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UWELL Launches EM-LOCKTM – A Gamechanging Tech


UWELL, a pioneering force in the vaping industry since 2015, is proud to announce the launch of the latest innovation – the EM-LOCKTM technology. This pioneering feature is now a key component of the recently launched UWELL DILLON EM Pod System, marking a historic milestone in the journey towards a leak-proof vaping experience with open system .

UWELL DILLON, took from the founder’s name of UWELL, is a whole new product line that breeds bold concepts and makes it into practicality, bringing better vaping experience to all users and leading vapers to embrace the beauty of life.

Innovating for a Leak-Free Future with EM-LOCKTM

Developed through years of meticulous research and a steadfast commitment to solving the most pressing challenges in vaping, the EM-LOCKTM technology introduces an unprecedented solution to leaking – an issue that has long plagued vapers worldwide. Utilizing an electromagnetically activated shield that envelops the coil, the EM-LOCKTM technology ensures that e-liquid contact is precisely controlled, eliminating leaks and ushering in a new era of vaping reliability.

UWELL Launches EM-LOCKTM - A Gamechanging Tech


The EM-LOCKTM, short for ElectroMagnetic LOCK. In the default state, the shield prevents e-liquid from contacting the mesh coil, effectively eliminating leaks. The shield opens upon drawing and reseals 3 seconds after vaping ceases. After cartridge insertion, the shield remains open a bit longer, considering the initial usage of the cartridge to fully saturate the coil.UWELL Launches EM-LOCKTM - A Gamechanging Tech

End of Leaks: A New Era for Vapers

The introduction of the EM-LOCKTM technology signifies the end of leaking concerns for all open system vapers. By preventing e-liquid contact with the coil when not in use, EM-LOCKTM ensures a clean, leak-proof experience regardless of the device’s idle time. This innovation addresses the industry’s most significant pain point, offering peace of mind to users.

Key Advancements of EM-LOCKTM Technology

End of Leaks: The EM-LOCKTM’s innovative shield mechanism addresses and resolves the industry-wide challenge of leaks in open system, providing peace of mind for vapers.

Enhanced E-Liquid Compatibility: Enjoy the freedom to use any e-liquid, high PG or high VG. With EM-LOCKTM, the choice is truly yours, without the constraints of viscosity.

Prevention of Oxidation: The shield’s design minimizes air contact with the e-liquid, reducing the risk of e-liquid oxidation.

Condensate Management: EM-LOCKTM technology eliminates condensate-related issues, such as popping vape.

Quantifiable Improvements: Experience a dramatic reduction in maintenance requirements and an increase in device longevity, thanks to the protective measures offered by the EM-LOCKTM technology.UWELL Launches EM-LOCKTM - A Gamechanging Tech

“Our dedication to innovation is at the heart of everything we do at UWELL. The EM-LOCKTM technology in our UWELL DILLON EM Pod System is a testament to our commitment to providing unparalleled vaping experiences,” said Director of R&D Dept. at UWELL. “Thanks to the relentless efforts of our engineers, we’ve successfully implemented a solution that tackles the industry’s most persistent challenge of open system head-on.”

The UWELL Innovation Lab: Where Ideas Breathe Life

Behind the scenes of UWELL’s technological advancements is its Innovation Lab led by the Director of R&D Dept., a beacon of creativity and forward-thinking. The lab plays a pivotal role in conceptualizing and developing technologies like EM-LOCKTM, underscoring UWELL’s commitment to revolutionizing the vaping landscape. The more important, to realize UWELL’s final goal: lead everyone to Celebrate Every Breath.

UWELL DILLON EM Pod System Rolled Out

The UWELL DILLON EM Pod System, equipped with the revolutionary EM-LOCKTM technology, is available from 17th, March, 2024. This launch marks a significant milestone in UWELL’s journey of innovation and its mission to enhance the vaping experience for users worldwide.

Search UWELL DILLON for more informationUWELL Launches EM-LOCKTM - A Gamechanging Tech


Founded in 2015, UWELL has consistently led the way in vaping technology innovation. With a focus on enhancing the vaping experience, UWELL is dedicated to developing products that celebrate every breath taken by vapers around the world.

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