Friday, June 21, 2024

Introducing the VOOPOO VMATE MAX: Experience 3X Upgrade Cartridge and 30W Power


VOOPOO proudly presents the VMATE MAX, the latest flagship product in the VMATE Pod Family. This innovative device brings a host of upgrades, delivering a top-notch vaping experience with its enhanced cartridge, powerful performance, and sleek design.

3X Upgrade Cartridge: Maximize Your Vaping Experience

The VMATE MAX features the new “3X” upgrade VMATE Top Fill Cartridge, offering significant improvements in lifespan, leak resistance, and flavor production. Here’s why it stands out:

  • Longer Lifespan: Vape up to 90 mL of e-liquid without needing a replacement.
  • Leak Resistance: Enjoy a leak-free experience for up to 30 days, even at a standstill.
  • Enhanced Flavor: The cartridge’s low resistance of 0.4 Ω is perfect for freebase e-liquids, providing a rich and satisfying RDL (restricted direct lung) vaping experience.
  • Convenient Refilling: The top-filling design makes refilling quick and easy.

Powerful Performance with 1200 mAh Battery and 30 W Output

The VMATE MAX is designed for those who want powerful and long-lasting performance. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Extended Battery Life: The 1200 mAh battery capacity ensures you can vape for up to three days without recharging.
  • Fast Charging: With a 5V/2A fast charging rate, you’ll never have to worry about running out of power.
  • High Power Output: The device’s max 30 W output, combined with the new 0.4 Ω cartridges, excels in producing fresh flavor, dense clouds, and a strong hit.
  • Customizable Modes: Choose between SHIFT and POWER output options. SHIFT mode allows for personalized power settings, while POWER mode offers three intelligent output settings: SPT, NOR, and ECO.

Chic and Delicate Design: Aesthetic Meets Functionality

The VMATE MAX isn’t just about performance—it’s a visual and tactile delight:

  • Hidden Horizon Screen: The screen is cleverly concealed beneath the IML panel and features two 256-color RGB light bars, visible only when the device is in use. This adds an element of surprise and sophistication.
  • Ergonomic Shape: The rounded, pebble-like design is both beautiful and comfortable to hold.
  • Luxurious Finish: The gem-like surface not only looks stunning but also feels fantastic to the touch.

Final Thoughts: Why Choose VMATE MAX?

The VMATE MAX stands out as the ultimate vaping companion, combining robust performance with exquisite design. Whether you’re after a device that offers rich flavor, a powerful hit, or a stylish look, the VMATE MAX has got you covered.

For more details, visit VOOPOO’s official page.

Embrace the future of vaping with the VMATE MAX—where every puff is a pure, powerful experience that also turns heads. Follow our blog for the latest updates and insights into the world of vaping.

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