Saturday, April 20, 2024

Mega Vapez

Mega Vapez premium R5 kit pod vape review: a cool pod system for beginners

We've tested enough Mega Vapez products previously like Hoo Bar, Eclipse, pod mod and so on, they're all not bad. Today let's go on and start the new and...

Mega Vapez 3500 Puff/ 4000 Puff Hoo Bar disposable vape review

Besides Eclipse 4000 Puff disposable device, Mega Vapez has also launched the 3500 Puff edition and 4000 Puff Hoo Bar disposable vape. How are...

Mega Vapez Eclipse 4000 Puff disposable device review: a durable and good taste bar

The rising pod system brand Mega Vapez has launched a few new disposables including Eclipse, Mini Q, DA05, DA05, etc. Among them, Mega Vapez...

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