticize me if you don’t like, we will see you next time!

//VOOPOO, a national brand, brings 8 innovative technologies, including its new Vinci new generation GENE.AI intelligent chip, innovative positive and negative dual airway design, manual and pneumatic double inhalation mode//

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

Where to buy VOOPOO VINCI

Voopoo new pod vape will appear in Shanghai Vape Culture Week

October 30 – November 1, 2019 Shanghai Vape culture Week will be officially launched in the New International Expo Center. Voopoo will bring Drag series and Vinci series products to this wonderful show, and launch a new generation of Voopoo disposable vape pen – Find R in the exhibition, to surprise the vast number of vaper for the first show.

Find r disposable vape pen

Everything should be as simple as possible, but it doesn’t mean it’s simple. From the reduction of R-defined products, Voopoo believes that the experience of products will eventually return to the needs of users who want to reduce the complexity and quality of products, and Find R is born based on this product minimalism concept, which is simple but not simple.

Voopoo new pod

Playfulness, light enjoyment

Seven choices fruit flavors, different occasions encounter the taste of nature, refuse to dull taste. Classic tobacco, mung bean smoothie, icy green orange, sweet lychee, summer ice awn, extremely Icy Mint, icy watermelon, enjoy the colorful taste, each one full of mellow, wonderful surprise.

Voopoo new pod

“0” nicotine gives you a new experience

In order to understand the user’s demand for 0 nicotine, the R & D team added 0 mg nicotine experience of ice mint and ice watermelon to Find R. by grasping the design experience of zero nicotine content, users can enjoy the zero burden of smoke, and the smoke experience of each mouth is more pure.

Voopoo new pod

Food grade technology, each puff is at ease

Food grade injection molding technology, natural fruit and vegetable quenching of e-liquid, highly reduced careful mixing, make every vaping experience becomes more reassuring.

Integrated body design, simple but not simple

Find R integrates ergonomic streamline design, delicate hand feel, comfortable grip, U-shaped inhaling nozzle, allow lips fit naturally. 17.5g ultra light, thin to 1cm, portable. With the most simple and convenient product concept, through rigorous process design Find R expresses the optimal interpretation.

Voopoo new pod

Small volume, large capacity, more comfortable experience

Find R has a large capacity of 1.3ml, supporting 300 puffs (the actual number of puffs is related to personal smoking habits), and has a built-in 270mah battery, which can last for a long time and have a pleasant experience. At the same time, Find R is closely matched with the dust cover of the mouthpiece. After use, the user puts on the mouthpiece cover to fully cover the mouthpiece and no longer expose it pollution. Everything that goes into your mouth is worth caring for now.

Voopoo new pod

Find r disposable vape pen

Eliminate useless details, enrich the product’s authenticity, enjoy the smog without any burden, and feel more at ease!

A life without examination is not worth living; a thing without examination is not worth owning!

We hope Find R can become Less is More in your life under pressure, and make your life true again.

The surprises and highlights of Voopoo
All will be shown in IECIE Shanghai Electronic Cigarette Exhibition
October 30 – November 1
Voopoo and you

VOOPOO VINCI with aesthetic design – Beautiful pictures worth seeing

VOOPOO‘s VINCI is awarded the best device award in 2019 by the new generation of GENE.AI smart chip, innovative dual air channel design, manual and pneumatic dual suction mode and the vaping experience.

VOOPOO VINCI with aesthetic design - Beautiful pictures worth seeing

VINCI is the first MOD device that supports manual and pneumatic suction. The smaller VINCI is not weaker than the traditional mod. The power of 40W with 0.3 Omega atomizing core makes it smoother than traditional mod. Another 18W power with 0.8 atomized core makes it more pure and satisfactory to the analysis of nicotine salts.

VOOPOO VINCI with aesthetic design - Beautiful pictures worth seeing

It comes with intelligent anti-burnt-core function. GENE.AI chip can intelligently identify atomizing core, set power upper limit, precisely control the highest power output, prevent the atomizing core from burning and damage caused by improper operation and excessive power regulation, so as to prolong the service life and reduce the economic loss of users! At the same time, VINCI uses visual e-liquid storage design, which allows consumers to see the oil reserves directly, avoiding the situation of dry burning of atomizing core caused by insufficient oil.

VOOPOO VINCI with aesthetic design - Beautiful pictures worth seeing

VINCI carries more intelligent GENE. AI flagship chips! Support pneumatic ignition, support anti-burning core! Supporting intelligent power regulation or three-stage regulation, so that you can better choose the most suitable power for personal experience, but also support intelligent visualization function, using Puff curve, attentively record your every vaping experience!

VOOPOO VINCI with aesthetic design - Beautiful pictures worth seeing

VINCI has adopted a new air tunnel design. Two different air tunnel modes enable VINCI to be compatible with e-liquid and nicotine salt. Through the select of different flavors, with PnP series of different atomizing cores, it gives consumers a completely different vaping experience on the same device. VINCI atomizer interior uses the innovative metal bracket components, and it enhances sealability effectively preventing oil leakage, while significantly improving the heat resistance and wear resistance of the atomizer! The atomization warehouse is designed with strong magnetic absorption, which makes the operation easier for consumers.

VOOPOO VINCI with aesthetic design - Beautiful pictures worth seeing

VINCI’s intelligent anti burn core, automatic / manual dual suction mode, dual port mode, and visual visualization design of oil tank is a revolutionary technological breakthrough with epoch-making significance. It changes the limitations of previous mod or pod devices, and can meet the experience needs of different users more intelligently and conveniently. The minimal operation and zero teaching cost of VINCI provide users with the most direct and convenient bridge from the entry-level products of pod system to the general products of electronic cigarettes mature market.

VOOPOO VINCI with aesthetic design - Beautiful pictures worth seeing VOOPOO VINCI with aesthetic design - Beautiful pictures worth seeing VOOPOO VINCI with aesthetic design - Beautiful pictures worth seeing VOOPOO VINCI with aesthetic design - Beautiful pictures worth seeing

Where to buy VOOPOO VINCI 

VOOPOO is awarded the Best Device Award of ECC Electronic Cigarette Show in 2019

VOOPOO‘s VINCI is awarded the Best Device Award of ECC Vapor Expo California Electronic Cigarette Exhibition in 2019 for its new generation of GENE.AI smart chip, innovative design of positive and negative dual airway, manual and pneumatic double-suction mode and extraordinary vaping experience.

VOOPOO vinci ecc

VOOPOO, together with a new generation of revolutionary product – VINCI, first participated in the ECC Electronic Cigarette Exhibition (California Electronic Cigarette Exhibition) in the United States, and stood out among more than 100 domestic and international brands.

This is not only the honor of VOOPOO brand, but also marks the gradual maturity of China’s vapor industry and its leading position in the world. In the foreseeable future, the national independent industry will lead the development of international vape technology industry.

VOOPOO vinci ecc


Read more about VOOPOO Vinci:

VOOPOO Vinci that can switch between pod vape and mod vape is launched

VOOPOO Vinci that can switch between pod vape and mod vape is launched

Nowadays, most of the vape devices on the market is single type. They are either mod vape or a pod vape device. Vape devices which can be compatible with both pod and mod are not mature at present.

Based on the current situation of this industry, VOOPOO has launched an epoch-making electronic cigarette device, Vinci, after a long period of user research and development.


Vinci uses a new airway design. Two different airway modes allow Vinci to be compatible with both e-liquid(mod) and nicotine salt(pod), bringing two completely different smoke experiences to consumers on the same device.

When consumers use E-liquid, they can use the atmospheric flow model to bring a vaping experience more smoothly. When consumers use nicotine salt, they can use the small airflow mode to bring a more mellow taste. The switching of the two airway modes is also very simple. It is only necessary to make a 180 degree turn of the pod.

The air intake holes on both sides of the pod are different. Use in different scenarios
The air intake holes on both sides of the pod are different.
Use in different scenarios
The left side is pod airway, On the right is a mod airway.
The left side is pod airway,
On the right is a mod airway.

In the design of the tank, Vinci gives consumers a more intuitive feeling. The visualization of e-juice depot can make consumers see the vape juice storage directly, and avoid the case of dry burning of atomization core caused by insufficient vape juice in the use process. This visual design of e-juice depot can not only bring more convenient experience for consumers, but also avoid the bad taste caused by dry burning.

Overall, the Vinci dual-airchannel model and the visualization design of the e-juice depot are revolutionary technological breakthroughs with epoch-making significance. It pushes the limitations of previous mod or pod devices, and can meet the experience needs of different users more intelligently and conveniently.

Overall, the Vinci dual air channels model and the visualization design of the e-juice depot are revolutionary technological breakthroughs with epoch-making significance. It pushes the limitations of previous mod or pod devices, and can meet the experience needs of different users more intelligently and conveniently.

Vinci will appear at the ECC ONTARIO American Exhibition in 2019. Exhibition Address: Ontario Center, California, USA. Exhibition time: August 30 – September 1, 2019, VOOPOO booth number: 524.


Where to buy VOOPOO Vinci 

VOOPOO DRAG Nano pod vape is launched @$33.99

VOOPOO DRAG Nano features a GENE.Pod chip that provides 5 layer protection, including:

Overcharge protection

Over vaping protection

Short circuit protection

Low battery protection

Over-current protection

It aims to be safer than other vapes.

Device specification:

Product DRAG Nano Pod kit
Dimension 54.5*35*11mm(±0.5mm)
Built-in Battery,750mAh (a larger capacity than most pod systems)
Material Zinc Alloy & Aluminium Alloy
Weight 55g
Voltage Output 3.2-4.2V
Charge Voltage 5V/0.5A
Quiescent Current <15uA

Pod specification:

Capacity 1ml
Resistance 1.8Ω
Material PCTG
Size 36.3*15*7.0mm

Besides, it boasts that it has the best drag value at 480Pa.

As to its flavor, we haven’t tested it. It might be not good:

VOOPOO zip pod review – Powerful chip born for fever and 4 pods for merely $14


VOOPOO zip pod review – Powerful chip born for fever and 4 pods for merely $14

VOOPOO zip pod comes with a delicate and creative 3D package box – A vape pen in the suit. It makes the product look cute but serious. “This business simple style design looks kind of cool. It makes me want to open it up immediately to check what’s inside!” Someone in Vape.hk said.

voopoo zip pod

Size of the packaging box: 11.9c m*11.9cm*3.3cm

Gross weight: 0.295 kg

After tearing off the transparent plastic film

voopoo zip pod

Interestingly, the suit can be taken off!

voopoo zip pod

Now it shows this: 1 device, 2 pods – 1ml/pod. It’s much better than those overpackaging products like bink. It also frees the user from the trouble of unboxing. What’s more, it saves shipping cost because shipping products internationally costs a lot more money with a heavier weight.

VOOPOO is a company based on foreign trade since its establishment. Its representative products are DRAG、DRAG2、 DRAG mini、DRAG Nano、DRAG Baby etc. The packaging box shows its expertise in this field.

voopoo zip pod

Take out the kit, and another box shows up:

voopoo zip pod

What’s inside the box:

Another 2 pods with Tobacco and Mint.

1 user manual/ instruction brochure

1 guarantee card – 3 months

1 Android USB charge

1 Gene label – It says “Powerful chip Born for fever”

What the Gene provides:

Over vaping protection

Short ciruit protection

Overcharge protection

Low battery protection

Overcurrent protection

voopoo zip pod

Device size: 8.8cm*1.4cm*0.8cm

Device weight: 15g

The device has a led lighting up when vaping. The LED is “+” shaped like SNOWPLUS.

As to its flavor, it has a pretty long way to go to outrace SNOWPLUS. Its nicotine strength is not stated and unknown. According to our test, it’s far from satisfaction.

However, considering its cheap price, we should accept those drawbacks reasonably.

voopoo zip pod

The product was bought by Vape.hk on Tmall VOOPOO official store at 99 yuan. Overseas readers can buy it below:

Where to buy:

$15.99 Vapesourcing

The safety of nicotine salt is related to the future development of pod system

Because of its compact size and convenient use, pod vape is different from the box mod. It is also widely known as pod system in the industry. In addition to the iteration of vape device design, the birth of nicotine salt in 2015 is the greatest contribution to the development of pod vapes.

In understanding the safety of e-liquid components, we have made some discussions with VOOPOO. Here we share with you.


What’s nicotine salt?

First of all, we need to be clear: whether nicotine salt or nicotine, the essence is nicotine, it is not only used in the tobacco industry, but also widely exists in pepper, tomato and other plants, but also applied in the medical industry.

Nicotine salt is actually relative to free nicotine (previously common e-liquids). In 2015, researchers found that adding benzoic acid to produce acid-base atomizer could allow more free nicotine to remain in solvents in a stable state, resulting in the formation of nicotine salts. JUUL, the inventor of nicotine salt, also made a name for it.


The greatest effect of nicotine salt is to solve the problem of transmission efficiency of nicotine. After atomization with electronic devices, most of the common nicotine stimuli are converted to excessive throat stimulation. The effect of blood nicotine delivery is not ideal. It is difficult for users to obtain nicotine satisfaction like smoking real cigarettes.

Nicotine salt has stronger blood penetration and significantly improves the level of nicotine in the blood at the same time, which can more truly simulate the satisfaction and pleasure brought by real smoke.


In addition, compared with nicotine, nicotine salt has the characteristics of light color and taste, which can guarantee the tobacco fruit and other flavors storation; it is not easy to volatilize and has a longer shelf life; it has a smooth taste, which is more likely to bring pleasure; and it has less stimulation to the throat and nasal cavity, which all contributes to the birth of most popular pod vape products.

What are the other ingredients in the e-liquids?

Besides nicotine, the main elements of common e-juice include glycerol, propylene glycol, essence and so on. Are these ingredients safe?

Common pod and e-liquids
Common pod and e-liquids

Propylene glycol is used as a dissolving medium in e-liquid. If glycerin is too sticky, it will lead to less easily dissolving the essence. This requires increasing propylene glycol as a solvent.

Glycerol is usually purified from plant materials. Its main function is to increase the amount of vapor produced. The higher the proportion of glycerol in the smoke, the greater the amount of vapor produced by heating atomization. Glycerol is commonly added in cosmetics, food, chocolate and other daily necessities, so glycerol has no adverse reaction to human body. However, if the purity of glycerol used in e-liquid is not high, it may be deposited on the heating wire or enter the body with vapor.

In addition to glycerol and propylene glycol, the difference of electronic cigarettes are flavors. In general, vape flavor can be extracted from plants or industrial synthetic flavors. Industrial synthetic flavors are organic chemical reactions with more uncertainty. Therefore, more electronic cigarette companies will choose to extract different flavors from plants.

How do enterprises produce safe vape juice?

Everest, founder and CEO of VOOPOO brand, said, “The attitude of VOOPOO towards the consumer group of electronic cigarettes has always been clear since the establishment of the enterprise. Based on this, we have been committed to the safe research and development of vape devices and e-liquids. As for the part of e-liquids, besides implementing the policies of the state and local governments, I think enterprises themselves should shoulder the corresponding industry and social responsibility, increase the investment in e-liquid technology research and development, and ensure that consumers breathe in every puff safely. ”


“Specifically for VOOPOO brand, we have set up multiple strict inspection and testing standards for ourselves: first, to ensure that every drop of e-liquid is measured by food standards; second, to establish more stringent VOOPOO testing standards in line with relevant regulatory policies; third, to entrust international third-party professional testing institutions to test products.

For example, all the e-liquids put into use by VOOPOO meet the SZDB/Z 157 General Technical Requirements for Electronic Cigarette Products of Shenzhen Market Supervision and Administration. We commissioned an international professional testing agency to identify the harmful components in the vapor. The results showed that many components in the vapor, such as aldehydes and ketones, 11 heavy metals, formaldehyde, benzene, alcohol and propylene glycol, met the standards, and were far below the lowest values of national standards such as the United Kingdom and France.

Addiction is a disease that needs to be controlled

We can’t generalize whether nicotine salt e-liquid is harmful or not. Just as nicotine salt can bring pleasure, moderate intake can alleviate emotional tension. However, even drinking too much water can also lead to water poisoning.

What really hurts is the blind pursuit of pleasure, which leads to excessive psychological and physical dependence rather than material itself, which is what we often call addiction. So there’s our most important motto: If you don’t smoke, please don’t try electronic cigarettes, either.

From box mod to pod system, from oil refilling to pod replacement, it is the result of technological progress and user iteration. The development of nicotine salt technology has improved the taste and experience of pod systems. It is believed that with the progress of technology and the intervention of national supervision, pod system products will become the consumption choice of a new generation of smokers.