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Voopoo new pod vape will appear in Shanghai Vape Culture Week


October 30 – November 1, 2019 Shanghai Vape culture Week will be officially launched in the New International Expo Center. Voopoo will bring Drag series and Vinci series products to this wonderful show, and launch a new generation of Voopoo disposable vape pen – Find R in the exhibition, to surprise the vast number of vaper for the first show.

Find r disposable vape pen

Everything should be as simple as possible, but it doesn’t mean it’s simple. From the reduction of R-defined products, Voopoo believes that the experience of products will eventually return to the needs of users who want to reduce the complexity and quality of products, and Find R is born based on this product minimalism concept, which is simple but not simple.

Voopoo new pod

Playfulness, light enjoyment

Seven choices fruit flavors, different occasions encounter the taste of nature, refuse to dull taste. Classic tobacco, mung bean smoothie, icy green orange, sweet lychee, summer ice awn, extremely Icy Mint, icy watermelon, enjoy the colorful taste, each one full of mellow, wonderful surprise.

Voopoo new pod

“0” nicotine gives you a new experience

In order to understand the user’s demand for 0 nicotine, the R & D team added 0 mg nicotine experience of ice mint and ice watermelon to Find R. by grasping the design experience of zero nicotine content, users can enjoy the zero burden of smoke, and the smoke experience of each mouth is more pure.

Voopoo new pod

Food grade technology, each puff is at ease

Food grade injection molding technology, natural fruit and vegetable quenching of e-liquid, highly reduced careful mixing, make every vaping experience becomes more reassuring.

Integrated body design, simple but not simple

Find R integrates ergonomic streamline design, delicate hand feel, comfortable grip, U-shaped inhaling nozzle, allow lips fit naturally. 17.5g ultra light, thin to 1cm, portable. With the most simple and convenient product concept, through rigorous process design Find R expresses the optimal interpretation.

Voopoo new pod

Small volume, large capacity, more comfortable experience

Find R has a large capacity of 1.3ml, supporting 300 puffs (the actual number of puffs is related to personal smoking habits), and has a built-in 270mah battery, which can last for a long time and have a pleasant experience. At the same time, Find R is closely matched with the dust cover of the mouthpiece. After use, the user puts on the mouthpiece cover to fully cover the mouthpiece and no longer expose it pollution. Everything that goes into your mouth is worth caring for now.

Voopoo new pod

Find r disposable vape pen

Eliminate useless details, enrich the product’s authenticity, enjoy the smog without any burden, and feel more at ease!

A life without examination is not worth living; a thing without examination is not worth owning!

We hope Find R can become Less is More in your life under pressure, and make your life true again.

The surprises and highlights of Voopoo
All will be shown in IECIE Shanghai Electronic Cigarette Exhibition
October 30 – November 1
Voopoo and you
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