VOOPOO VMATE E pod vape kit review: a perfect pod for daily vaping

Few days ago we learned from the news that VOOPOO has just launched a new pod vape named VMATE E pod in SVH, Indonesia. And lucky that we got it in hand in the earliest time. It would be a pity not to share the experience with our readers early, so let’s start.


First things first, the VMATE E tastes excellent. Vape juice on it tastes rich and mellow, and the cloud particles are fine and consistent. Pretty strong vaping performance with more than sufficient power.

Instant heat up and easy installation & operation make vaping not a technical job anymore. Unlike Drag Q with a more complex settings, VMATE E has been tuned to the best state for optimal vaping experience.

360-degree fully-fit design of the pod mouthpiece as a result of 128 engineering tests brings a 360-degree full range of fitting lip comfort. You’ll feel your flavor, not a pod. The mouthpiece is very comfortable when vaping.

Condensate-free design for the 3ml VMATE E Pod with an independent and one-way condensate space is 75% more leak-proof than other pods. No condensate problem was found when the author was vaping.

Meanwhile, the pod is easy to insert tight while easily to be pulled out. Magnetic suction and buckle double reinforcement, with the super-easy groove clasp design, makes every insertion and removal of the pod handier.

Small size with large power makes the pod a brilliant pod. 900mAh large capacity built-in battery, with Type-C 5V/1A fast charging, one charge, enjoy two days of vaping.

Moreover, the cover on the pod is almost a unique design in the vaping industry that few brands have. It makes your pod free from dust and dirt, cleaner in your pocket, and more sanitary when vaping.

Lether and metal surface of the device body make it comfortable in hand, anti-slip, and more expensive and delicate. VMATE E’s streamlined curve is made possible with elegant metal. The body is polished in 14 processes over 150 minutes to form the smoothness and gloss. The leather offers the optimal touch feeling and luxury style. The LED indicator lights on and off with each puff, showing the real-time battery capacity.

VOOPOO VMATE E at a glance

VOOPOO VMATE E specifications

900mAh Battery
Weight: 45g
Height: 9.5cm (3.7″)
Width: 2.9cm (1.1″)
Depth: 1.5cm (0.6″)
2ml Refillable Pods
Built-In Coils

Device material: Aluminum alloy
Pod material: PCTG
Capacity: 3ml
Resistance: 0.7/ 1.2 Ohm
Output power: 17 W
Battery capacity: 900 mAh
Built-in battery

VOOPOO VMATE E package content

VooPoo VMate Device
V.THRU 3ml Refillable 0.7/ 1.2 ohm Pod
USB-C Charging Cable
User Manual

VOOPOO VMATE E user manual


Overall speaking, VMATE works perfectly, and the design is user-friendly, ergonomic and beautiful. Worth having a try.

Where to buy VOOPOO VMATE E pod vape

VOOPOO VMATE Infinity Edition review: a pure taste pod kit

Let’s review another VMATE pod kit. VOOPOO VMATE Infinity Edition is a more essential model compared to VMATE E edition.

VOOPOO VMATE Infinity try out

VMATE Infinity vaping performance is almost the same as the premium VMATEE edition, both are excellent. The device appearance and pod shape are almost the same, and the pods are compatible with each other, they all are very good.

VMATE Infinity Edition features a brand new design with brilliant colors and imaginary meanings. The upgraded ITO technology brings you an original sweet flavor. The silver ion mouthpiece offers you a reassured vaping experience. The unique dual-hole structure isolates the condensate and proofs no leakage.

Upgraded cartridge and dual-hole leakage-proof make the vaping great. And the antibacterial mouthpiece make it safer on lips. However, it doesn’t come with a mouthpiece cover like VMATE E edtion.

The airflow is set by 2 air holes on both sides of the device, and the airflow amount and speed are just perfect.

VOOPOO VMATE E Infinity at a glance

VOOPOO VMATE E specifications

Cartridge Parameters

Capacity: 3.0ml
Material: PCTG, Silver Ion
Resistance: 0.7Ω
Recommended E-liquid: Nicotine≤50mg

Device Parameters

Name: VMATE Infinity Edition
Material: Aluminium Alloy
Output Power: ≤17W
Output Voltage: 3.2-4.2V
Resistance: 0.7-3Ω
Battery Capacity: 900mAh

VOOPOO VMATE E package content

VooPoo VMate Device
1 3ml Refillable 0.7ohm Pod
USB-C Charging Cable
User Manual


VOOPOO VMATE Infinity Edition works great. And the gradient color device surface makes it look beautiful outside. The only downside is that the mouthpiece doesn’t come with a cover like VMATE E.

Where to buy VMATE Infinity

3 Mystery Products to be Unveiled, 30 Minutes to Narrate 8 Years of VOOPOO’s Entrepreneurship

Shenzhen, China, June 29, VOOPOO 2022 “More Than Infinity” Global New Product Launch officially came to an end. VOOPOO spent 30 minutes reviewing the 8 years brand story at its 8th anniversary, divided into three chapters to explain how the combination of infinite symbol and brand spirit match the attitude VOOPOO using technology to create more infinite possibilities. At the launch, three POD products carrying VOOPOO’s most leading-edge technology became the biggest highlight.

A very significant theme of the launch is the development story of VOOPOO since its founding 8 years ago. From the early atomization chip solution provider to today’s open tank system giant, VOOPOO has been driving the positive development of the industry through a series of disruptive innovation, and to complete the brand transformation with irresistible force. In addition, the globalization process VOOPOO started last year has extended to the United States, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Germany, France, Canada and Malaysia, more branches will be landed to strengthen local operations in the local market. Through the establishment of brand flagship stores, put mobile apps on more regions, those combinations strategies are deemed to deepen the global influence of VOOPOO in electronic atomization industry.

Atomization platform + chip construction supports the new products, highlighting VOOPOO’s R&D strength

New product is the vital part of the launch, and VOOPOO reveals 3 Pod products this time, including two V series products, VMATE E and VMATE Infinity Edition. These two products are equipped with newly upgraded cartridge, with 5A freshness-seal technology to lock the fresh taste and fragrance of e-liquid, and the use of special Fresnel lens texture design on the cartridge, effectively reducing the exposure of light to the e-liquid, striking the user with the fresh taste experience. Silver ions were specially added in the cartridge, the effective anti-bacteria rate is above 99%.

Drag Q has been released with the new infinite appearance again, Drag Q overturned the industry’s concept of POD product with its intelligent pressure regulation and taste restoration of professional-grade. VOOPOO global brand ambassador also detailed the core reason for driving VOOPOO to achieve leapfrog development, the “user-centered” strategy oriented investment in research and development. At present , VOOPOO pioneered three atomization platforms for various user needs: PNP, TPP, ITO. As well as two Gene chips: GENE AI and GENE TT. It is the VOOPOO’s continuous optimization and innovation in atomization technology wins the love and support of our consumers.

Join hands with 100,000 + clients and 50million + customers to build an electronic atomization culture

The last chapter of the launch event was left to the clients and thousands of VOOPOO fans who have stepped forward with VOOPOO. For the past 8 years, VOOPOO has worked closely with more than 100,000 retailers offline, winning the favor of the majority of customers with constantly high-quality products and continuous market investment, but also showing a mutually beneficial and win-win business answer with partners with the actual market results. In the global context, more than 50 million users have become loyal fans of VOOPOO, pushing VOOPOO continue to create era-leading products, and thousands of VOOPOO eco-system consumers to build a culture of atomization. VOOPOO mentioned at the launch, the brand flagship stores will be firstly debut in the UK, Indonesia and other places, and VOOPOO fans can contact with no distance, perfect VOOPOO ecosystem together.

The launch took 30 minutes to explain the development strategy of VOOPOO, the spirit of innovation, brand culture and the deep connection of infinite symbols. What kind of performance will the listed three heavyweight products make is also worth expecting for the industry.

VOOPOO new products of V Series are released in shock, defining the pure taste

On June 29, VOOPOO releases two new products at its new product launch, which are the new members of the multi-futuristic V series. They are innovative, practical, and attractive. More details will be followed.


5A Freshness-Seal Cartridge, Extremely Fresh Taste


VMATE E and VMATE Infinity Edition adopt the innovative 5A Freshness-Seal technique, combining anti-dust, anti-light, anti-volatile, antioxidant, and anti-bacterial functions. The anti-dust mouthpiece blocks the dust in daily life, realizing the lasting protection of mouthpiece and e-liquid. The uniquely designed Fresnel lens function makes illumination less. The design of mouthpiece plug inside insulates e-liquid with air, slowing down the oxidation and volatilization and providing you a long-lasting freshness. The silver ion mouthpiece makes the anti-bacterial rate more than 99%, ensuring your vaping sanitary and reassured.


Updated ITO Atomization Technique and GENE.AI Chip, Refreshing Vaping Experience


These two products are featured with VOOPOO’s original ITO atomization technology, which restores the optimal tasty experience. GENE.AI chip provides easy and humanized experience through the intelligent chip control. Its 6 safety protecting functions, overtime protection, short-circuit protection, overcharge protection, low battery protection, output over-current protection and chip overheat protection reassure the vaping experience as well.

VOOPOO new products of V Series are released in shock, defining the pure taste


Fully Compatible Magnetic Cartridge,Multi-Layer Leakage-Proof Structure


The cartridges of VMATE E and VMATE Infinity Edition are fully compatible with each other and V. THRU Pro products, make the vaping experience more flexible and diverse. The innovative dual-hole air inlets at the bottom capture balanced air flow from two directions. Moreover, the unique structure isolates the condensate and proofs no leakage.


Something Unique, More Fantastic


VMATE E and VMATE Infinity Edition have some innovations in common. But they have some features distinguished from each other and make themselves more fantastic.


VMATE Infinity Edition adopts new and fashionable design, enhancing visual stereopsis. The aluminum alloy laser stripe will shine with brilliance under sunshine. The device also creatively adopts VOOPOO’s hollow “infinity” symbol, the side-way infinity LED lights, on and off with each puff, and enabling infinite wonderful vaping.


VMATE E is equipped with 1200mAh large-capacity battery and supports a long day vaping service. The light indicator visualizes the real-time puff wattage and rest battery capacity, make the length of vaping time under control. The automatic reduction of the output power at each puff’s end lasts the vaping experience as well.


For more information, please visit https://www.voopoo.com/ and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok.

WARNING: This product may be used with e-liquid products containing nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

VOOPOO newly launched products will be unveiled in SVH, Indonesia, excited to meet you there!

On 29th June, VOOPOO, the leading brand of open mod e-cigarette, held online new product launch named “MORE THAN INFINITY”, which has been enjoyed professions ‘great attention and fan’s unlimited expectation for the new products. On 2ed July, VOOPOO will take three new products in booth G7, SVH, Indonesia and provide visitors the opportunity to try the new products.



New products debut, show powerful strength


It is known that SVH EXPO is one of the regional EXPOs popular with the professions and consumers, in which more than 50 brands will participate in. VOOPOO joined the Jakarta e-cigarette EXPO, and it will be the second time for VOOPOO to attend Indonesian exhibition. It is worth mentioning that it is the first time for the three new products to be showed in global public.

VOOPOO newly launched products will be unveiled in SVH, Indonesia, excited to meet you there!

The newly launched POD products, VMATE E and VMATE Infinity Edition, are the representatives of the V series, which is featured with diversity and innovation. They have elaborate appearance and can bring pure taste experience for vapors. The updated cartridge, with anti-bacterial anions, protecting each puffing experience.

VOOPOO newly launched products will be unveiled in SVH, Indonesia, excited to meet you there!

Derived from the revolutionary Drag Q, Drag Q Infinity Edition is the first product with the brand infinity logo as the design element. Since the launch of Drag Q Infinity Edition, it has been paid great attention among world-wide professional vape lovers and fans.


Join the VOOPOO CLUB and get nice gifts


As a significant region in VOOPOO’s internalization strategy, Indonesia is where the customers have always enjoyed the vapes firsthand. VOOPOO established a social platform, VOOPOO CLUB, for the vapers to discuss the information of products and their hobbies. As an official application designed for VOOPOO fans, VOOPOO club has been followed by more than 30000 Indonesian fans. The customers could gain the firsthand information of products, promotion, and the personalized product consultation on this platform. The online and offline activities, gifts and information will be provided as well. VOOPOO CLUB will attract fans to join the club and provide nice gifts for you.VOOPOO newly launched products will be unveiled in SVH, Indonesia, excited to meet you there!


From July 2 to 3, VOOPOO will be waiting for you at booth G7 and bring you a wonderful and refreshing experience!


Who is VOOPOO?

Founded in 2017, VOOPOO has rapidly grown and recognized by vapers from around the world with its DRAG series. VOOPOO is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, design, production, and brand operation. It has four flagship product series: ARGUS, DRAG, VINCI and V Series, altogether providing consumers with a safe, reliable, and diverse all-scenario product ecosystem.

More Than Infinity! VOOPOO Global New Product Launch Kicks off June 29 online

VOOPOO,a global leading electronic atomization brand, released a seven-day countdown on its official website on June 23rd. According to this, a new product launch themed “More than Infinite” will be held at 10:00 p.m.(GMT+8) on June 29. As the initial new VOOPOO product launch of this year, what will be delivered in the launch is conspicuous.



What stories will be shared in this 8th Anniversary Show?

The launch event is not only held for new products, but also for celebrating the 8th establishment anniversary of VOOPOO.  Since its establishment, VOOPOO has gained a reputation of developing a variety of revolutionary products. While promoting the development of the industry, VOOPOO achieved leaps of market share year by year. By far, VOOPOO has become a TOP brand in the Open Pod System. VOOPOO has also won a number of Vapoouround 2022 awards recently, which are known as the Oscars of the atomization industry, and has been highly praised by the industry and users. There is no doubt that VOOPOO will reveal some behind-brand stories at this 8th anniversary.


Is there a strong association between the Infinity symbol and VOOPOO brand?


The posters released on the official website and social platforms all used the infinity symbol as the main visual element of the launch.VOOPOO has lately launched a number of high-profile events around the world, whether the “Spark Your Life Infinite Challenge ”on the Tik-Tok, or the pop-up events organized by graffiti artists in the United Kingdom and Indonesia, were all attached to the infinity symbol strongly. Now it is clear that those were organized to warming up the launch. This launch themed as “More than infinity”, emphasizing that the infinity symbol seems to become the cultural totem of the VOOPOO brand. As for which brand spirit the infinity symbol marks, it will only be revealed on the launch.


What revolutionary breakthroughs will the new products be making in this launch?


Another highlight of the launch is the new products VOOPOO will debut this time. Judging from the relevant content disclosed on the official website, the overall KEY VISION style is very technologically avant-garde, and several products will be released at the same time. For VOOPOO, which was known for its product innovation, the new products of this time may make various breakthroughs in design and technology as well. The official revealed that the launch will be broadcasting live on its official YouTube channel at 10:00 p.m.(GMT+8) on June 29. At that time, global vape fans and industry observers will witness and participate in this feast served by VOOPOO.



VOOPOO is a leading brand of open pod system and has rapidly risen through DRAG products, which have been widely acclaimed globally in a short period of time. VOOPOO focuses on building two core technology platforms [Chip] and [Atomization]. VOOPOO has creatively developed GENE.AI, GENE.TT and other chips. In addition, VOOPOO independently developed three Atomization Platforms, which are TPP,PNP,ITO, aiming at differentiated users. VOOPOO has four major product series – ARGUS, DRAG, VINCI, and V-series(Doric). VOOPOO will continue to develop more national markets in the future, aiming to build one of the most influential global brands.


The Middle East Dubai electronic cigarette exhibition will open soon, and VOOPOO will on the scene with a new image

From June 16 to June 18, the World Vape Show will be held in Dubai, which is the largest exhibition in Dubai. It is reported that more than 1,000 brands will participate in the exhibition, which is expected to bring rich e-cigarette experience to more than 80,000 visitors. As a world-famous vape brand, VOOPOO will also join with its new image to appear in 6050 area of the exhibition site, which is also the first global appearance of VOOPOO after its brand image is updated.


Fully innovated image and the debut of brand super symbol


Recently, VOOPOO upgraded its brand-new image on its official website and released the brand super symbol. In this exhibition, VOOPOO will also fully follow its latest brand image and super symbol elements, bringing fans and on-site visitors a fantastic visual experience.


Star products gather to bring a full range of product experiences

VOOPOO will bring its whole series of products to the exhibition, providing rich product experience to the customers and visitors. What deserves special attention is that the ARGUS GT 2 will be displayed in the exhibition, which lately got the BEST MOD WINNER in E-cigarette exhibition in Birmingham, UK. ARGUS GT 2, a significant product of VOOPOO’s high-end series, has won the favor of the users around the world with its strong tri-proof strength, ultimate atomization effect and comfortable holding experience.

The Middle East Dubai electronic cigarette exhibition will open soon, and VOOPOO will on the scene with a new image

In addition, the newly launched ARGUS POD and significant product DRAG Q will show up in the exhibition, which are the POD products that have widely gained praise from the professional smoke lovers. The highly textured appearance and original ITO atomization technology of VOOPOO make them the advanced e-cigarette combining intelligence and great taste.


More surprises wait for you!

In the exhibition, the interactive games and abundant gifts will be prepared for VOOPOO fans. The business consultants will provide detailed policy and product information as well.

From June 16 to 18, VOOPOO will be waiting for you at booth 6050 to bring you a wonderful and refreshing experience!


Who is VOOPOO?

Founded in 2017, VOOPOO has rapidly grown and recognized by vapers from around the world with its DRAG series. VOOPOO is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, design, production, and brand operation. It has four flagship product series: ARGUS, DRAG, VINCI and V Series, altogether providing consumers with a safe, reliable, and diverse all-scenario product ecosystem.


Media contact: nical.zhang@voopootech.com

Business contact: sales@voopoo.com

Warning: This product may be used in conjunction with e-liquids containing nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Voopoo Drag Q review: a more advanced pod vape for stronger performance

Look what we got, we got Voopoo Drag Q, the latest product from Voopoo! It’s much more high-end than any other vapes the author has used, and the performance is better. The downside, its complex settings make me dizzy for a while.

Voopoo Drag Q hands-on

Since the power of the Drag Q device is adjustable and there are many coil choices in different resistance, the same e-liquid and flavor will have different tastes on the same device in different settings.

Voopoo Drag Q

After reading the user manual for a minute, I found my 30mg Donkey e-liquid works best with a 0.5 Ohm coil. So, insert the coil, fill in the e-juice and wait 5 minutes to have a try.

There is an episode where I filled the e-juice into the wrong hole of the tank, then the e-juice keeps leaking out and running everywhere. It’s a stupid mistake that no veteran vaper will make. I hope beginners avoid the trouble that I experienced by following the picture from Nical, a responsible employee from Voopoo.

Voopoo Drag Q review
The correct place for filling in e-juice, insert the nozzle of the e-liquid bottle to refill.

Oh, it doesn’t produce vapor at all, or just a very small and thin cloud there! What’s wrong? Got it, I forgot to adjust the power. There is a rotatable ring on the neck of the device for rotating to alter the working power of the device. The ticking and clicking sound like opening a coffer in the bank, cool.  Set it to max power now and take a drag.

Awesome, the taste is great.

The cloud is much warmer than the small size devices like disposable and pod systems.  No wonder, bigger sizes with bigger batteries will heat the e-liquid more efficiently. I can feel the heat on the surface of the mod.

The vapor is fine and smooth. My same e-juice brings more throat hits and a nicotine buzz. It’s led by a higher power without a doubt.

Another successful design is the nozzle of the tank, it can be dissembled for cleaning. No residues or condensation will exist there. Nice.

The Drag Q device supports vaping while charging. You needn’t wait for a full charge until the next puff, a good design for anxious and urgent vapers.

Voopoo Drag Q specifcations/ parameters

Drag Q Device

Materials: Leather, Zinc Alloy, Silicone
Size: 92.5x24x14.14mm
Output Power: 8-25W
Output Voltage: 3.2-4.2V
Resistance: 0.3-3Ω
Battery Capacity: 1250mAh internal battery


Capacity: 3.5ml (Standard) 2ml (TPD)
Material: Stainless Steel + PCTG
Size: 51.45*21.5*21.5mm
Resistance: 0.5Ω / 1.2Ω

Final words

Voopoo Drag Q works great on my hand and its performance is almost peerless among so many vapes.

However,  the author as a hillbilly who used to only have access to disposables and pod systems, it’s too good for him, he doesn’t deserve this splendid machine for its advanced working mode, which is kind of complex at first.  The Argus pod is already perfect.

Anyway, experienced and smart vapers needn’t worry about the device installation, it’s not a problem at all.

If you care about taste very much, and you are a fan of vaping DIY, a pure vaping culture enthusiast, Voopoo Drag Q will be a perfect match for you.

Where to buy DRAG Q from Voopoo

Won three heavyweight awards, VOOPOO made great achievements in the Vapor Expo UK

On May 29, 2022, the three-day British e-cigarette exhibition (vapor Expo UK) ended successfully in Birmingham. The exhibition attracted more than 1000 brands from all over the world, with more than 100,000 visitors. The atmosphere was warm. VOOPOO took many of its products to the exhibition, stood out in the fierce competition and won three heavyweight awards.


Won three awards, recognized by industry authorities

On May 27, UK time, the second day of the electronic cigarette exhibition in Birmingham, the world’s leading media in the electronic atomization industry, vapouround, announced the vapouround awards 2022 winners. VOOPOO won three awards in one fell swoop – Best pod, best mod and best manufacture, with its innovative technology, super product performance and good user reputation.




This award was jointly voted by vapouround, media reporters, dealers and consumers. It was the result of a comprehensive evaluation of the brand’s global market influence, global market share, technological innovation, product end consumer praise and other important indicators. It is an authoritative certification of its excellent brand influence and diversified product layout.


Show strong strength, and ignite the focus of the audience

With its outstanding booth design and high-quality product experience, VOOPOO stood out among the participating brands and attracted many spectators. VOOPOO’s newly launched products and technologies have attracted the attention of on-site dealers and retailers and gained a high degree of topics and strong cooperation intention.

In this exhibition, VOOPOO joined hands with its newly released product DRAG Q – a professional oral suction pod, which is equipped with VOOPOO’s original ITO atomization platform technology, as well as the new function of linkage air regulation and innovative leather appearance design and has been highly praised by on-site users.

Won three heavyweight awards, VOOPOO made great achievements in the Vapor Expo UK

An on-site dealer said: “I have the honor to cooperate with VOOPOO, a company that insists on innovative research and development. Every product can bring me surprises.”


In the future, VOOPOO will also continue to adhere to innovation and R & D investment, develop more atomization products that consider use experience, scientific and technological innovation and high taste, continuously improve the position of high-end brands in open categories, and continue to provide better atomization experience for users around the world.

VOOPOO ARGUS POD review: a 5-20W power-adjustable Gene.AI chip pod mod

Previously we have reviewed the latest product from Voopoo, the Argus GT II kit, which works excellent outdoor. And today let’s continue to research and try out another classic product from Voopoo, the Voopoo Argus pod, which is much smaller in size compared to the Argus GT II kit. What I got is a sample edition not for sale, the product on market will be much better than the one we got.


VOOPOO ARGUS POD is easy to use just like Suorin product series. Add the e-juice into the cartridge, press the power button 5 times to turn on the device, then start vaping.

And it’s highly recommended to wait at least 5 minutes after the e-liquid is filled into the cartridge before vaping. Or you’ll experience dry hits which are awful and disgusting. The author may have burnt the core of the 0.7-ohm cartridge for vaping too early. So the taste is not good. The 0.7ohm low resistance cartridge produces hotter vapor and the max power is 18W. My vape juice only works with 5W, or a higher power will bring bad taste. I think other e-juice may work well with it. while the author doesn’t have that.

As to the 1.2 Ohm cartridge, the device works with it perfectly from a minimum power of 5W to max power of 12W according to what the power display shows. There is a smooth, intense and rich taste with the high ohm cartridge. And the higher resistance will save your power and longer your battery life for each charge.  Meanwhile, we also heard that lower power will make vaping more healthy. So I highly recommend the 1.2 Ohm cartridge.

And the vapor produced comes with consistent temperature, and uniform and fine vapor particles.  Nice user experience.

Moreover, there is also a screen on the side of the device to show puff count. In merely  2 hours, the author made over 200 puffs, which is quite frequent and amazing. No problem found while vaping.

In addition, there is an airflow adjustment button on the device. I suggest keeping it open up widely while vaping at high high power to avoid dry hits. When you like taking light draws, use a small power and small airflow to realize it. To be honest, vaping without a direct-to-lung deep draw is a waste of time and joy. Just vape wild for fun.

It’s said there is a GENE.AI chip inside the device. It’s true. The new GENE.AI 1.2 Chip realizes the intelligent power switch between different ARGUS POD cartridges, which makes them very convenient to use.

What’s more. the solid zinc alloy device with leather covered on both sides is another attractive selling point. This design is anti-slip. it brings a better hand feel and makes the device more delicate and expensive.

VOOPOO ARGUS POD specifications/ parameters

Material: Zinc Alloy+Leather/PC
Output Power: 5-20W
Output Voltage: 3.2-4.2V
Resistance: 0.5-3.0Ω
Battery Capacity: 800mAh Built-in Battery


With VOOPOO’s ingenious ITO atomization technology, ARGUS POD brings you a delightful MTL experience. GENE.AI 1.2 Chip realizes the intelligent power switch between different ARGUS POD cartridges. The 4-hole air inlet enlarges the airflow and airflow buffer room ensures the smooth taste. ARGUS POD supports airflow adjustment and power adjustment. It also records and manages your daily vaping intelligently. You can take it a try when you’re interested.