Mega Vapez Eclipse 4000 Puff disposable device review: a durable and good taste bar

The rising pod system brand Mega Vapez has launched a few new disposables including Eclipse, Mini Q, DA05, DA05, etc. Among them, Mega Vapez Eclipse 4000 Puff disposable vape stick works best after testing. Previously, we have tried out the Mega Vapez starter kit, and draw a conclusion that it’s one of the best pod systems in the world. Now, how about Eclipse 4000 Puff this time? Let’s go and start the review.

Specifications of Mega Vapez Eclipse 4000 Puff disposable device

Puff count: 4000
E-liquid capacity: 10ML
Battery: 1000mAH

Observing from the puff count, e-liquid and battery capacity, it’s another long-endurance disposable. The service life of this disposable is longer than most disposables on market.

Mega Vapez Eclipse 4000 Puff disposable device review
All kinds of flavors for choosing from.

Experience with Mega Vapez Eclipse 4000 Puff

As to the flavor, Eclipse 4000 Puff has inherited the good taste of the Mega Vapez starter kit. Let’s take the mint flavor as an example. It tastes like Green Arrow gum, which is brilliant and awesome. It’s not too cold, nor too greasy, just at a perfect balance point. There is a slight sweetness and ice inside, and the overall feeling is mild and tender. It makes use of high-quality e-juice so it’s not irritating your throat. Its flavor is as good as Cube Boom 4000 & VapeJoy, a bit better than Wotofo Ultra in the flavor aspect.

Mega Vapez Eclipse 4000 Puff disposable device

I believe it’s a 20mg nicotine vape bar though there isn’t a nicotine content written on the package. Because the throat hit is relatively light and smooth.  While the vapor amount can be quite large for its large air intaking hole in the mouthpiece and relatively small vaping resistance. It’s suitable for deep draw direct-to-lung vaping or it won’t satisfy your nicotine needs.

What’s more, the most impressive thing is the flashing LED light at the bottom of the device’s body. It changes several RGB colors when vaping or after vaping, which is cool and dashing for the sake of fashion.

As to one more reason to buy it, it comes with a Type C port, it’s rechargeable, and a full recharge takes only 20 minutes. At the same time, its battery is 1000 mAH super large. It means fast charging + a large battery capacity, and it makes it almost peerless among so many disposables for its long endurance.


Mega Vapez Eclipse 4000 Puff is a durable, good taste direct-to-lung disposable vape stick with a high-end & premium design. Smooth, pure and silky vaping experience with it. The vape juice inside it is top-notched.

Where to buy Mega Vapez Eclipse 4000 Puff disposable device 

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