Asmodus UNICORN e-liquid review: designed for pleasant and daily vaping – DirtyCheck No.165

The BURST e-liquid of the UNICORN series has been selling well all over the world.
Basically, friends who have been vaping shoud have experienced it.
A few days ago, some fans complained that there was no e-liquid for daily vaping.
So we bring you the new UNICORN series produced by ASMODUS today.




Box content

6 pieces in a box, 30ML/piece, nicotine content: 3mg
Asmodus UNICORN e-liquid review

Device for experience this vape juice

Device: 80wTCbox
DIY atomizer: Bishop RTA
Heating coil: 0.4ohm Clapton
Finished atomizer: Sakerz Master Tank (0.4ohm)

SKY WARD flavor experience

Grape flavor is the main base note, while it is not prominent, and there are even some flavors of berries, strawberries and even apples.
It is a kind of oil with a mix of fruit flavors, which is interesting
Asmodus UNICORN e-liquid review

SOAR flavor experience

The taste of chewing gum, but the main base flavor is fruit and melon.
Watermelon, honeydew melon and the like, the sweetness is the same, keep it very mild, not very sweet, and not very greasy.
I like this feeling.
Asmodus UNICORN e-liquid review


The two e-liquids of the UNICORN series bring me surprises.
One of the surprises is that it takes me back to the era of box mods in one second. The e-juice quality is very good, and the experience is quite excellent.
The second surprise is that the choice of fruit-flavored e-liquid this time allows me to choose it as a must-have vape juice for daily vaping.
Overall speaking, there is no new mix combination in taste, while it gives us a very good enjoyment in terms of taste.
It’s not too sweet nor greasy, it’s very comfortable and pleasant to vape. It’s suitable for daily vaping.
Okay, vape how we roll
All in Truetoy, I’m a Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy Asmodus UNICORN e-liquid @ $44.95

Asmodus UNICORN e-liquid review

ASMODUS AWAKE pod vape review – DirtyCheck No.144

Speaking of the brand ASMODUS,
A series of classic products will appear in everyone’s mind。
Whether it is MINIKIN, or the Anani V2 MTL RTA not long ago,
They all are well-received in the market.
Today we will take a look at the latest launched ASMODUS AWAKE pod.

ASMODUS AWAKE pod parameters/ specifications

Size: 22mm*11.6mm*110.7mm
Material: aluminum alloy
Weight: 150g
Battery capacity: 450mAh
Oil injection method: pre-injection oil
Cartridge capacity: 2mL
Smoke bomb resistance: 1.35ohm
Charging port: type-C

ASMODUS AWAKE pod vape review

ASMODUS AWAKE pod highlights:

1. Safe PCTG pods
2. Endurance
3. Child lock design
4. Marquee design
5. One device and two atomizing cores

ASMODUS AWAKE pod vape review

ASMODUS AWAKE pod colors

Phantom Black, Randy Purple, Space Gray, Pearl White, Millennium Pink, Emerald

ASMODUS AWAKE pod vape review


ASMODUS AWAKE pod vape review


1. The design of the marquee is undoubtedly the key point to attract the eye, it is very beautiful
2. The flavours of the cartridges are rich, especially some compound flavours, which are quite good
3. In terms of taste adjustment, the control of the size of the air hole is good, not loose or tight, and the experience is very full
4. The sense of experience on the mouth is also better, the independently designed cartridges have a more mouth-fitting experience
5. Child safety lock function, pull and insert 5 switches to avoid children’s vaping by curiosity and accident

ASMODUS AWAKE pod vape review ASMODUS AWAKE pod vape review


1. The size is larger than conventional pod vapes, but the battery capacity is only 450mAh, which is slightly weak
2. The airway of the pod is not very elegant, the feeling of smoking is relatively hurried, and the good taste experience is reduced.

ASMODUS AWAKE pod vape review

ASMODUS AWAKE pod vape review


This AWAKE pod vape produced by ASMODUS comes with innovation in taste, which is undoubtedly the most core competitiveness of the product.
But some fine-tuning in the details are still not OK.
For example, the airway adjustment mentioned above is relatively hasty.
The taste becomes bad for these small details.
The 450mAh battery for such a big size device is kind of embarrassing.
No long battery life nor cost-effective.
But some flavors are very nice, such as tangerine peel, hawthorn and Xinjiang apricot juice,
It is recommended to have a try for new vapers.
I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy ASMODUS AWAKE pod vape @$20

ASMODUS AWAKE pod vape review

ASMODUS AWAKE pod vape review

ASMODUS Wonderland E-juice review: good taste 3mg dessert compound – DirtyCheck No.107

Hello everyone, I’m your old friend Captain,
And we talked about some vape devices in previous issues.
Today Captain will recommend the e-liquid to everyone.
We talked about flavor or nic salt already too much,
This time we’ll give some new vape choices to mod vapers.
Wonderland E-juice series e-liquid manufactured by Asmodus
Because there is a rabbit in the package, many friends also call it rabbit vape juice.

ASMODUS Wonerland E-juice review

ASMODUS Wonderland E-juice overview

60ML full capacity,
The bottle is a Gorilla E-liquid bottle with guaranteed quality,
There is not much brilliance in the design of the packaging,
Quite conventional.

ASMODUS Wonerland E-juice review

The nicotine content currently comes with only 3mg,
It is not difficult to see the service groups and positioning of this vape juice.
Everything designed is all on the side of the mod vapers.
The mix ratio of 70VG/30PG is also conventional.
But I personally think that using 8:2 for mod vape would better,
Which makes mod vaping purer.

ASMODUS Wonerland E-juice review

ASMODUS Wonderland E-juice flavors


ASMODUS Wonerland E-juice review

Frankly speaking, the taste this time is really a bit like a product of that era,
They are all biased towards the tastes of American vapers,
Daily desserts and food tastes.

ASMODUS Wonderland E-juice user experience

Reference devices & settings
DACHI 80W MOD, DACHI finished core;
Bushido BFMOD, Bushido RDA, Ni80 26ga 6 laps;
Hilt mod, MATTY RDA 22mm Bruce heating coil 2# 5 turns
(The above machines and settings are for reference only, experts please use the top-level setting of the panel)

ASMODUS Wonerland E-juice review

The combination of lychee and raspberry is something I didn’t expect, it’s interesting.
The sourness of the fruit is quite adequate,
With the blend of milk is added to it,
Making the overall experience very silky

ASMODUS Wonerland E-juice review

Old fans should understand that lemon has always been a taste I don’t like,
But in order to better give everyone feedback,
Captain experienced a few mouthfuls.
I can only talk about the primary feelings, please forgive me if there is any deviation.
The sweetness and sourness of lemon is not well reflected,
The fruity scent is very delicate, you can try it if you like.

ASMODUS Wonerland E-juice review

Everyone should be familiar with this taste,
I just slowly forgot the initial feeling.
The thick peanut butter is very delicious, and the intervention of toast is just right.
But if you vape for a long time, it will be very greasy.
Highly dessert grade vape juice.
For dessert lovers,
This is the best weapon to solve addiction.

ASMODUS Wonerland E-juice review

The most popular flavor at the moment,
A taste that all major brands and small workshops are making,
Some are more suitable for Chinese, and some are not suitable.
I think this one is more American style,
The whole is relatively sweet and greasy, but not very greasy.
The blend of e-liquid is a bit like Donkey juice.
The user experience is excellent, suitable for long-term vaping.

ASMODUS Wonerland E-juice review


ASMODUS Wonderland,
It caters to American vapers’ need,
Overall e-liquid blending and flavor including vape juice quality,
All make it an outstanding e-juice.
The flavors are basically in a dessert food compound system.
Of course, there are lychees and raspberries that are more suitable for long term vaping.
If you are still vaping on mod vapes,
Or like 3mg dessert compound system,
This e-juice is highly recommended.

Alright, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy ASMODUS Wonderland E-juice


ASMODUS DACHI 80W MOD review: a durable mod vape – DirtyCheck NO.106

Dear DirtyCheck fans, hello to everyone in 2021,
Today, Captain recommends box mod vape to you.
DACHI 80W single voltage regulating machine from ASMODUS,
Let the facts prove that mod vape is still popular.


DACHI 80W MOD parameters/ specifications

Size: 119.99mm*29.60mm*27.8mm
Power: 5W-80W
Atomization core configuration: 0.15ohm/0.5ohm/1.2ohm
Tank capacity: 4ML


DACHI 80W MOD design

Because of the double arc design,
The device cannot stand upright,
It can only be laid flat.


Unique panel design on both sides,
There are 4 styles to choose from

The feeling in the hand is as mentioned before,
The hand feel of the weight and size brings you tears.
If there is a mini version later,
Captain thinks that whether it is from the appearance or the size,
It would be a next-level one.


The endurance depends on the battery you use,
Because DACHI is an external power supply device,
Instead of the current mainstream built-in battery.


The design of the display panel is elegant and simple,
Clear display, the body color can be changed.


DACHI 80W MOD user experience

Reference vape juice: 0mg monster blueberry jam,
Rich vapor, full vaporization, fast vape juice supply, no feeling of procrastination.

Reference vape juice: 3mg rabbit e-liquid peanut butter,
It is more sweet, it is not recommended to vape heavy dessert flavor. The vapor amount is very impressive

Reference vape juice: 6mg JAGO Mango Tango,
The vaping effect is ordinary, and many complex flavors have not come out.

So 1,2ohm is actually embarrassing at this time.
It doesn’t feel very suitable to smoke nicotine salt e-liquid. After all, it’s the finished core.

Whatever, iron lung vapers are OK with it.



In terms of size, DACHI still continues ASMODUS’s consistent style.
It’s relatively large, and still not very friendly to little hand friends.
The tank uses a semi-cylindrical design, which fits the overall symmetrical design.
It accommodates 4ML e-juice, which is durable.
The drip tip is replaceable, great design.
3 types of atomization cores, which are comprehensive.
However, the 1.2ohm vaping effect is just so so. It would work better on bigger mods.
Recently, Captain also heard that the ASMODUS fan group is quite lively for this new product,
Everyone may take consideration of this new hit product.
Okay, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy ASMODUS DACHI 80W MOD

Zafiro Aromatic Oral Inhaler pod vape review - DirtyCheck No.102

ASMODUS ANANI V2 RTA/MTL review – DirtyCheck No.73

Earlier this year, ASMODUS launched ANANI RTA/MTL.
Today, Captain got the ANANI V2,
It is an upgraded version, which can also be called ANANI II.


Product details


The packaging still continues the ASMODUS atomizer wheel shape
The overall feeling is very beautiful and delicate
Especially the laser logo icon is very beautiful.



Compared to the previous generation of accessories,
V2 has more accessories.
There are two kinds of drip nozzles, one is short drip and the other is long drip.
Which can be replaced by vapers’ requirements.
The equipped heating coil is updated to 28ga A1 plain coil.
And A1’s fused clapton fancy coil.
The resistance is 1.0ohm and 0.6ohm respectively.
Everyone knows the intention,
One is suitable for mouth-to-lung vaping, the other is suitable for direct-to-lung vaping or light mouth-to-lung vaping.


Main body

The main body is upgraded to be smaller,
Changed to 22mm size,
This is more suitable for more machines.
It also looks smaller and more exquisite, and its appearance is improved.


I talked about the airway and air hole adjustment of ANANI before,
It makes the taste very comfortable.
This time in a comfortable situation,
It changes the setting of the adjustable air hole,
In other words, there are more artificial fine-tunings on the originally good adjustment.
This upgrade is very effective and meaningful.


ASMODUS ANANI V2 RTA/MTL user experience

First I used the two heating coils in the package

1.0ohm plain coil

I feel good when smoking 9mg regular e-liquid or higher nicotine salt e-liquid,
9mg cheese evaporated milk biscuits fragrance, with the ANANI characteristic air intake feeling,
The overall performance is very strong and clear, the only drawback is that it reduces the release of milk flavor,
I’m satisfied with the performance, and I think it’s pretty good if I adjust the setting myself.


0.6ohm fancy coil

The performance is average, because the guiding hole has not been optimized,
0.6ohm filament will show some insufficient oil conduction.
It’s a great test of the player’s cotton technique and the cotton characteristics.
It is recommended to use cotton such as ceamdapelab with very oil conductivity and oil storage properties for a good performance.


0.88ohm coil

After integrating the cotton and fine-tuning the heating coil,
It shows smooth oil conduction.
Under low power and normal and reasonable conditions, I smoked KC’s three cream,
The performance is very good. The feeling of a certain mouthful is like vaping on the annual top atomizer.
But in the later stage, it may be the slow vape juice supply,
It’s burnt again.



The effective upgrade brought by ANANI V2 is very good,
In terms of taste, it still continues its own unique style.
However, in the field of relative direct-to-lung vaping, I think that there are disadvantages in e-juice conductivity.
Vapers are required to use relatively special consumables to maintain this taste,
It’s quite strenuous for novices
But there is basically no big problem with ordinary coil.
It has a good experience from 0.6ohm-1.4ohm.
So in this August vape exhibition,
Would you go to the ASMODUS booth to find out what it is?
I looking forward to it! I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.



Asmodus Tribeaut 80W Box Mod Review – DirtyCheck No. 33


Hello dear friends, I am Captain Dirty. Today we go on our review of ASMODUS. Friends who have read the previous review know that the new product of the “wheel” is quite good, and every detail is remarkable, so what about today’s protagonist Tribeaut 80w BoxMod? Whether the performance can pass the test of picky Captain Dirty, let’s do it without delay, enter today’s DirtyCheck immediately!

Asmodus Tribeaut 80W Box Mod Review

Brand Introduction

Yes! New friends who still don’t know about Asmodus should check our previous review or repeat the grade )))


Product Introduction


There is nothing on the packaging that is as personalized as AnaniRTA, and the overall use of “wheels” is a really simple packaging style. The front is a product rendering, and the back is a general introduction list.

Asmodus Tribeaut 80W Box Mod Review

Asmodus Tribeaut 80W Box Mod Review


This time the device still inherits the “wheel” hard core design, which is of a large size.

Asmodus Tribeaut 80W Box Mod Review

The overall shape comes with a sense of space capsule. There are three surfaces in total, all of which are treated with highly polished mirror process, one of which is our operation panel. The styling gives me a science fiction sense like space capsule. The only thing that Captain Dirty feels bad is that the mirror surface is really a fingerprint collector. It’s pretty upset to look at it. OCD patients won’t feel good about it.

Asmodus Tribeaut 80W Box Mod Review

The 510 interface panel is relatively large and it is a 25mm size, which is just matched with AnaniRTA atomizer. Such a size does fit more atomizers and is relatively easy to match.
In terms of hand feel, this is a relatively large device. In fact, it is comfortable to hold. It is ergonomically designed without any problem.

Asmodus Tribeaut 80W Box Mod Review

It comes with 3 colors, paint black and red, paint black and white, and matte black. Captain Dirty got the paint black and white, which is totally beautiful.
The display and mirror panel make an integrated screen feel, very beautiful, and the ignition button has also become the classic logo of the “wheel”.

Asmodus Tribeaut 80W Box Mod Review

Device Positioning

The positioning of this device is a product that supports light Direct to Lung and Mouth to Lung. This device supports 18650 batteries while the battery life can’t stand the torture of the box mod device. However, despite a battery life of 18650, such a device can be used on RDA devices, and the compatibility is good. Captain Dirty just felt that such a device was more suitable for pod systems.

Asmodus Tribeaut 80W Box Mod Review

Device Details

Switching on and off are performed by pressing the ignition key 5 times in a row. Friends who are familiar with the basic operation of box mod electronic cigarettes should know

The difference is that instead of pressing the ignition key 3 times, this solution version of the “wheel” is 6 times. Then press the ignition key to select the function. The functions on the interface are some power mode adjustments, screen brightness, etc.

Incremental key plus ignition key is the basic operation of the lock screen.
It is worth to say that the curve mode that Captain Dirty likes. The curve mode allows you to set a few nodes for you to adjust. To sum up so many Mouth to Lung atomizers used by Captain Dirty, the curve mode is an ideal state of design.

Because the vaping resistance of the Mouth to Lung atomizer is relatively high, and the e-liquid supply hole is relatively small or slow, it brings us to a situation where the ignition heat is high enough & instantaneous when using the power mode.

For example, Captain Dirty uses a 1.25ohm resistance (the normal power is about 10w). If we use the first gear of the curve to perform a preheat with 6w and then increase it, there will be a very comfortable vaping experience, and there is no need to worry about insufficient e juice supply or burned out cotton.

Asmodus Tribeaut 80W Box Mod Review

Captain Dirty Summary

We often struggle with what kind of box mod gives us what kind of experience in daily use. The experience that Tribeaut80w BoxMod gives me is stability, and this time the “wheel” gives me the most steady user experience. In the chip solution version, the performance of this device is also very good, stable and efficient. The resistance value is convenient and accurate, and there is no problem in daily use.

The atomizer with it is also very well made. The 25mm size can be easily matched and compatible with the 99.9% devices currently on the market. Such a device, if it were you, would you fall in love?

Where to buy Asmodus Tribeaut 80W Box Mod


OK. Vape How We roll, All in TrueToy

I’m Captain Dirty. See you next time.

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ASMODUS ANANI RTA/MTL Review – DirtyCheck No. 32


Hello everyone, I’m Captain Dirty. Let’s go on our device review. This RTA comes from Asmodus in California, USA, which is what we used to call “wheel factory”. Under the circumstances of the downturn in the industry, it continues to develop. I think it’s one of the most active brands.


Product Packaging

This time the product packaging is very interesting. The overall packaging is in line with what we call “wheel”. The packaging of a cylindrical wheel looks shining and the packaging is delicate. On the front is the large Asmodus LOGO, the product name ANANI, and the product category RTA.

On the back are some common designs like anti-counterfeiting code, parts & accessory list and so on.


Product Introduction


1*Anani MTL RTA
2*Ni80 28g heating coil
1*phillips screwdriver
1*Spare parts pack
1*User manual

Product Color

Black, gold, bright silver, matte silver

The tank mouthpiece is made of PEI material


Product Details

Anani MTL RTA’s overall structural switch method is screw-threaded, including the 510 structure that fixes the mouthpiece. From the point of view of the complexity of the product, it’s kind of complicated, and it also brings us a stable seal.

The design style is relatively industrial, which is also in line with the character of ASMODUS. Everyone will find that in addition to pod vapes, the device and atomizers produced by the “wheel” are relatively large. It fits the status of macho man, and it’s the constant direction of its design.


Most of the parts that hit the RTA atomizer are about 3-4, while ASMODUS’ on a different path. This time it comes with five parts, no matter the workmanship or complexity of the product is enough to show something solid of the “wheel”. Feel it in the following picture.


The main positioning of the product can be seen from the text on the heating coil package of the accessories. For nic Salts, obviously, it’s for nicotine salt e-liquid. There is a disagreement in my mind. I personally do not like the instantaneous throat punch brought by nic salts. I prefer 6mg and 8mg e-liquids with many qualities and levels. I think this atomizer in 6mg and 8mg vape juice performs more natural or comfortable than nic salts. And we will verify this disagreement later.


The size of the product is 24mm. Under the current mainstream of 22mm, I think 24mm is not so scientific, and it doesn’t match other devices so well. This is also correlated with the wheel’s own strategy. That’s not a big deal. This atomizer fits its own brand device perfectly.


I like the design of the unsealed oil guiding slot, it makes an oblique angle, Thumb up to the wonderful guide slot.

The air inlet is annoying. Why there is no adjustable air inlet? We will talk about it later.

In terms of air tunnel, it’s relatively slender, which undoubtedly shows that ANANI is an atomizer that pays attention to taste.

The refilling holes are very convenient. There are a total of three holes, and common vape juice bottles on the market fill the tank up at ease.


User Experience

We used a single original heating coil Ni80 28g 1,15ohm in ANANI accessories to try if it withstands the test in the end.

First, let’s try with nic salts e-liquid

8w, Salty bastard green plum flavor e-liquid, the overall performance is very comfortable, instantaneous throat hit, but very soft, vapor details are in right place owing to the product’s small airway and adjusted air holes. The plum tastes very good and the fragrance is tangy. The performance of this atomizer is very good in nic salts, because the overall vapor to the mouthpiece is relatively small & warm. Comfortable user experience.

Let’s use another heating coil to test Captain Dirty’s favorite flavor of 6mg e-liquid.

9.5w, comet e-liquid of MOON MOUNTAIN. It is so fucking amazing (sorry, forgive me for dirty words). It is not an exaggeration to say that when I did not try e-liquid & coil on any atomizer, the performance of ANANI is amazing. Why, because I had no intention to delve into the performance correlating with the setting data on this atomizer, so I used the original Ni80 coil. However, the milky flavor and the blueberry flavor, all came out very clearly. This is my conclusion before trying on other atomizers. The layering sense of ANANI is clear and strong, and the vaping taste is particularly real. I fall for it.



As an old user of ASMODUS, Captain Dirty feels the heart of the “wheel” every time they roll out new devices. Although I criticized the “wheel” branch in Beijing that has not been disbanded before, the things that the “wheel” produced in the past two years are very good. It’s affordable & really easy to use. ANANI RTA has lowered the entry threshold for “players” to vape, and has brought many users an extremely comfortable experience. At the same time, their excellence in research and development has convinced its users. The non-adjustable air inlets that Captain Dirty complained about before seem to be excessive, because the air intake adjustment of ANANI has reached a very comfortable level, and nicotine salt is really suitable in terms of the vaping resistance. It is ANANI’s non-adjustable air intake that makes it better at vaping on nic salt. Besides, it performs well with conventional e-liquids at 6mh and 8mg.

Finally, we talk about size. The 24mm size doesn’t fit on other brand devices. However, it fits all of ASMODUS’s own-brand devices. Though such a device is relatively bulky, it’s wild & macho style. Of course, you can alter the structure, that is, DIY with a mouthpiece yourself. Then you’ll have a better experience.




Vape How We roll, All in TrueToy

I’m Captain Dirty. See you next time.

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ASMODUS Pyke pod system review

The Pyke electronic cigarette produced by Asmodus has entered the era of pod vapes, which is really convenient for users. The small body is put in the pocket, and can be taken out anytime and anywhere. Of course, the premise is that adult smokers who have reached the age of 18. And those who have no addiction to cigarettes, please do not use it! Teenagers are forbidden to use it!

However, although the volume has become smaller and lighter, the decline of taste and electricity has become the pain point of pod vape products. From time to time, the e-liquid run out. Otherwise, there is no electricity, and the battery can not be replaced to “survive”. Only find a power source to charge, and wait for the revive.

Pod capacity is enough, battery life is longer, this is the voice of many pod vape users.

Made by Asmodus, Pyke’s pod system has achieved this- the pod system capacity is 2ml, the battery capacity is 480mah, making the happiness longer!ASMODUS Pyke review

Pyke adopts the classic “American style packaging”. In terms of size, it is compressed to the minimum as far as possible. It is mainly simple and practical, and there is no fancy content on the packaging, including brand, product name, brief introduction, QR code, safety logo and safety warning, which is simple and direct.

ASMODUS Pyke review

In addition to the outer cover, there is also a layer of packaging inside, which is also simple style. The logo shading of Asmodus and Pyke express the relationship between Pyke and Asmodus intuitively.

ASMODUS Pyke review

Pyke package is divided into upper and lower layers. The upper layer is device and USB charging cable, and the lower layer is provided with user manual, warranty card and three flavors of pods.

ASMODUS Pyke review

Pyke pod is sealed with aluminum film, and silica gel sealing plug is set at the bottom and top, which greatly reduces the risk of e-liquid leakage in storage and transportation.

The flavor of the three pods in the set are mint, tobacco and guava, all of which are imported from the United States with the original brand.

At present, most of the pod starter kit are equipped with 2 1.6-1.8ml pods. The retail price of Pyke is 298 yuan, and 3 2ml full-scale e-liquid. It is still very affordable for users.

ASMODUS Pyke review

Pyke uses food grade PCTG tested by FDA in the selection of pods, which makes the entrance more comfortable.

The size of the air inlet at the bottom of the pod is large, but the actual suction resistance is not loose, because there are two small-diameter air holes in the device to prevent the condensate inlet.

At the same time, Pyke also designed a “condensate wall chamber” inside the pod, which is an important guarantee to prevent the condensation inlet.

Pyke’s atomizing core adopts a new type of “black crystal ceramic cotton core”, which combines the advantages of ceramic and cotton core together. In addition to being more durable, it also brings a delicate, soft and mellow taste.

ASMODUS Pyke review

Pyke device is made of aluminum alloy. The overall size is 100.5mm × 22.3mm × 12.6mm, and the weight is only 32g. The built-in 480mah large capacity rechargeable lithium battery core and 2ml sufficient pod are added. Compared with similar products, this data is relatively excellent, light, small size, large capacity and long endurance.

ASMODUS Pyke review

Actual experience

● classic tobacco concentration 5% nicotine

Pyke’s tobacco taste style is oriented to American style tobacco, which has a positive taste and strong fragrance. Although the concentration of 5% is adopted, it has a proper sense of hitting the throat, a smooth and non irritating throat, and a fast stop cigarette craving effect.

● fresh mint concentration 5%

The taste of mint is not obvious. There is no “traditional Chinese medicine taste” that most people don’t adapt to. Although the same concentration is 5%, the sense of throat striking is higher than that of classic tobacco. In addition, mint itself has its own throat striking buff. The overall taste is relatively stimulating, which is suitable for users with large tobacco addiction or scenes eager to solve the addiction.

The overall style is fresh and cool. It’s a cool feeling accumulated from the throat. It’s comfortable.

● pomegranate concentration 5%

It has a good taste, strong fruit flavor, moderate throat beating, soft and smooth taste. After the smoke exhaled, it has a light cool feeling, especially in the aspect of sweet and sour reduction, with a slightly sour aftertaste.

ASMODUS Pyke review


Asmodus has produced a number of popular products in the age of mod, and has a deep understanding and experience for the needs of users. To some extent, the pod vape products produced by Asmodus can also reflect the brand’s prediction on the market.

Small, portable, large capacity, high endurance, every point is very considerate to consumers. Next, it is reported that Pyker will also launch an open type refillable cartridge, which can not only fully compatible with the “old driver” series of e-liquid, but also greatly reduce the user’s use cost.

The traditional brands of e-cigarettes all focus on the open structure, which also reflects that when the market develops to a certain stage, the user’s use cost will become an important reference index to achieve the purchase.

Whether the product is designed or used, it should always be “human-oriented”.

Where to buy Pyker

Asmodus mod vape juice review: Vape juice is alive with box mod

Many users should be familiar with Asmodus,
And its vape juice has conquered many users’ taste buds
This time I received iced strawberry, pineapple and sour apple, mint, lemon, blueberry and bear biscuit. Five Flavors of vape juice like Strawberry, Pineapple and Orange are sold by ASMODUS.

As you can see, Asmodus shows a trendy look from the design of brand logo.

Similarly, the design of the bottle stickers for these five kinds of e juice is also trendy.
We can know through the bottle sticker that the e juice nicotine strenght is 3 mg
According to the consistency of e juice, you can Judge that their VG/PG is 70/30.

Device review
DOVPOVEE Voltage Regulating Device+Voluna 2 RTA
(Clapton double 0.19 Ohm 4.2V)

Voluna 2 RTA is the manufacturer’s gift e juice, which was send with the RTA,

T-shaped silk table shows Voluna 2 RTA,
The overall appearance also shows the trendy style

Crush Jasty Ice Strawberry Pineapple

A light fruit fragrance when opening the lid fills,
You can smell the fruit aroma of pineapple.
Mixed of strawberry flavor which makes pineapple flavor richer,
The pineapple in front of the mouth brings a slight sour refreshment to the mouth.
And then the sweet strawberries slowly emerged from the mouth
It neutralizes the acidity of pineapple to the best.
Although not as obvious as other mixed fruit e juice, the difference between the front and back mouths is enough for users with taste buds.

Sour Apple

You can smell the sour and refreshing smell of green apples when you open then bottle.
What you experience at the entrance is the sweetness of the apple.
Then came the sour flavor of green apples.
When entering the throat, I experienced a strong sense of throat hitting.
Turn down the air intake and vape,
The sour and refreshing smell of green apple is more obvious.

Cool Blue Frost Mint Lemon Blueberry

When opening a bottle and smelling the fragrance
Its flavor has some similarities to the INSECT vape juice earlier.
Its sour taste is enough to lift your taste buds
When the vapor enters, the refreshment of mint will immediately show up.
Then lemon and blueberry mixed sour flavor fills the whole mouth quickly.
And a little sweetness.
It’s sort of like kiwifruit.
Vapor layers are well shown.

WILD FIRE Bear Biscuits

When you open the bottle, you can smell the rich chocolate sweets.
The vapor smells like chocolate bitterness.
Or the smell of coffee
When vapor enters the nasal cavity
It’s more like the aroma of a chocolate-like cookie.
And the flavor is clear.

ILLUMINATI Strawberry, Pineapple and Orange

Open the bottle and you can smell the fragrance
The acidity of the mixed fruit will be stronger.
The sweetness of strawberries can be felt at the entrance of the vapor.
Then I felt the sourness of pineapple.
After careful deliberation on the taste
The flavor of orange in the tail will show.
Similarly, a layer of the flavor is impressive,
Vapor with sour and refreshing taste

According to individual differences
Everyone feels a little different about the vape juice.
So the above experience is for reference only.


These five kinds of e-liquids are mainly about sour and refreshing taste.
Sweet in sour, sour in sweet
Suitable for summer vaping
And the layered feeling of mixing several kinds of fruits brings a better pleasure of vaping,
It’s worth trying.

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