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Asmodus Tribeaut 80W Box Mod Review – DirtyCheck No. 33



Hello dear friends, I am Captain Dirty. Today we go on our review of ASMODUS. Friends who have read the previous review know that the new product of the “wheel” is quite good, and every detail is remarkable, so what about today’s protagonist Tribeaut 80w BoxMod? Whether the performance can pass the test of picky Captain Dirty, let’s do it without delay, enter today’s DirtyCheck immediately!

Asmodus Tribeaut 80W Box Mod Review

Brand Introduction

Yes! New friends who still don’t know about Asmodus should check our previous review or repeat the grade )))


Product Introduction


There is nothing on the packaging that is as personalized as AnaniRTA, and the overall use of “wheels” is a really simple packaging style. The front is a product rendering, and the back is a general introduction list.

Asmodus Tribeaut 80W Box Mod Review

Asmodus Tribeaut 80W Box Mod Review


This time the device still inherits the “wheel” hard core design, which is of a large size.

Asmodus Tribeaut 80W Box Mod Review

The overall shape comes with a sense of space capsule. There are three surfaces in total, all of which are treated with highly polished mirror process, one of which is our operation panel. The styling gives me a science fiction sense like space capsule. The only thing that Captain Dirty feels bad is that the mirror surface is really a fingerprint collector. It’s pretty upset to look at it. OCD patients won’t feel good about it.

Asmodus Tribeaut 80W Box Mod Review

The 510 interface panel is relatively large and it is a 25mm size, which is just matched with AnaniRTA atomizer. Such a size does fit more atomizers and is relatively easy to match.
In terms of hand feel, this is a relatively large device. In fact, it is comfortable to hold. It is ergonomically designed without any problem.

Asmodus Tribeaut 80W Box Mod Review

It comes with 3 colors, paint black and red, paint black and white, and matte black. Captain Dirty got the paint black and white, which is totally beautiful.
The display and mirror panel make an integrated screen feel, very beautiful, and the ignition button has also become the classic logo of the “wheel”.

Asmodus Tribeaut 80W Box Mod Review

Device Positioning

The positioning of this device is a product that supports light Direct to Lung and Mouth to Lung. This device supports 18650 batteries while the battery life can’t stand the torture of the box mod device. However, despite a battery life of 18650, such a device can be used on RDA devices, and the compatibility is good. Captain Dirty just felt that such a device was more suitable for pod systems.

Asmodus Tribeaut 80W Box Mod Review

Device Details

Switching on and off are performed by pressing the ignition key 5 times in a row. Friends who are familiar with the basic operation of box mod electronic cigarettes should know

The difference is that instead of pressing the ignition key 3 times, this solution version of the “wheel” is 6 times. Then press the ignition key to select the function. The functions on the interface are some power mode adjustments, screen brightness, etc.

Incremental key plus ignition key is the basic operation of the lock screen.
It is worth to say that the curve mode that Captain Dirty likes. The curve mode allows you to set a few nodes for you to adjust. To sum up so many Mouth to Lung atomizers used by Captain Dirty, the curve mode is an ideal state of design.

Because the vaping resistance of the Mouth to Lung atomizer is relatively high, and the e-liquid supply hole is relatively small or slow, it brings us to a situation where the ignition heat is high enough & instantaneous when using the power mode.

For example, Captain Dirty uses a 1.25ohm resistance (the normal power is about 10w). If we use the first gear of the curve to perform a preheat with 6w and then increase it, there will be a very comfortable vaping experience, and there is no need to worry about insufficient e juice supply or burned out cotton.

Asmodus Tribeaut 80W Box Mod Review

Captain Dirty Summary

We often struggle with what kind of box mod gives us what kind of experience in daily use. The experience that Tribeaut80w BoxMod gives me is stability, and this time the “wheel” gives me the most steady user experience. In the chip solution version, the performance of this device is also very good, stable and efficient. The resistance value is convenient and accurate, and there is no problem in daily use.

The atomizer with it is also very well made. The 25mm size can be easily matched and compatible with the 99.9% devices currently on the market. Such a device, if it were you, would you fall in love?

Where to buy Asmodus Tribeaut 80W Box Mod


OK. Vape How We roll, All in TrueToy

I’m Captain Dirty. See you next time.

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Asmodus Tribeaut 80W is a stable box mod with 25mm compatible atomizer. RecommendedAsmodus Tribeaut 80W Box Mod Review - DirtyCheck No. 33