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VAZO pod system review


Appearance: This time I received the VAZO starter kit with the model number 111010. This is the basic anodized aluminum panel version. In addition, there are different styles of IMD and antique silver panel kits for consumers select. It’s a common starter kit, one pod and one device. It is worth mentioning that the packaging of pod is individually wrapped in plastic bags, which is convenient to carry. It is recommended to print the flavor information on the bag for easier identification. The breathing lamp is a very interesting. Zippo flame logo on the frame of the device. The air inlet is integrated into the bottom charging port to avoid the embarrassment of unintentionally holding the air inlet. For the panel, the track groove is mechanically sliding, and the bottom is held by two elastic metal balls to fix the panel instead of magnetic connection. 8/10VAZO pod system review

Flavor experience: The kit comes with a pure mint cartridge, the cartridge e-liquid volume is 1.8ml, the heating material is cotton core, and the flavor is good. In addition, I received mung bean ice, grape ice, lemon grapefruit, white peach oolong and litchi ice flavored pods. The PGVG ratio is 50:50, and the amount of vapor produced is generally relatively large.

Pure mint: Nicotine content 35mg / ml, moderate throat hit. It’s impressive upone first puff, finally there was no toothpaste taste with all kinds of chewing gum and mint mouthwash. I don’t know what kind of e-liquid flavor ideas most brands on the market have now. Is the fragrance bad? Why did you want to make these disgusting tastes? This mint taste is relatively simple, the vapor main body is cool, there is a light botanical herbal taste in the back mouth, continuous vaping comes without too much odor, very pure. 8.5 / 10

Mung bean ice: The nicotine content is 35mg / ml, and the throat hit is moderate. I’m bored of this flavor, every brand of pod vape sells this flavor, and it is difficult to make any special characteristics, and homogenization is serious. VAZO’s mung bean is relatively neutral, the mung bean’s taste is not so rich and not so sweet, normal level. 7/10VAZO pod system review

Grape ice: The nicotine content is 35mg / ml, and the throat hit is weak. The entrance is just a very rich fragrance of the grape skin. The bite of the fruit juice juice is finally satisfying. The fragrance is very natural. The back has a fruity aroma and a rose fragrance. It is very similar to the wine grape raw material. The grape flavor of Swiss premium marshmallows, but unfortunately the sweetness is weak, and the continuous taste in mouth drops too quickly. After seven or eight mouthfuls, the taste becomes dull, very empty. It loses the surprise of first puff. 7/10

Lemon grapefruit: nicotine content 20mg / ml, weak throat hit and satisfaction. Quite rich grapefruit flavor, lemon is relatively less obvious. The sweetness is relatively low, and it feels a bit like drinking grapefruit soda. Personal advice is adding some sour style experience will make it more perfect, the overall feeling is very comfortable, I really like this taste. 9/10

White peach oolong: Nicotine content 20mg / ml. Weak throat hit. The taste of peach and oolong tea is quite good, both show their own performance and do not cover each other. The fruity aroma of peach and the sweetness of juice always reflect, covering part of the bitterness of oolong tea, while the fragrance of the tea leaves is in the mouth is just right. It is worth mentioning that the two flavors are very natural, there is no obvious artificial flavor, the sweetness is moderate, and the taste continuity is also very good. 8/10

Litchi ice: The nicotine content is 0, which is the nicotine-free version. It is also very rare to naturally restore the flavor of litchi pulp, without the problem of excessively heavy artificial flavors common in litchi. This taste problem is also focused on sweetness and consistency of taste. The fruit of litchi itself needs high sweetness as the main tone. The taste of VAZO is obviously too low in sweetness. Continuously vaing the litchi flavor diverges, and it’s not consistent. 7/10

VAZO pod system review

Leakage: There is no leakage before the cartridge is unpacked, and no leakage at the bottom has been encountered. 10/10

Condensate: The airway is relatively short because of the shape design of the pod. While ensuring that the amount of vapor is large enough, the condensation of this pod is serious. I hope the manufacturer can make appropriate adjustments and improvements to this problem. 8/10

Spit back: Because of the use of cotton core, there will be a crackling sound in the first 2 puffs, but there is no spitback. 10/10

Burnt core: normal frequency continuous vaping doesn’t cause this. 10/10

Endurance: The battery capacity is 400 mAh, using Type-C charging interface. 8/10

By: Heinrich

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VAZO pod system produces large vapor. On the whole, the flavor is more natural, and the overall sweetness is lower. Some flavors need to be improved in terms of consistency. For the replaceable panel, I hope that the official can consider launching various color material panels sold separately to increase the fun of DIY.VAZO pod system review