Thursday, June 20, 2024

Mega Vapez premium R5 kit pod vape review: a cool pod system for beginners


We’ve tested enough Mega Vapez products previously like Hoo Bar, Eclipse, pod mod and so on, they’re all not bad. Today let’s go on and start the new and last review on the Mega Vapez premium R5 kit pod vape.

Mega Vapez premium R5 kit specifications

Battery: 350mAh
Charging port: Type C
E-juice capacity: 2ml
E-juice ingredients: Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Natural Flavouring, Nicotine
Nicotine: 30mg

Observing the parameters, it’s another draw-activated starter kit for beginners which is very easy to use and convenient. Insert and pod then start vaping instantly. While the vaping performance is mediocre for its small battery capacity and low voltage. As to the taste, let’s take a few puffs now.

Mega Vapez premium R5 kit user experience

Upper-middle size vapor from it. The cloud is not thick, nor thin, it’s just right. Its performance is not as weak as I presumed, but as good as RELX phantom whose battery capacity is a bigger 380ml.

However, the e-juice inside is quite cool. I didn’t mean the style is cool, but the temperature and the hit on the throat are so cool that it’s almost freezing. Cold as the Ice Berg taste from early SnowPlus. Especially the watermelon ice and Lemongrass, they’re too strong in coolness. Only suitable for summertime.

So we recommend just taking mouth-to-lung puffs with light depth to reduce the coolness hit.

The good side is that all the flavors are absolutely refreshing for their extra coolness. There isn’t a trace of greasy feel that exists in the 3500 Puff disposable from Mega Vapez.

As to the design, it’s an upgraded version based on the Mega Vapez pod mod with a more streamlined body that looks better outside and feels better in hand. It comes with a sense of aesthetics in appearance.

Where to buy Mega Vapez premium R5 kit

Or visit VAPEHK shop for it.


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