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The safety of nicotine salt is related to the future development of pod system


Because of its compact size and convenient use, pod vape is different from the box mod. It is also widely known as pod system in the industry. In addition to the iteration of vape device design, the birth of nicotine salt in 2015 is the greatest contribution to the development of pod vapes.

In understanding the safety of e-liquid components, we have made some discussions with VOOPOO. Here we share with you.


What’s nicotine salt?

First of all, we need to be clear: whether nicotine salt or nicotine, the essence is nicotine, it is not only used in the tobacco industry, but also widely exists in pepper, tomato and other plants, but also applied in the medical industry.

Nicotine salt is actually relative to free nicotine (previously common e-liquids). In 2015, researchers found that adding benzoic acid to produce acid-base atomizer could allow more free nicotine to remain in solvents in a stable state, resulting in the formation of nicotine salts. JUUL, the inventor of nicotine salt, also made a name for it.


The greatest effect of nicotine salt is to solve the problem of transmission efficiency of nicotine. After atomization with electronic devices, most of the common nicotine stimuli are converted to excessive throat stimulation. The effect of blood nicotine delivery is not ideal. It is difficult for users to obtain nicotine satisfaction like smoking real cigarettes.

Nicotine salt has stronger blood penetration and significantly improves the level of nicotine in the blood at the same time, which can more truly simulate the satisfaction and pleasure brought by real smoke.


In addition, compared with nicotine, nicotine salt has the characteristics of light color and taste, which can guarantee the tobacco fruit and other flavors storation; it is not easy to volatilize and has a longer shelf life; it has a smooth taste, which is more likely to bring pleasure; and it has less stimulation to the throat and nasal cavity, which all contributes to the birth of most popular pod vape products.

What are the other ingredients in the e-liquids?

Besides nicotine, the main elements of common e-juice include glycerol, propylene glycol, essence and so on. Are these ingredients safe?

Common pod and e-liquids
Common pod and e-liquids

Propylene glycol is used as a dissolving medium in e-liquid. If glycerin is too sticky, it will lead to less easily dissolving the essence. This requires increasing propylene glycol as a solvent.

Glycerol is usually purified from plant materials. Its main function is to increase the amount of vapor produced. The higher the proportion of glycerol in the smoke, the greater the amount of vapor produced by heating atomization. Glycerol is commonly added in cosmetics, food, chocolate and other daily necessities, so glycerol has no adverse reaction to human body. However, if the purity of glycerol used in e-liquid is not high, it may be deposited on the heating wire or enter the body with vapor.

In addition to glycerol and propylene glycol, the difference of electronic cigarettes are flavors. In general, vape flavor can be extracted from plants or industrial synthetic flavors. Industrial synthetic flavors are organic chemical reactions with more uncertainty. Therefore, more electronic cigarette companies will choose to extract different flavors from plants.

How do enterprises produce safe vape juice?

Everest, founder and CEO of VOOPOO brand, said, “The attitude of VOOPOO towards the consumer group of electronic cigarettes has always been clear since the establishment of the enterprise. Based on this, we have been committed to the safe research and development of vape devices and e-liquids. As for the part of e-liquids, besides implementing the policies of the state and local governments, I think enterprises themselves should shoulder the corresponding industry and social responsibility, increase the investment in e-liquid technology research and development, and ensure that consumers breathe in every puff safely. ”


“Specifically for VOOPOO brand, we have set up multiple strict inspection and testing standards for ourselves: first, to ensure that every drop of e-liquid is measured by food standards; second, to establish more stringent VOOPOO testing standards in line with relevant regulatory policies; third, to entrust international third-party professional testing institutions to test products.

For example, all the e-liquids put into use by VOOPOO meet the SZDB/Z 157 General Technical Requirements for Electronic Cigarette Products of Shenzhen Market Supervision and Administration. We commissioned an international professional testing agency to identify the harmful components in the vapor. The results showed that many components in the vapor, such as aldehydes and ketones, 11 heavy metals, formaldehyde, benzene, alcohol and propylene glycol, met the standards, and were far below the lowest values of national standards such as the United Kingdom and France.

Addiction is a disease that needs to be controlled

We can’t generalize whether nicotine salt e-liquid is harmful or not. Just as nicotine salt can bring pleasure, moderate intake can alleviate emotional tension. However, even drinking too much water can also lead to water poisoning.

What really hurts is the blind pursuit of pleasure, which leads to excessive psychological and physical dependence rather than material itself, which is what we often call addiction. So there’s our most important motto: If you don’t smoke, please don’t try electronic cigarettes, either.

From box mod to pod system, from oil refilling to pod replacement, it is the result of technological progress and user iteration. The development of nicotine salt technology has improved the taste and experience of pod systems. It is believed that with the progress of technology and the intervention of national supervision, pod system products will become the consumption choice of a new generation of smokers.

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