Uwell Yearn starter kit review – DirtyCheck No.48

Warm up

In fact, Uwell’s accelerating and violently advancing the China market, because it has done a good job in overseas market before. Although we are used to calling him Caliburn some what generations, it doesn’t really matter much.

So, let ’s talk about the so-called four-generation Caliburn today,

YEARN, means desire,

Is it the device we crave? Then look down

Uwell Yearn review

Parameters/ Specifications


Material: Zinc alloy, PC + ABS
Size: 86.7mm * 20.2mm * 10.4mm
Net weight: 40.7
Power: 11w
Battery capacity: 370mAh


Samurai black, aurora purple, interstellar gray, starry night blue

Uwell Yearn review

Pod/ Cartridges

Pod capacity: 1.5mL
Resistance value: 1.4ohm
Nicotine salt content: 20mg / 50mg

Pod flavors

Tobacco leaf vanilla, icy mint, passionate mango
Fuji apple, sweet mung bean, ice wine
Nostalgic popsicles, iced watermelon (pre-filled with oil)
And empty [pds (self-fueling)

Pod instructions:

This kit comes with tobacco and apple flavors
Plus purchase
2 pieces of a box of pre-filled POD separately
4 prefilled cotton core POD1 in a box

Uwell Yearn review

Let me talk about the device first

※ Craft

Yearn comes with 4 colors, two crafts
One is the alloy anodizing sandblasting process, which is used on black and gray surface
The other is the use of baking paint process, used in aurora purple and starry night blue
The feeling of baking paint to the product is high-end, such as luxury cars and the like, for example
But when I use it on pod vape, I feel it a little weird
It seems to be splendid, but compared to anodizing, I prefer anodizing,
The use of baking paint on this pod vape is a bold attempt, but it really affects the overall coordination
It is also because of the two materials that lead to the beauty of the air intake and the air intake (not much difference)
Obviously, the anodized sandblasting process is much better than the baking paint process, and it is also more beautiful

Uwell Yearn review

There is also a selection of materials, double-edged sword, pure customer
Uwell chose a zinc alloy, not a lighter aluminum material
Don’t tell me what is expensive and what is resistant
The point is a sense of weight makes it more delicate

※ Pod/ Cartridge

The cartridge uses an activated cartridge design
See illustration for details

Uwell Yearn review

Pro-focs taste adjustment technology
A reasonable configuration makes the taste of e-liquid the best
Long air intake is also more caring


In the process of use, Captain Dirty tried to vape the original tobacco and apple flavor, and the performance was average. In fact, I began to look forward to the taste of apple, because apple flavor is rare in pod vapes. Sure enough, as you wish, it is also very ordinary. The performance of tobacco is also very mediocre. It seems that the UWELL of the original cartridge still needs to be strengthened. It is not recommended to insert the original cartridge filled with e-liquid.

The empty pod used 25mg / 35mg and 6mg e-liquid with a single flavor to try. I have to say that the taste of the first pod is really good, and it belongs to the upper middle level in the industry.

The second refill is a bit terrible, and various problems of condensation of vape juice will come up at once, so in terms of consumption ratio, one-off disposable UWELL cartridges seems reasonable.

Fortunately, the adjustment of the vaping resistance has been done very well, and it is reasonable.

In terms of power, a power of 370mAh seems to be relatively weak, half-day power, mine is less than half a day, and there is no electricity at noon to 3 pm.

Uwell Yearn review


Uwell’s pod vape Yearn is generally in the lower-middle level of the industry, and its pre-filled pods are not able to represent the brand (that is, the tobacco and apples used by Captain Dirty, other cases are not tested). It’s a challenge, it’s an attempt, I don’t judge it for failure and success. The selection of the product itself has to be discussed by readers. But what is certain is that Yearn’s overall sense, that this product itself, is actually a relatively failed.

Fortunately, its own technology and price are reasonable, and its disposable design is acceptable. The taste is above the same level of products, it is still very good, and it’s good looking.

So, my experience is over, what about your experience? I look forward to your feedback and hope you can draw different conclusions.

OK, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy Uwell YEARN Pod System

Uwell Yearn review

Uwell Yearn reviewUwell Yearn review Uwell Yearn review Uwell Yearn review

Marsupod pcc kit review – business-oriented style to capture your heart – DirtyCheck No.47


Hey yo This is your Captain Dirty, I am very happy to share the product with you again
Today I bring you the Marsupod pcc kit from Uwell
Familiar friends call him Ma Su Box, Cari Jump 5th generations
What is it worth saying, let’s continue to talk.

Marsupod pcc kit review


Shenzhen Uwell Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as UWELL) is a brand operator of health fashion electronic consumer products integrating R & D, production, sales and service, and is also a leader in the new generation of China vape industry. The company has always been adhering to the corporate philosophy of “integrity, diligence, innovation, and experience”, and is committed to promoting the brand in a more diversified form, delivering products to consumers through more convenient and efficient channels. Its service has won the trust and praise of many users worldwide. Now UWELL has gradually grown into the backbone of the vape industry, and has attracted much attention in the market with its excellent design concepts and excellent quality, leading the development direction of the industry.

PS: Because this is the first cooperation, let me talk about it a little bit.

Content in box

1 * Marsupod pcc device
1 * Charging storage box
1 * Manual
1 * USB charging cable


Marsupod pcc kit review

The product is divided into two parts, charging box and device
Charging box parameters:
Material: Polycarbonate, PC + ABS, POM
Dimensions: 25.2mm x 43.0mm x 76.5mm
Battery capacity: 1000mAh
Device parameters:
Material: PCTG, Polycarbonate, Silicone
Dimensions: 10.6mm x 18.4mm x 65.4mm
Tank capacity: 1.3ml
Maximum output oagiuz: 11 W
Resistance: 1.2Ω
Battery capacity: 150 mAh

Marsupod pcc kit review

Captain Dirty says:
The overall feeling is that the material is light
Although there is a charging case, the whole is still relatively small
The only drawback is that the texture doesn’t feel very good
Something is absent in texture, also because of the material
I feel that the whole is not so delicate

Marsupod pcc kit review


Let’s split the experience into 2 parts

Touching experience

Above box and device match well and are very delicate
The match of various links works perfect
Including the connection of the device in the charging case when the device is inserted
And after inserting the device
The battery box can automatically close, every detail of the tank are very good.
The small size of the pod vape device is highly recognizable
Don’t worry about the power, it’s stable for two to three days.
It’s okay to work 4 or 5 days for folks with less frequent vaping.

Marsupod pcc kit review

User experience

UWELL’s Pro-FOCS technology, let’s talk about it without understanding this technology
In the opinion of Captain Dirty, in addition to some harder techniques for regulating the box
Pod vape’s technology is an empty talk
The feeling of Marsupod pcc here is indeed very good.
Such a small size with such vapor amount, awesome
But the consumption speed of the pod is too fast
When I run out of 3 pods, I tell me directly that it was time to change pods
The best taste is the first pod, after the second pod
Whether it is consumption speed or condensation comes too fast

Marsupod pcc kit review


In the 200-300 yuan pod vape range, Captain Dirty feels that Marsupod pcc kit has his advantages and too many disadvantages (is this not nonsense?)
The advantage is that the overall experience of the product is better than that of the single pod on the market.
Taste and DIY are also one of its advantages. Although it is not obvious, we still have to admit this thing
The disadvantage is that the product material is not so fine. However, it reduces costs and brings everyone good things.

Marsupod pcc kit review

I understand so
So, is Marsupod suitable for our purchase?
Captain Dirty recommend this, if you are a player, please give up, because Marsupod may not be able to meet your requirements to show off,
If you are a newbie, you know little about pod vape, it’s OK.
Marsupod’s style is particularly business-oriented, and the black-blue gradient is fashionable
Okay, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time

Where to buy Marsupod pcc kit

Marsupod pcc kit reviewMarsupod pcc kit review Marsupod pcc kit review