VAZO: To develop overseas markets, we must respect and accommodate local culture

“If you want to win the trust of consumers in a certain country and have a certain market acceptance in a certain country, you must understand, respect and accommodate the local people and culture.”

On June 15th, at the 2022 Electronic Cigarette Industry 6th Standardization Development Conference and the 1st Export Service Development Conference, how to further expand exports and establish a good brand image in the international market became a hot topic of the day. Gao Wenhan, Marketing Director of ZIPPO VAZO Greater China, said in an interview with reporters that a solid overseas market survey must be done before exporting.

On the day of the conference, the “2022 Electronic Cigarette Industry Export Blue Book” jointly produced by the Electronic Cigarette Committee of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce and the two supremes was released. The data shows that the global electronic cigarette market will exceed 100 billion US dollars in 2022. It is expected that by 2022 The scale of the overseas e-cigarette market will maintain a growth rate of 35% in 2018. In terms of exports, it is expected that the total export value of electronic cigarettes will also exceed 180 billion yuan in 2022, with an expected growth rate of 35%.

At present, there are more than 1,500 electronic cigarette manufacturers and brand enterprises in China, and more than 70% of them mainly export their products overseas. It can be seen that it is the general trend of the development of China’s electronic cigarette industry to continue to expand exports and actively export foreign exchange. So, how can domestic e-cigarette brands go abroad and quickly open up in the fiercely competitive international market? VAZO, a high-end electronic atomization brand inherited from ZIPPO in the United States, has its own unique experience in developing overseas markets.

According to reports, VAZO’s layout in overseas markets has been prepared for a long time. So far, various VAZO products have been exported to South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Spain, Kenya and other countries and regions. In Korea, VAZO has reached a channel cooperation with GS25, one of the largest local convenience store channels in Korea, and has achieved impressive results in product coverage and user mentality.

As the saying goes, “the troops and horses are not moved, the food and grass go first”. According to Gao Wenhan, in-depth market research is an essential step before VAZO enters every new overseas region. For example, visit local dealers, experience local market culture, hire local consultants, etc., trying to create localized products that meet local people’s preferences in terms of packaging, design, taste and other aspects.

Gao Wenhan believes that brands should focus on longer-term interests and truly prepare to embrace the market, so as to contribute to the virtuous circle between the market and consumers and the long-term development of the brand.

“For example, in the localization of products we made for African countries, we abandoned the original packaging pattern, but adopted many design elements with local African characteristics, so that the entire packaging is more in line with the aesthetics of the local population; In terms of taste adjustment, according to our preliminary research, different from domestic consumers’ preference for low cooling and low sweetness, African consumers prefer the taste with extreme sweetness and brightness. Some adjustments have been made.”

In addition, VAZO will hire cultural consultants locally. In order to understand the customs, taboos, etc. of each country in terms of culture, religion, customs, etc. Brands can be recognized by different consumers only if they respect the differences in different regions culturally.

According to reports, in order to adapt to the local Kenyan market, it took VAZO about three months to adjust the packaging design and product taste. “Although the time is long, our preparations in the early stage are still worthwhile. At present, we have done a good job in terms of sales volume, market share, and repurchase rate in the local area.”

As a typical African country, after Kenya entered the Kenyan market, it became much easier for VAZO to explore other African countries with similar cultural customs and consumption preferences, such as South Africa and Ethiopia. “Bringing Chinese products and Chinese culture to the world is what we want to see.”

At present, China’s e-cigarette export is still facing many challenges. Gao Wenhan believes that on the one hand, it is necessary to deal with the changing e-cigarette policies of various exporting countries. On the other hand, China’s e-cigarette products are seriously homogenized, which intensifies the competition in the industry. . To this end, on the one hand, we must do a good job in the localization of overseas markets; on the other hand, it is necessary to insist on making good products, innovate constantly, and make Chinese products into benchmark products in the global market.

VAZO launches China style vape series

ZIPPO VAZO, recently launched its own China-style vape series. VAZO’s new China-style vape series takes the use of IMD technology, which retains the color and is not easy to scratch, making it more delicate and durable.

VAZO integrates traditional culture with current trends to make products more fashionable. Incorporating innovative elements, combining traditional culture with current fashion trends creating more sparks. It not only satisfies young consumers’ pursuit of fashion but also inherits the excellent connotation of traditional culture.

VAZO vape settled in Yonghui Supermarket

VAZO settled in Yonghui Supermarket, starting a new offline retail mode

On April 24th, the electronic cigarette brand VAZO under Zippo officially entered Chongqing Yonghui Supermarket. Backed by Zippo’s big brand and excellent product design, VAZO gained extremely high popularity on the day it settled in.

This is not the first cooperation between VAZO and Yonghui Supermarket. As early as January this year, VAZO has settled in Chengdu Yonghui Supermarket. It is reported that VAZO’s cooperation with Yonghui Supermarkets in other parts of the country will also start one after another, and it is expected to reach 75% coverage by the end of this year. When purchasing VAZO at Yonghui Supermarket, all Yonghui Supermarkets will review the age of the purchaser in accordance with relevant national regulations to protect minors.

VAZO vape settled in Yonghui Supermarket

Since VAZO entered the market, there have been a number of important retail chains in the country that have cooperated with VAZO in many fields. On the basis of the original large and small Zippo flagship stores in the country, VAZO has also been exploring a variety of retail modes such as Flash store, shop-in-shop, professional flagship store, etc. By the end of 2020, VAZO will form a nationwide diversified sales matrix centered on large and small flagship stores, with large retail giants as network nodes, and a new retail model as an innovation breakthrough. It will cover more than 60% of cities in China with 100,000 sales points.

Enter VAZO official site to learn more:

VAZO official site

VAZO pod system review

Appearance: This time I received the VAZO starter kit with the model number 111010. This is the basic anodized aluminum panel version. In addition, there are different styles of IMD and antique silver panel kits for consumers select. It’s a common starter kit, one pod and one device. It is worth mentioning that the packaging of pod is individually wrapped in plastic bags, which is convenient to carry. It is recommended to print the flavor information on the bag for easier identification. The breathing lamp is a very interesting. Zippo flame logo on the frame of the device. The air inlet is integrated into the bottom charging port to avoid the embarrassment of unintentionally holding the air inlet. For the panel, the track groove is mechanically sliding, and the bottom is held by two elastic metal balls to fix the panel instead of magnetic connection. 8/10VAZO pod system review

Flavor experience: The kit comes with a pure mint cartridge, the cartridge e-liquid volume is 1.8ml, the heating material is cotton core, and the flavor is good. In addition, I received mung bean ice, grape ice, lemon grapefruit, white peach oolong and litchi ice flavored pods. The PGVG ratio is 50:50, and the amount of vapor produced is generally relatively large.

Pure mint: Nicotine content 35mg / ml, moderate throat hit. It’s impressive upone first puff, finally there was no toothpaste taste with all kinds of chewing gum and mint mouthwash. I don’t know what kind of e-liquid flavor ideas most brands on the market have now. Is the fragrance bad? Why did you want to make these disgusting tastes? This mint taste is relatively simple, the vapor main body is cool, there is a light botanical herbal taste in the back mouth, continuous vaping comes without too much odor, very pure. 8.5 / 10

Mung bean ice: The nicotine content is 35mg / ml, and the throat hit is moderate. I’m bored of this flavor, every brand of pod vape sells this flavor, and it is difficult to make any special characteristics, and homogenization is serious. VAZO’s mung bean is relatively neutral, the mung bean’s taste is not so rich and not so sweet, normal level. 7/10VAZO pod system review

Grape ice: The nicotine content is 35mg / ml, and the throat hit is weak. The entrance is just a very rich fragrance of the grape skin. The bite of the fruit juice juice is finally satisfying. The fragrance is very natural. The back has a fruity aroma and a rose fragrance. It is very similar to the wine grape raw material. The grape flavor of Swiss premium marshmallows, but unfortunately the sweetness is weak, and the continuous taste in mouth drops too quickly. After seven or eight mouthfuls, the taste becomes dull, very empty. It loses the surprise of first puff. 7/10

Lemon grapefruit: nicotine content 20mg / ml, weak throat hit and satisfaction. Quite rich grapefruit flavor, lemon is relatively less obvious. The sweetness is relatively low, and it feels a bit like drinking grapefruit soda. Personal advice is adding some sour style experience will make it more perfect, the overall feeling is very comfortable, I really like this taste. 9/10

White peach oolong: Nicotine content 20mg / ml. Weak throat hit. The taste of peach and oolong tea is quite good, both show their own performance and do not cover each other. The fruity aroma of peach and the sweetness of juice always reflect, covering part of the bitterness of oolong tea, while the fragrance of the tea leaves is in the mouth is just right. It is worth mentioning that the two flavors are very natural, there is no obvious artificial flavor, the sweetness is moderate, and the taste continuity is also very good. 8/10

Litchi ice: The nicotine content is 0, which is the nicotine-free version. It is also very rare to naturally restore the flavor of litchi pulp, without the problem of excessively heavy artificial flavors common in litchi. This taste problem is also focused on sweetness and consistency of taste. The fruit of litchi itself needs high sweetness as the main tone. The taste of VAZO is obviously too low in sweetness. Continuously vaing the litchi flavor diverges, and it’s not consistent. 7/10

VAZO pod system review

Leakage: There is no leakage before the cartridge is unpacked, and no leakage at the bottom has been encountered. 10/10

Condensate: The airway is relatively short because of the shape design of the pod. While ensuring that the amount of vapor is large enough, the condensation of this pod is serious. I hope the manufacturer can make appropriate adjustments and improvements to this problem. 8/10

Spit back: Because of the use of cotton core, there will be a crackling sound in the first 2 puffs, but there is no spitback. 10/10

Burnt core: normal frequency continuous vaping doesn’t cause this. 10/10

Endurance: The battery capacity is 400 mAh, using Type-C charging interface. 8/10

By: Heinrich

Where to buy VAZO pod system

Dialogue with Zippo vape: Vazo is still working on the brand under the flood of cash burning

Since 2019, a number of e-cigarette brands have sprung up in China. It seems that all the entrants want to “fight a bloody way” in the new blue sea and win the attention of entrepreneurs. This fight includes famous domestic IP and Internet tycoons, etc.. However, these hot-blooded entrepreneurs are still trying to keep up with the situation that the national standards have not been released yet and the e-cigarette enterprises are burdened with unclear burdens of “Savage growth” once again to become the top brand.

Zippo vape: Vazo

ZIPPO, a new century crossing brand star in China’s e-cigarette track, was founded in the 1930s. With its own research on lighter windproof technology and excellent product design and quality control, ZIPPO has maintained a good reputation for many years. Zippo is serious about entering the e-cigarette industry.

First of all, in terms of product culture, ZIPPO’s cultural spirit of “I lead, more excellent” should be continued; as for product quality, it adheres to the consistent hard core product process standards, and has won a good reputation in the past hundred years with its serious operation attitude and humanistic after-sales service system. This reputation has also been influencing the industry’s self-discipline and promoting the orderly development of this emerging industry in the later industrial development stage.

It is the unique vision and profound foresight of Zippo brand, which has long seen a blue ocean of e-cigarette market: since 2014, ZIPPO has started to set up an e-cigarette category working group and carry out initial research and development; in 2018, ZIPPO manufacturing company registered a subsidiary company “VAZO”, which entered the e-cigarette market as a R & D and brand maker; in 2019, the integration institute with resources, it can better improve and respond to the brand management mode, and provide an integrated service system for the R & D and production, market operation and sales of Vazo vapes. For example, on the day of the launch of 618 shopping festival, the transaction volume of Vazo has entered the top 10 of e-cigarette category.

So, compared with other electronic cigarette products, what are the main aspects of the core competitiveness of Vazo with low profile and strength? On October 31, at the interview site of Zippo electronic cigarette trendy show, general manager Shi, project director of Vazo, gave the answer:

First, Vazo originates from the brand spirit of Zippo, inherits the cultural accumulation that Zippo has been proud of for a long time, and also has a unique understanding of the traditional industry. Its design concept is the same as Zippo;

Second, we believe that innovative products need more self-discipline of product manufacturers and strict requirements on product quality; all technologies that affect the safety of users must adopt mature schemes that have been tested by the market, and at the same time, with the company’s international resources, it introduces strict standardized inspection process and quality control management system that ZIPPO has long followed. VAZO has high standard inspection and process management processes in raw materials, processing, finished products, warehouse management, logistics and other stages to ensure the traceability of each product;

Third, in order to avoid the trend of product homogeneity in the market, Mr. Shi first affirmed the excellent visual effect and personalized selection brought by Vazo diversified pannels;

This kind of perfect presentation which combines practicality and artistry in the market segmentation is the necessary way to establish the brand image.

Zippo vape: Vazo manager

Vazo, with Zippo’s blood, based on brand appeal, with sound inherent channels and emerging channels as the link, constantly transmits healthy and rational correct consumption concepts to its consumer groups, as well as its corporate culture and social responsibility.

For the “sense of social responsibility” that Vazo constantly emphasizes, Mr. Shi told the media, “as a global international brand, we have been committed to multi-dimensional technology exploration in different markets and regions.

At present, the international definition of e-cigarettes and the emphasis on emerging industries tend to be the same, but there are differences in regulatory methods. ZIPPO brand is born with this industry. We have a deeper understanding of the industry and the state of human existence, and our yearning for healthy life is more urgent. We hope to exchange more support and cooperation with the continuous open business philosophy through longer exploration and efforts. ”

Zippo vape: Vazo

And is it really useful to simply emphasize “social responsibility” when the national standard is still waiting for that? Mr. Shi replied that Vazo will meet the challenge with the process standard of hard core products for two reasons:

I. The promulgation of national laws, regulations and standards is only a matter of time. I believe that the state will treat the emerging products of this category with an open and inclusive attitude, and make positive guidance on the standardization of products and the planning of use scenarios, which lays a more solid foundation for us to enter the industry orderly;

2. We will directly prompt “prohibit the sale of such products to minors” on the product packaging and identification. At the same time, we will take more strict intervention management on the sales policy by using the technical means of traceability to ensure the implementation of this regulation. In addition, Vazo does not encourage non-smokers to try such products.

Zippo vape: Vazo

At the end of the interview, the reporter was deeply impressed by a remark made by the representative of Vazo on behalf of general manager Shi, “China has the largest number of smokers in the world, and we hope to bring you a safer, more secure and healthier vaping concept from the material of device to the raw material of e-liquid with our own brand influence.”. But here, smokers are advised to pay attention to the health of themselves and their relatives and friends, and reduce the environmental pollution caused by tobacco burning by switching to vapes. ”

Zippo vape: Vazo

In China, there are many e-cigarette companies focusing on cash burning marketing and packaging mode, but few of them focus on brand image and excellent product quality. As a result, the market environment of China’s industry is becoming increasingly severe. E-cigarette practitioners, especially those who have experienced a decade of ease in the early stage of the industry, to the capital gambling Shenzhen e-cigarette factory, all feel that this is not the same as before.

Therefore, to develop the electronic cigarette industry in China, it is necessary to support more innovative technologies and enterprises. We can only expect that this industry is in the ascendant. All parties should show their own strength and achieve more excellent brands with value orientation rather than single price orientation.

More about VAZO

Zippo enters the electronic cigarette market with VAZO – Where to buy

Holding the endorsement of Zippo, the old brand of lighter, VAZO brand entered the China market before America. Shi Runwei, director of VAZO brand, said, “Under the background of production advantages and huge market, the Chinese market is both a test field and the main battlefield. With the arrival of VAZO, the domestic electronic cigarette market structure will also change.”

An electronic cigarette brand named VAZO has also been launched for the first time on 18th June in the official flagship stores of Tmall, JD and other channels, and VAZO has launched two products, one-off electronic cigarette and pod system. Data from JD show that on the day of the launch of “6.18”, VAZO turnover entered the top 10 of the electronic cigarette category list. Beijing Business Daily reporter saw VAZO is divided into two kinds of electronic cigarette products in the flagship store of VAZO: Pod systems and disposable vapes. The price of VAZO is close to that of earlier electronic cigarette brands such as RELX. And the VAZO price ranges from 69 yuan to 398 yuan.

vazo zippo

In fact, VAZO can be listed in the top 10 of the electronic cigarette brand list on the first day of online, which is related to the “Zippo” name behind it. In the past 90 years, more than 500 million cigarette lighters have been produced. Through many cooperative products, Zippo lighters have already broken the attributes of tobacco peripheral products and become a cultural symbol. VAZO, which has Zippo endorsement, is also believed to have its own halo since its birth.

At the same time, unlike many electronic cigarette products currently on the market, VAZO has a unique appearance and a wider product line. On the VAZO disposable electronic cigarette, the air intake holes of general products are also canceled to prevent dust and other pollutants from entering. In response, Shi Runwei said, “VAZO brand has been developed for five years.”

It is understood that in 2014, Zippo Manufacture Company (hereinafter referred to as “ZMC”) established an independent working group on electronic cigarette products, and continued to invest in market research, team formation and product development. In 2018, ZMC registered “VAZO” as a brand trademark for electronic cigarettes and related products. In the same year, ZMC registered in Hong Kong to set up Weizu Science and Technology (China) Co., Ltd. to integrate design, R&D, testing, production and marketing team resources, to provide an integrated service system for VAZO electronic cigarette R&D, production, market operation and sales, and to complete the global integrated layout of production and marketing. Shi Runwei revealed, “At present, the whole VAZO team has more than 100 people, of which more than 40 people are in the front-end of production, R&D team are in the factory production. It has begun to strictly control the quality from the production side.”

vazo zippo

At the same time, in order to reflect the difference, VAZO also uses its own design scheme in the appearance of electronic cigarettes. In the case of VAZO refill electronic cigarette, the aluminium alloy frame comes from Foxconn with the same material as the iPhone XR, while the “Sky Land” color matching panel similar to “Aurora” comes from Huawei OEM Factory.” Shi Runwei said.

It is understood that, after five years of polishing products, Zippo missed the blue sea market; in the face of capital accumulation in the electronic cigarette market, VAZO wants to use Zippo brand channel advantages to outrace from behind. Shi Runwei said that after taking the lead in the distribution of online channels, VAZO will take advantage of Zippo’s advantages in more than 1500 Direct stores nationwide, upgrade existing stores and launch a new Zippo collection store, which will not only sell Zippo and VAZO, but also launch its surrounding products one after another. “In the future, VAZO products will penetrate into various terminals, constantly expand market share, and the target growth rate of monthly sales will be more than 35%.” He said.

vazo zippo

Wang Shanhong, the chief researcher of Shanghai Luxin New Tobacco Research Institute, believes that Zippo lighter has made the product a cultural symbol by creating different shells. Under the impact of new types of tobacco such as electronic cigarettes, this field has also become a breakthrough for Zippo to find new profit growth points.

Where to buy

VAZO JD online store

Zippo Lighter Starts Producing Vapes Now

Zippo is the world’s most famous lighter manufacturer. The meticulous quality of products has created the myth of Zippo in the fire machine manufacturing industry. For many collectors, Zippo has gone beyond the attribute of “ignition” to become a carrier of the memory of the times. Now Zippo has come in to make electronic cigarettes. The brand name is VAZO!

At first I thought it was a fake. I thought it was a Shanzhai Zippo who used the official guise to show off and cheat. There are special media leave, overnight rushed from Lujiazui to the background public number filing address, the Australian double-line China office, found that it is behind the Zippo market in China. Manager Smith, project manager, revealed that Zippo has been laying out the Chinese electronic cigarette market for five years, and it is only this year that it is ready to enter the market formally.

And inquiry VAZO trademark registration information, and found that ZIPPO is the same company’s treasure manufacturing!

On March 8, I saw a special article entitled “If you want to be irreplaceable in the e-cigarette market, you must be different” published by the micro-signal on the registered official network. The beginning of the article is full of passion and poetry.

Zippo said that the idea of making lighters should be brought to the electronic cigarette industry and the establishment of its electronic cigarette brand VAZO. As Zippo-Zhibao (China) Co., Ltd. has been authorized to use and authorize electronic cigarettes in China, VAZO has inherited such spirit, rooted the classic, lasting and trustworthy brand concept into its products, and redefined electronic cigarette products with Zippo’s engine characteristics.

“If you want to be irreplaceable in the electronic cigarette market, you must be different,” the article said that in addition to strict control of the basic requirements of e liquid, taste, appearance, VAZO also made more innovative changes to electronic cigarettes, giving electronic cigarettes a “fashion”, “collection”, “commemoration” label, so that electronic cigarettes can meet the diverse consumer needs in a larger range. At the same time, it also brings consumers who love electronic cigarettes with a sense of value, personalized display, to meet the needs of the use of products.

What exactly is this product like? At present, VAZO has not published product photos, saying that it is to protect consumers’rights and interests and avoid disturbing consumers by “plagiarism” and “imitation” brought about by early exposure of products. VAZO electronic cigarettes will officially meet with you in April 2019.