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Asmodus mod vape juice review: Vape juice is alive with box mod


Many users should be familiar with Asmodus,
And its vape juice has conquered many users’ taste buds
This time I received iced strawberry, pineapple and sour apple, mint, lemon, blueberry and bear biscuit. Five Flavors of vape juice like Strawberry, Pineapple and Orange are sold by ASMODUS.

As you can see, Asmodus shows a trendy look from the design of brand logo.

Similarly, the design of the bottle stickers for these five kinds of e juice is also trendy.
We can know through the bottle sticker that the e juice nicotine strenght is 3 mg
According to the consistency of e juice, you can Judge that their VG/PG is 70/30.

Device review
DOVPOVEE Voltage Regulating Device+Voluna 2 RTA
(Clapton double 0.19 Ohm 4.2V)

Voluna 2 RTA is the manufacturer’s gift e juice, which was send with the RTA,

T-shaped silk table shows Voluna 2 RTA,
The overall appearance also shows the trendy style

Crush Jasty Ice Strawberry Pineapple

A light fruit fragrance when opening the lid fills,
You can smell the fruit aroma of pineapple.
Mixed of strawberry flavor which makes pineapple flavor richer,
The pineapple in front of the mouth brings a slight sour refreshment to the mouth.
And then the sweet strawberries slowly emerged from the mouth
It neutralizes the acidity of pineapple to the best.
Although not as obvious as other mixed fruit e juice, the difference between the front and back mouths is enough for users with taste buds.

Sour Apple

You can smell the sour and refreshing smell of green apples when you open then bottle.
What you experience at the entrance is the sweetness of the apple.
Then came the sour flavor of green apples.
When entering the throat, I experienced a strong sense of throat hitting.
Turn down the air intake and vape,
The sour and refreshing smell of green apple is more obvious.

Cool Blue Frost Mint Lemon Blueberry

When opening a bottle and smelling the fragrance
Its flavor has some similarities to the INSECT vape juice earlier.
Its sour taste is enough to lift your taste buds
When the vapor enters, the refreshment of mint will immediately show up.
Then lemon and blueberry mixed sour flavor fills the whole mouth quickly.
And a little sweetness.
It’s sort of like kiwifruit.
Vapor layers are well shown.

WILD FIRE Bear Biscuits

When you open the bottle, you can smell the rich chocolate sweets.
The vapor smells like chocolate bitterness.
Or the smell of coffee
When vapor enters the nasal cavity
It’s more like the aroma of a chocolate-like cookie.
And the flavor is clear.

ILLUMINATI Strawberry, Pineapple and Orange

Open the bottle and you can smell the fragrance
The acidity of the mixed fruit will be stronger.
The sweetness of strawberries can be felt at the entrance of the vapor.
Then I felt the sourness of pineapple.
After careful deliberation on the taste
The flavor of orange in the tail will show.
Similarly, a layer of the flavor is impressive,
Vapor with sour and refreshing taste

According to individual differences
Everyone feels a little different about the vape juice.
So the above experience is for reference only.


These five kinds of e-liquids are mainly about sour and refreshing taste.
Sweet in sour, sour in sweet
Suitable for summer vaping
And the layered feeling of mixing several kinds of fruits brings a better pleasure of vaping,
It’s worth trying.

Asmodus official site

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