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Dialogue with Zippo vape: Vazo is still working on the brand under the flood of cash burning


Since 2019, a number of e-cigarette brands have sprung up in China. It seems that all the entrants want to “fight a bloody way” in the new blue sea and win the attention of entrepreneurs. This fight includes famous domestic IP and Internet tycoons, etc.. However, these hot-blooded entrepreneurs are still trying to keep up with the situation that the national standards have not been released yet and the e-cigarette enterprises are burdened with unclear burdens of “Savage growth” once again to become the top brand.

Zippo vape: Vazo

ZIPPO, a new century crossing brand star in China’s e-cigarette track, was founded in the 1930s. With its own research on lighter windproof technology and excellent product design and quality control, ZIPPO has maintained a good reputation for many years. Zippo is serious about entering the e-cigarette industry.

First of all, in terms of product culture, ZIPPO’s cultural spirit of “I lead, more excellent” should be continued; as for product quality, it adheres to the consistent hard core product process standards, and has won a good reputation in the past hundred years with its serious operation attitude and humanistic after-sales service system. This reputation has also been influencing the industry’s self-discipline and promoting the orderly development of this emerging industry in the later industrial development stage.

It is the unique vision and profound foresight of Zippo brand, which has long seen a blue ocean of e-cigarette market: since 2014, ZIPPO has started to set up an e-cigarette category working group and carry out initial research and development; in 2018, ZIPPO manufacturing company registered a subsidiary company “VAZO”, which entered the e-cigarette market as a R & D and brand maker; in 2019, the integration institute with resources, it can better improve and respond to the brand management mode, and provide an integrated service system for the R & D and production, market operation and sales of Vazo vapes. For example, on the day of the launch of 618 shopping festival, the transaction volume of Vazo has entered the top 10 of e-cigarette category.

So, compared with other electronic cigarette products, what are the main aspects of the core competitiveness of Vazo with low profile and strength? On October 31, at the interview site of Zippo electronic cigarette trendy show, general manager Shi, project director of Vazo, gave the answer:

First, Vazo originates from the brand spirit of Zippo, inherits the cultural accumulation that Zippo has been proud of for a long time, and also has a unique understanding of the traditional industry. Its design concept is the same as Zippo;

Second, we believe that innovative products need more self-discipline of product manufacturers and strict requirements on product quality; all technologies that affect the safety of users must adopt mature schemes that have been tested by the market, and at the same time, with the company’s international resources, it introduces strict standardized inspection process and quality control management system that ZIPPO has long followed. VAZO has high standard inspection and process management processes in raw materials, processing, finished products, warehouse management, logistics and other stages to ensure the traceability of each product;

Third, in order to avoid the trend of product homogeneity in the market, Mr. Shi first affirmed the excellent visual effect and personalized selection brought by Vazo diversified pannels;

This kind of perfect presentation which combines practicality and artistry in the market segmentation is the necessary way to establish the brand image.

Zippo vape: Vazo manager

Vazo, with Zippo’s blood, based on brand appeal, with sound inherent channels and emerging channels as the link, constantly transmits healthy and rational correct consumption concepts to its consumer groups, as well as its corporate culture and social responsibility.

For the “sense of social responsibility” that Vazo constantly emphasizes, Mr. Shi told the media, “as a global international brand, we have been committed to multi-dimensional technology exploration in different markets and regions.

At present, the international definition of e-cigarettes and the emphasis on emerging industries tend to be the same, but there are differences in regulatory methods. ZIPPO brand is born with this industry. We have a deeper understanding of the industry and the state of human existence, and our yearning for healthy life is more urgent. We hope to exchange more support and cooperation with the continuous open business philosophy through longer exploration and efforts. ”

Zippo vape: Vazo

And is it really useful to simply emphasize “social responsibility” when the national standard is still waiting for that? Mr. Shi replied that Vazo will meet the challenge with the process standard of hard core products for two reasons:

I. The promulgation of national laws, regulations and standards is only a matter of time. I believe that the state will treat the emerging products of this category with an open and inclusive attitude, and make positive guidance on the standardization of products and the planning of use scenarios, which lays a more solid foundation for us to enter the industry orderly;

2. We will directly prompt “prohibit the sale of such products to minors” on the product packaging and identification. At the same time, we will take more strict intervention management on the sales policy by using the technical means of traceability to ensure the implementation of this regulation. In addition, Vazo does not encourage non-smokers to try such products.

Zippo vape: Vazo

At the end of the interview, the reporter was deeply impressed by a remark made by the representative of Vazo on behalf of general manager Shi, “China has the largest number of smokers in the world, and we hope to bring you a safer, more secure and healthier vaping concept from the material of device to the raw material of e-liquid with our own brand influence.”. But here, smokers are advised to pay attention to the health of themselves and their relatives and friends, and reduce the environmental pollution caused by tobacco burning by switching to vapes. ”

Zippo vape: Vazo

In China, there are many e-cigarette companies focusing on cash burning marketing and packaging mode, but few of them focus on brand image and excellent product quality. As a result, the market environment of China’s industry is becoming increasingly severe. E-cigarette practitioners, especially those who have experienced a decade of ease in the early stage of the industry, to the capital gambling Shenzhen e-cigarette factory, all feel that this is not the same as before.

Therefore, to develop the electronic cigarette industry in China, it is necessary to support more innovative technologies and enterprises. We can only expect that this industry is in the ascendant. All parties should show their own strength and achieve more excellent brands with value orientation rather than single price orientation.

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