vitavp becomes Beijing’s first National High-tech Enterprise for vapes in China

In the “Notice on the List of the Fourth Batch of High-tech Enterprises to Be Recognized in Beijing in 2020” recently released by the National High-tech Enterprise Certification and Management Work Website, vitavp (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., is recognized as China national high-tech enterprise today. Together China Aviation Manufacturing Technology Research Institute and China Environment Academy of Sciences also get listed.

vitavp becomes Beijing's first national high-tech enterprise for vapes

The recognization application was submitted by vitavp in 2018 and it passed in 2020 today.

vitavp won the title of “National High-tech Enterprise” and has undergone a lot of tests-including several indicators such as enterprise innovation ability, scientific and technological achievements transformation ability, enterprise research and development expenses, research and development organization management level, etc., have been strictly evaluated , Was finally reviewed by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China, and was successfully selected by the relevant expert group.

The difficulty of identifying Guogaoxin has also made it one of the highest honors of Chinese technology-based enterprises, and it is the country’s most authoritative affirmation of the scientific research strength of enterprises.

As a leading entrepreneurial brand in the field of electronic atomization, vitavpp was born in 2015. Founder/CEO Liu Dongyuan has multiple identities such as electronic atomizer designer, senior product expert, and famous musician. He has been deeply involved in the industry for nearly ten years. With a wealth of professional background, we are committed to creating comprehensive and three-dimensional products.

Under the hardword of its CEO Liu Dongyuan, at the end of 2018, vitavpp has won the favor of first-line top capital with an excellent posture, and completed tens of millions of angel round financing. The funder is Wang Sicong’s Pusi Capital. In 2020, Liu Dongyuan, as the only founder in the field of electronic atomization, was listed on the Hurun U30 entrepreneurial leader list.

vitavp becomes Beijing's first national high-tech enterprise for vapes

vitavp CEO Liu Dongyuan has the ultimate pursuit of products. Since the establishment of vitavp, he has personally led the research and development work, insisted on independent design, and led the research and development team to obtain 273 intellectual property rights in product technology, appearance and function. The products have passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and the research and development investment has been nearly 100 million yuan.

In addition, vitavp also has core invention patents such as natural organic cotton preparation process, atomized liquid curing process, etc., as well as relevant certifications from nearly 60 countries around the world such as EU CE, RoHS, US FDA registration license, and Japanese food safety certificate. The products are sold in Europe, America and Southeast Asia.

vitavp certificates
vitavp certificates

vitavp focuses on cotton cores, and the entire line of products uses Arizona Pima organic cotton atomized cores, creating an industry record of “0 paste cores”. In addition, vitavp’s patented short airway technology can prevent the generation of condensate from the source and greatly reduce the leakage of the atomizer.

Being selected by the National High-tech Industry Enterprise this time means that vitavp has been affirmed and recognized by relevant national departments in terms of enterprise technical strength, professional production capacity, innovation ability and management level. This is an important milestone in the progress of vitavp’s technological level.

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Vitavp new taste STRAWBERRY & LYCHEE review – DirtyCheck No.59

The pod vape market is relatively stable today, only differentiated operations and excellent products can be recognized by the market. Vitavp, which has been so popular in the past two years, is undoubtedly one of the leaders in the industry.

Recently, Vitavp CEO Liu Dongyuan responded to the national call – set up stalls to sell groceries on the roadside, driving McLaren to build momentum for Vitavp, which is also sufficient to demonstrate its marketing capabilities.

Today, Captain Dirty brings fans Vitavp new flavor STRAWBERRY & LYCHEE, but compared to the flavor, Captain Dirty prefers its Chinese name “Li Lei Han Meimei”. This stalk is sure to make everyone smile.

Vitavp new taste STRAWBERRY & LYCHEE review

Vitavp brand introduction

The founding team of Vitavp entered the market in 2011, and registered the brand Vitavp in 2015, becoming the first Chinese brand that could sell tens of thousands of electronic cigarette-related products in Japan at that time. In 2016, it launched the pod system Vitavp and disposable vape, entered the 2.0 era in 2019, and released new product Vitavp2.0 and product slogan “NOW PLAY”

The various joint names in the later period also earned consumers’ attention, and the introduction of various peripheral products formed a unique fashion trend.

Vitavp new taste STRAWBERRY & LYCHEE review

Flavor introduction

E-liquid composition:
Natural vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine salt, food flavor
Nicotine salt content: 4%
Pod capacity: 1.8g

Vitavp new taste STRAWBERRY & LYCHEE review

New flavor details

in terms of flavor development, have to say that it does have its own unique insights and capabilities.

The so-called one-hundred-thousandth e-liquid leakage rate is more reassuring for consumers to buy.

The package of 4 independent pods has upgraded its packaging. And more vape juice is added in the pod while its price is unchanged.

Vitavp new taste STRAWBERRY & LYCHEE review

In particular, the bottom is made of a separate sponge sheet to prevent vape juice leakage.
Even if the vaper became the lucky one in 100,000,
E-liquid will not make the packaging disgusting,
The details are perfect.

Vitavp new taste STRAWBERRY & LYCHEE review

User experience

In fact, there are very few brands of China pod vape that make composite taste cartridges,
Vitavp made a breakthrough to be different,
First of all, for lychee, the single taste is not easy to make,
One is the uniquely sweet and delicious lychee, slightly sour, astringent and refreshing.
Second, it is very difficult to achieve the ultimate reduction of strawberries.
It is also very difficult to restore a single taste mod vape.
The combination of the two is undoubtedly a more reasonable result,
To avoid the embarrassment of a single taste.
It also reconstructed the unique feeling of the compound of the two tastes,
It’s a very reasonable fit.

Vitavp new taste STRAWBERRY & LYCHEE review

In this flavor, the 4% nicotine content creates strong buzz,
When the same type of pod vapes are doing 3%, 5% content,
Vitavp combines them as a whole, with a 4% nicotine salt content.
It avoids the weakness of 3%, also avoids the over strong buzz of 5%.
The thick fragrance of strawberry with litchi is the most direct impression to me,
Litchi’s sweetness and strawberry milky give me a second impression,
It is a pity that the sweetness is not up to my satisfaction,
It’s for vapers who love refreshing puffs.
But the overall feeling is pretty good.

Vitavp new taste STRAWBERRY & LYCHEE review


It is very risky to launch a compound flavor in the field of pod, because such flavor is not intuitive enough,
But this one tastes pretty good.

However, the overall sweetness and fruit acidity of these pods are not enough, I hope that there will be a good adjustment later.

Vitavp only updated three flavors at the same time,
Later upgrades will also bring the original three flavors back to the factory for a relaunch,
And other flavors will be launched soon.

Last but not least, STRAWBERRY & LYCHEE (Li Lei Han Mei Mei) surprises me, it tastes brilliant.

Vitavp, Play Now.

Where to buy Vitavp new flavors

Vitavp new taste STRAWBERRY & LYCHEE reviewVitavp new taste STRAWBERRY & LYCHEE review Vitavp new taste STRAWBERRY & LYCHEE review Vitavp new taste STRAWBERRY & LYCHEE review Vitavp new taste STRAWBERRY & LYCHEE review

vitavp 2nd-generation starter kit review – the blind flavor test champion

At the invitation of the vitavp brand, I made a detailed test of the flavor of the second-generation vitavp pod system. I received 11 flavors of the pod, an IG never overtime joint device and some peripheral products. One of the most unexpected is that there are actually two basketballs, don’t forget to exercise when vaping, it is really intimate!

Knock on other brands on the blackboard here, to be a bit trendy and innovate a little bit. Don’t always be a T-shirt, pants, it can also be League Of Legend. I don’t talk much about it, now flavor review.

vitavp flavor & throat hit

The capacity of each cartridge is 1.6 ml, and the resistance of the heating coil is 1.7 ohm. The pod adopts Pima organic cotton atomizing core, which has a high degree of taste reduction. vitavp’s fragrance style has its own ideas, and it strives to make its own characteristics while covering the common popular tastes in the market.

vitavp 2nd-generation starter kit review

Raspberry Lemon: With 40mg / ml nicotine content, the feeling of throat hit satisfaction is weak. The compound taste of raspberry and lemon, the overall taste is more marshmallow. Lemon performance is very good. With the drawing, it has been reflected. Although it is more inclined to supplement, it has always been natural, and there is no strange feeling of detergent. It is worth mentioning that this taste won the top ten taste award in the blind test selection at the “IECIE Good Vape Show” in 2019 Shanghai. The award is deserved after comprehensive experience. I personally like this taste very strongly and strongly recommend it! [Rating: 9.5 / 10]

Mango smoothie: 40mg / ml nicotine content, lower throat punch satisfaction. Green Mango, sweetness is perfect, ensuring that the entrance is full and not too sweet. Mango has a strong flavor, but at the same time the overall tone is refreshing and very interesting. [Rating: 9/10]

To you taro: nicotine content 4 (40mg / ml), lower throat sensation satisfaction. The taro milk tea blends milk flavor while guaranteeing the silky and rich aroma of the taro. The coolness is moderate, which is my personal favorite. [Rating: 8.5 / 10]

Snowball Hawthorn: The nicotine content is 40mg / ml, and the feeling of throat hitting is strong. The entrance is the epidermal breath of fresh hawthorn fruit. Pick a fresh hawthorn and soak it in the water. Sweetness restores the frosting wrapped on the surface of the hawthorn ball, it’s not bad, and the acidity is weaker. Personally, if they highlight the sour mouth, the original acid of the hawthorn fruit will be better. Overall, the nicotine salt content is high, and some of them destroy the fresh mood. [Rating: 8/10]

Jufeng grape: nicotine content 40mg / ml, lower throat hit level. The first puff is the full-bodied grape peel aroma, with oak fragrance, natural and decent. Taste a faint tannin, and the grape juice still needs to be strengthened. The mouthfeel continuity decreases rapidly with continuous vaping, and it is somewhat thin in the later period. [Rating: 8/10]

James Tobacco: 40mg / ml nicotine content, strong throat hit. The engraved classic HALO 15 presidential taste e-liquid, the main tone is cocoa taste, if there is arrogant sweet with caramel aroma, combined with tobacco herb flavor. The tobacco flavor itself is used as a base. The first few mouthfuls of vaping focus on mixing, and continuous vaping makes the tobacco more obvious. James Tobacco is a very unique feeling in the taste of pod vape, cocoa tobacco type is rare. [Rating: 8/10]

Winter is coming: nicotine content 40mg / ml, moderate throat hit. Straight into the cold of the throat, deep breathing and refreshing, refreshing cooler in summer. On the palate, the fragrance of peppermint herbs is simple. One thing I I don’t quite understand is that the sweetness factor is added. Maybe it is to reconcile the empty and thin of simple mint. I personally don’t like the element of sweetness. The new user Cold Winter will be a good choice. [Rating: 7.5 / 10]

Ice pineapple: Nicotine content 40mg / ml, moderate buzz. Compared with pineapple beer, the aroma of the flesh is not particularly strong. There is a distinct hop taste in the back mouth, moderate cooling, and the direction is pineapple juice drink. The point of deduction is the consistency, and it is slightly empty in the later period. [Rating: 7.5 / 10]

Don’t be too green: the nicotine content is 40mg / ml, and the throat sensation is lower. This mung bean is made between the bean flavor of mung bean body and mung bean dessert, and it is not so strong. The sweetness lies in accumulation, the first bite is lower, and it feels just right to accumulate continuously. Personally, I am really not interested in mung beans. Basically, every pod vape brand is coming out, the difference is not big, and it is boring. [Rating: 7/10]

Early spring ruby: Nicotine content 40mg / ml) strong throat-satisfaction. Finally, it is no longer the watermelon bubble gum style. It innovatively restores the freshness of the small watermelon, mixed with the aroma of fruit trees, and the unique fragrance style. However, after a lot of vaping, a fatal flaw was discovered: nicotine has a strong sense of stimulation, and the fragrance cannot suppress it, which greatly affects the feeling of vaping. [Rating: 6/10]

Suck a strawberry: nicotine content 40mg / ml, strong sense of satisfaction with throat hit. The direction of strawberry yogurt’s fragrance is too heavy, and it is not so natural. The taste of dried strawberries tends to complement each other, the main tone is probably cream, too sweet. Throat hit is too high in this dessert taste. [Rating: 6/10]

vitavp 2nd-generation starter kit review

vitavp overall experience

I did a review of the vitavp second-generation starter kit a long time ago, it left a good impression on me. A few days ago I went to its newly opened flagship store to fun. The store overall decoration is as trendy and cool as the brand style.

vitavp 2nd-generation starter kit review

Some of these 11 flavors have been eye-catching and stunning, but of course there are some pity. However, it can be seen that the brand is trying to perfume, and the overall direction has not made a big mistake. It is homogeneous in the pod vape market today and it is worth encouraging to strive to make something with its own characteristics and styles under the serious background.

I look forward to being able to taste more unique and distinctive flavors later.

vitavp 2nd-generation starter kit review

Where to buy vitavp pod system

vitavp was selected as the executive director unit of ECCC

The China Electronics Chamber of Commerce (ECCC)is a voluntary industrial organization organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, a nationwide organization and organization that produces and operates electronic information products. The executive directors include well-known enterprises such as Ali, Dell, Huawei, and Xiaomi. In the e-cigarette industry with more than 1500 companies, only 6 are selected, and vitavp is the only startup brand among them. The selection of vitavp marks the recognition of vitavp’s pursuit of product quality and consumer demand.

vitavp was selected as the executive director unit of ECCC

It has been 8 years before electronic cigarettes suddenly become popular in China recently

Ferocious vapes

Electronic cigarette, an old “new thing”, came to the crossroads again under the attack of two fevers.

On the one hand, the controversy is unprecedented intense. Under the exposure of the “lung injury” epidemic situation, around the key words of “health” and “low harm”, e-cigarettes have been more and more attacked.

On the other hand, in recent years, the restraint and calmness of capital have not been able to reappear in the field of e-cigarettes. Since the end of last year, the “little trend” that sang all the way has been still eye-catching. Even the most retarded people are not hard to feel from the front shelves of music festivals, convenience stores and supermarkets where young people gather: e-cigarettes are on fire and becomes popular in China. It’s like overnight.

In the path to maturity of new things, it is always hard to escape criticism, which is an inevitable experience, and also a force to urge the industry to further optimize the iteration.

If you have paid close attention to the recent reports on e-cigarettes, you may know that in a report of the FDA in early September, it was pointed out that the main cause of this event may be the presence of vitamin E acetate in e-cigarettes.

Why does common vitamin E cause respiratory disease and death? It starts with its molecular structure.

Vitamin E acetate is a kind of oil state. It enters into the lung through heating and decomposition. When the steam cools in the lung, it will return to the original oil state. It forms a coating on the surfactant layer of the lung, hinders the exchange of oxygen, thus causing dyspnea, cough, chest pain and other symptoms, and may eventually lead to respiratory disease and death.

The vitamin E acetate is mainly found in THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) electronic atomizers on the illegal market. Obviously, THC is not a legal electronic cigarette ingredient, and it usually only appears in some of the black market sale of poor quality oil products in the United States or in the oil prepared by the users of electronic cigarettes themselves.

However, unless it is the insiders, it is difficult to understand the truth of most people, from eager to try to stay away, it is also a title distance.

But for the practitioners who really want to do it, the burden is a little heavier. How can they go?

Re-enter the counterfeit cell phone age?

“It’s a good idea to say that a hundred flowers bloom in full bloom. To make it straight, it’s the era of counterfeit mobile phones years ago.”

Liu Dongyuan, the VITAVP vape founder. He is not old, but he is already an old man in the industry. When it comes to the prosperity of the electronic cigarette industry, he summed it up without hesitation.

VITAVP vape founder
VITAVP vape founder

In the recent e-cigarette financing list, Liu Dongyuan and his “vitavp is the only one” stand out among a group of familiar Internet entrepreneurs. The company, founded in 2015, completed the Angel round financing of ten million yuan at the end of last year. The investor is the Pusi capital that has invested in the Internet cafe, Poison app and LeLe tea.

According to the data of Tianyan, as of August 31, more than 35 e-cigarettes have been financed in China, with a financing amount of at least 1 billion yuan, including some continuous entrepreneurs. New brands and capital are coming into the market one after another. There are two reasons for this “golden age”: one is that the money is easy to earn, the other is that the threshold is low. At least, it looks like that.

It’s easy to think of the mobile phone market in the early 2000s.

At that time, thanks to the so-called “turn key solution” of MediaTek, the difficulty of making mobile phones was greatly reduced, the threshold and huge profits were greatly reduced, and a large number of terminal manufacturers at that time were rapidly activated. Countless people changed their ways and joined the ranks of phone makers. In 2006, the so-called “golden age” of counterfeit mobile phones, the number of mobile phone manufacturers in Shenzhen once reached nearly 4000.

The same is true of the current e-cigarette market.

As the largest country of electronic cigarette production, China’s domestic market penetration rate of electronic cigarette is less than 1% (13% in the United States), which can be described as a vast world. At the same time, thanks to the “flowers in the wall and fragrance outside the wall” of more than ten years, China’s large number of e-cigarette OEM enterprises can provide a complete set of e-cigarette production supply chain. Without complicated steps such as R & D and design, entrepreneurs can quickly create e-cigarette brands and realize mass production of products, “5 million is the price of the ticket to the vape field“.

However, science and technology are not based on changing the shell. The prosperity of counterfeit cell phone is just a flash. In less than three years, the trend is beginning to show. By 2012, the mobile phone manufacturers in Shenzhen have been washed away by 90%. The leader of domestic mobile phones has already changed from the former “Huawei Coolpad ZTC” to the current “Huawei Opple Xiaomi”. In terms of e-cigarettes, it is necessary to learn from the previous cases.

When consumers’ demand for mobile phones is further upgraded, manufacturers who can’t create value can’t respond. They can only be beaten passively. In addition, the quality can’t be guaranteed. The profit space is cruelly squeezed and quickly eliminated by the market.

What about electronic cigarettes?


The threshold of electronic cigarette

When it comes to “electronic cigarettes”, most people now think of the images that are similar to the Juul type closed-end electronic cigarettes. People in the industry call them “pod vapes”. Device+ pods have rich taste and are easy to operate. Whether you are an old smoker or a new smoker, you can “learn by yourself” without using the manual.

This is a far cry from the first electronic cigarette Liu Dongyuan came into contact with.

“When I entered the e-cigarette industry, it was just when the Chinese market was most awful.” In Liu Dongyuan’s words, “awful” refers to:

In 2004, the first real “electronic cigarette” in the world was born in China with the functional mission of helping people “quit smoking”. However, it soon died down in 2009. In the next three years, the electronic cigarette has lost its voice in the Chinese market. Until the end of 2012, there was a mod vapes. The electronic cigarette has also become a game for a few people from the “health care mode” of smokers. It’s the kind of “behavior art” that you need to spend about four or five hours to teach a person how to refuel, how to change the core, and how to refill the vape juice. People in the circle are satisfied with it, and even have their own exclusive name, vapor. But for ordinary consumers, its design is a little anti human.

In fact, before the box mod, there was a type of electronic cigarette, called ego. It has the same composition structure as the first generation of electronic cigarette, but it has a larger size. The mouthpiece integrates the pod and the atomizer, and the user needs to add e-liquid to it.

“I used to play music in my early years. I couldn’t smoke in the studio. I had to touch the electronic cigarette, which was the EGO. Although there were many problems with the product at that time, I quit smoking after using it for half a year without much pain.” In 2011, Liu Dongyuan first had the idea of “relying on it to change the smoking habits of a generation”.

As the first wave of entrants, in the first two years, Liu Dongyuan did not directly enter into the production link, but chose to cooperate with some overseas brands to help them do localization in China. “At that time, there was no e-cigarette brand in China, only OEM of foreign brands.” Liu Dongyuan tried to help these brands build local sales channels, help them debug the taste of oil and tobacco, more in line with the habits and preferences of Chinese or Asians and other product details. In this process, he was able to thoroughly touch every part and production link of the electronic cigarette. “I’ve also gone through the period of selling houses and cars as collateral and swiping more than 20 credit cards to pay employees.”

In 2014, Liu Dongyuan began to break through one by one with the unit of component parts, and launched electronic cigarette brands such as Jiuxiao and Typhoon. When it came out in 2015, it sold only e-liquid, and soon became the first Chinese brand that sold more than 10000 bottles of vape juice in Japan.

“We are trying these lines to accumulate some experience for an integrated system in the future.”

The first real vitavp is after 2017. “In fact, we have been thinking about it since 2015, but at that time, many production processes could not be achieved, so it has not been started.”

vitavp products
vitavp products

The maturity of the underlying technology is the key to the evolution of e-cigarettes from niche fashion to consumer goods. Liu Dongyuan gave an example. For example, in terms of operation, it needs to be simplified as much as possible. There should be no button pressing action. The starting process should be like smoking. Once you inhale, it will start itself. To do this, we need a key component – air switch. Although this technology was launched in 2015, its real maturity is by the end of 2016.

It should be noted that the underlying technology and application level technology are two concepts.

“It’s just like the underlying technology of mobile screen is actually made by a special screen supplier, but it depends on the integration ability of the whole brand side to determine whether you are assembling Apple or Jinli.”

This includes the application of the underlying technology at the product level. “We have invested a lot of R & D effort in the underlying technology and application layer.” In the past few years, it has obtained the FDA (food and Drug Administration) certification, ROHS, Japanese food safety certification, etc., and has more than 40 patents including the heating body.


E-liquid leakage rate: from 3% to 0.001%

The evolution from open mod to closed pod system is not only the change of product form, but also the upgrade of business model.

In the age of mod, there are two businesses for making device and adjusting e-liquid. But now, it has evolved into a combination business of device and pods. Pod is a consumable. Through the later service, users can be trained to buy pod again, bind users with device, and then use pod to continuously tap the value of users. The problem of “repurchase rate” is here. Easy to disassemble – as long as the product quality is stable enough, the sunk cost of the device makes the user have little reason to move. However, this also means that the first thing to be solved is the e-liquid leakage.

The leakage of electronic cigarette is a big problem in the industry. All kinds of e-cigarette brands emerge in endlessly today. However, any honest manufacturer dare not pat their chest and say that their products are 100% leakage-free. One is the industry’s average leakage rate of 3%.

The different solutions provided around this common problem just reflect the precipitation and thinking of the brand on the product. For consumers, “no leakage” or “leakage in very few cases” has become a key to measure product quality and even make consumption decisions.

“It’s a very, very difficult thing not to leak at all.” Liu said. Many people think that electronic cigarette is a very simple thing, at least compared with mobile phones, its manufacturing is much less difficult. “But the simpler it is, the more difficult it is to debug it.”

Liu Dongyuan said the causes of the leakage can be divided into two categories.

One is really leakage. Because now all atomizers rely on negative pressure to keep the e-liquid in the pod, but if the pressure tolerance of the pod is not good enough, there will be an imbalance between the internal and external air pressure, and the e-liquid will run out. This is not a simple problem that can be solved by sealing, because its liquid is in a semi open structure, if it is completely closed, it can not be atomized. The problem involved here is actually to have more precise control over all aspects of the expansion coefficient of the heating body.

vitavp products
vitavp products

According to this, vitavp has only made corresponding improvements in the material and structure of the latest generation of electronic cigarette products. For example, it adopts the integrated silica gel atomizing pod to integrate the originally assembled atomizer parts, so as to greatly improve the product sealing and optimize the internal structure.

Pima organic cotton with oil locking ability is used to replace the original ceramic atomizing core. Due to the strong lipophilic property of the material, many brands choose the ceramic which is easy to transfer the e-liquid as the material of the atomizing core. However, to enhance the conductivity of the atomizing core, it is necessary to increase the e-liquid guide hole, which is very easy to cause the oil leakage of the atomizer. The density of Pima organic cotton is very high, which has certain advantages in oil transfer, oil storage and high temperature resistance.

Another situation is actually the leakage of condensate in the use stage. It’s something that has been condensed after atomization. It will make consumers feel like”leakage” in the use process. In order to avoid such use “illusion”, vitavp intentionally shortens the length of the airway at the time of pod design, so as to avoid the formation of condensate on the airway.

1 in 100000, this is the rate of oil leakage of vitavp provided by Liu Dongyuan only for its new products. Of course, this is still to be tested by the market.


vitavp business methodology

The popularity of OEM and ODM just shows that in the early stage of the industry, this seems to be a more relaxed path. However, vitavp chose a more cumbersome way to build the whole supply chain in Shenzhen as early as possible.

This undoubtedly means a huge capital investment. At least in some people’s eyes, this money is not as good as taking the “subsidy” channel to replace the market. However, if we regard e-cigarettes as a long-term business, the benefits of self built supply chain are also obvious: it means taking the initiative in R & D and production.

Nowadays, the homogenization of products in the industry is serious. It’s nothing more than the random combination of pods, shell color and taste. This leads to the competition in the industry concentrated in the downstream of the industrial chain, which can only rely on a large number of marketing means to create the so-called brand identity, and finally it becomes a price war.

Only by continuously investing in product research and development can we break away from the homogenization. “Our approach is to develop independently, purchase all parts by ourselves, and then our engineers will participate in the whole closed-loop of our supply chain to adjust the whole production plan.”

Before vitavp’s exclusive supply chain, Liu Dongyuan added a prefix, “flexible supply chain”. You may have heard of it in e-commerce and clothing manufacturers before, but flexible supply chain in electronic products is rare.

According to Liu Dongyuan, “flexible supply chain can let us better control our inventory, and we can make adjustments according to the feedback of the market.” Its prerequisite is the control of the design, including all parts, and your ability to participate in the supply chain, rather than just providing a logo. ” The direct effect is that the brand can produce according to these orders in time after customers place orders.

“Because e-cigarettes are actually a lot of SKUs. If you only rely on sales forecast, you will surely generate a large amount of inventory, but we can now ship them within 48 hours according to the front order. Small batch customization can also be realized. ” For example, last year, vitavp cooperated with IG to produce 1000 sets, which took only seven days. “If you don’t have strong control over the whole supply chain, you can’t produce such a small quantity. Generally speaking, in this electronic cigarette, if you want to achieve such a small production quantity, its cost may rise very, very many times, but we can solve this problem at a cost that is not too bad. ”

This means that vitavp has more ability and energy to try cross-border co branding with more IP. In today’s e-cigarette online channels are not so rich, it means that the brand has more opportunities and possibilities to talk to consumers and reach their emotions. “Now, if we make joint and limited versions on the original basis, we can solve them in 10 days. If we have new flavors, we will make 500 different formulas in a month.”

vitavp products
vitavp starter kit

In addition to Shenzhen, vitavp has also set up sites in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Urumqi and other places, so as to better carry out localized fine operation. “Urumqi is actually a place where the e-cigarette market is quite developed. There are 35 e-cigarette stores in Xinjiang, which can reach a median among all provinces in China. At the same time, this area is actually very difficult to cover through other local offices. ”

“Of course we have a global presence.” Liu Dongyuan said that although at present China is the market with the greatest potential, what vitavp wants to do is “a big business.”


How to go further?

In the era of counterfeit cell phones, the defective rate of products used to be very high. It is likely that consumers would not be able to turn on a new mobile phone when they bought it on the street. However, since the continuous development of mobile phone industry, the defective rate has been based on PPM, that is to say, only a few of a million mobile phones may have been defective when they were turned on. Now, it should be the level of the e-cigarette industries should have.

In June this year, the official website of the National Standardization Management Committee once showed that the compulsory national standard project of e-cigarettes has entered the stage of “formal approval”, which means that the domestic e-cigarettes industry, which has been in the state of “no product standard, no quality supervision, no safety assessment” for a long time, will officially usher in the industry supervision standard. “Now there are many small brands relying on some unqualified factories and small workshops, which will be washed out first. In the first stage, there are only about 20 brands left. Quality is the key factor to support the brand to go further on this track. Later on, in fact, it depends on who has a deeper understanding of users and who is closer to users. ” Of course, that’s the key to winning in the next stage.

In the current e-cigarette market, the controversy has never stopped, and the capital and the media have stirred hard, which has also made this once niche category appear more and more frequently in the public’s vision, and the brands have also made great efforts to play the traditional game of “subsidy” again in order to quickly seize the market. However, when more and more consumers know what e-cigarettes are and experience them, they will soon know what good e-cigarettes should be like. With the maturity of consumers’ mind and the evolution of the market, a “midfield battle” is going on.

“There is a long way to go for the future electronic cigarette industry. In the short term, for traditional smokers, it is a consumption upgrade; in the medium term, it is an expansion in the field of big health; in the medium and long term, with the completion of 5G infrastructure, it will also be one of the entrances to the Internet of things. The circuit of e-cigarette is pregnant with infinite possibilities and imagination. We are lucky to participate in it and hope to promote the process. ” Liu Dongyuan said at the end of the interview.

vitavp girls dance with Transformers in Chang’an City

Today, in the ancient city of Xi’an, aka Chang’an City, vitavp and HOLO Music Festival jointly held a full-immersed Carnival trip.

vitavp girls dances with Transformers in Chang'an City

“Holo Music Festival · Xi’an station” is supported by the world-famous DJ. The scene is full of power. With the precise control of music, it makes the scene crazy and noisy. The rhythmic music makes trendy people swing together.

vitavp is the only exhibitor who participates in the festival. It releases with tens of thousands of trendy people, smokes in the music of infinite rhythm, and lets music collide with rhythm. vitavp is the only electronic cigarette that blends with sense organs.

vitavp only prepares interactive exhibition area on the spot. The main tone of “waste” is green. Various retro props are arranged at will, which attracts many fashionable people to take pictures on the spot. Vitavp gets support one after another. While taking pictures, we can also get gifts worth thousands of yuan.

vitavp girls dances with Transformers in Chang'an City

After seeing the interactive exhibition area, the model sisters with an average leg length of 1.2 metres could not help holding vitavp for their electronic cigarette photo taking. The publicized tone brings infinite visual impact. The vitavp in their hands represents the young people’s trend, playful attitude and “play now” at the right time.

vitavp girls dances with Transformers in Chang'an City vitavp girls dances with Transformers in Chang'an City vitavp girls dances with Transformers in Chang'an City

Yula, who was only 1.6 metres tall at the music festival, had to sigh, “Ladies and sisters’legs… are really beautiful.”

vitavp girls dances with Transformers in Chang'an City

The little brother who participated in our photo and punch-in activities got our peripheral suitcase. He was also very happy to “bring happiness and wishes” and hopped home happily with vitavp’s gifts.

The Bumblebee came to the scene for the sake of a full appetite

Viavp exhibition stands with great design sense and personality have attracted a lot of trendy people. Whether in the design, fashion or the strict control of details, all show that vitavp strives for excellence only.

vitavp girls dances with Transformers in Chang'an City vitavp girls dances with Transformers in Chang'an City vitavp girls dances with Transformers in Chang'an City

The bumblebee attracted to the booth not only gave us a solo dance, but also took a close photo with the model ladies and sisters.

Crazy 10 thousand mini vapes giveaway

vitavp disposable

Many trendy people who came to attend the festival chose to accompany the electro-acoustic ignition with vitavp. Free Mini with 11 flavors is enough for the trendy. Whether it can bring you a cool “refreshing mint” or “green mood” missed all summer, or “classic tobacco” with a strong sense of taste… Each kind of taste can make people full of aftertaste, so that people who like fresh trendy experience a wonderful journey of the tongue tip, which has attracted a lot of praise from trendy people.

vitavp boys vitavp boys vitavp boys

Trend is no longer a rigid definition, but also a release of personality. It is against tradition, breaking through more possibilities and finding its own tune.

vitavp girls dances with Transformers in Chang'an City

Experience and experimentation are the premise of freedom, just like vitavp electronic cigarette, constantly breaking through and creating, every new taste or product can always create more possibilities. The coolest way to live is to ask for yourself with high quality and release your posture in the tide.

vitavp girls dances with Transformers in Chang'an City

This is not the only time that vitavp accompanies the fashionable people. It is hoped that in every activity, the fashionable people can find their declaration of independence in the electronic cigarette of vitavp.

Where to buy vitavp

vitavp official site

vitavp 2.0 is launched on July 28th – Creating 500,000 live show views and 8 figure sets sales in 1 day

vitavp 2.0 product launch event was held at Wutong Hotel, Taihua, Shenzhen at 2:00 p.m. on July 28, 2019. It brought the fully upgraded pod system products, various new flavors and more open agent policies. And it reached 8 figure sales amount data online and downstream in one day, and created more than 500,000 live show views.

vitavp 2.0



vitavp 2.0 vitavp 2.0 vitavp 2.0 vitavp 2.0 vitavp 2.0 vitavp 2.0 vitavp 2.0 vitavp 2.0 vitavp 2.0 vitavp 2.0 vitavp 2.0 vitavp 2.0 vitavp 2.0 vitavp 2.0 vitavp 2.0 vitavp 2.0 vitavp 2.0 vitavp 2.0 vitavp 2.0 vitavp 2.0 vitavp 2.0 vitavp 2.0

Winter is comingvitavp 2.0 vitavp 2.0 vitavp 2.0 vitavp 2.0

Visit vitavp official site here

Vitavp won Yunxiangyi vape juice authorized operation rights

Vitavp launched pod vape with a better experience. Beijing-based aerosol brand Vitavp has recently been authorized by Yunnan Zhongyan New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. The former has become Yunxiangyi fragrance vape juice authorized operator under Yunnan Zhongyan, which is also the first officially authorized vape enterprise in 2019.

PS: Yunxiangyi, a state-owned tobacco company under the background of Chinese tobacco sales monopoly


In addition, Vitavp, as a vape start-up company, was elected as the Standing Director of the Vape Industry Committee of the China Vape Commerce Chamber.

Standing Board Member and Yunxiangyi Authorization Certificate

Vitavp was founded in 2015 as the only vape juice company. In the early stage, its main business was the research and development of e-liquid products. Liu Dongyuan, founder and CEO, told Vape hk that the company began to enter the market of pod vape products at the end of 2016. The whole research and development cycle was nearly one and a half years, and the product was launched in 2018.

Liu Dongyuan said that Vitavp has a longer research and development cycle than most of the products on the market because it hopes to give the technical team enough time to develop and innovate so as to make the user experience better, such as the patent of ceramic atomization technology (reducing leakage and stabilizing power), the patent of T-type airway design (different from single-hole air outletting, dividing the vape pend into two parts after “bumping into air”). These are the Vitavp team’s research and development results.

It is worth mentioning that Vitavp only uses lithium cobalt oxide batteries with higher battery density and more expensive price, and achieves a capacity of 620 mA higher than the industry average (300 – 400 mA hours), a single charge time needs less than 40 minutes, users can normally use more than three days after full charge, and more than two sets of vape cartridges.

IP Partnerships of Vitavp Cartridge Replacable Vape

Vitavp MINI disposable cigarette

Up to now, vitavp has only introduced two kinds of products, one-off cigarette and cartridge changing cigarette. As for Vape juice, Vitavp has introduced products with different contents, such as high nicotine, low nicotine and non-nicotine energy stick. The tastes of different flavors and nicotine content have exceeded 30 kinds.

In order to ensure the quality of production, Vitavp has set up a branch company in Shenzhen and established a supply chain. Liu Dongyuan said that in the past few years, when the pod vape products started to get popular, OEM factories had more talking rights. In the past two years, with the rise of more brands, building their own production lines could allow the brand itself, they start to gain more rights in directing more factors in the product.

Thanks to the team’s many years of experience in youth culture-related industries before starting their own businesses, Vitavp launched cooperative payments with a number of fashion brands and luxury car factories in the early days of its aerosol vape juice products. In order to avoid the usage from teenagers and campus students as much as possible, Vvitavp also has higher requirements for dealer location, requiring that stores should be far away from schools and other areas, and can not be located in places where teenagers can enter.

Vitavp has good revenue both at home and abroad at the initial stage of its listing, with a monthly revenue of 10 million yuan. Liu Dongyuan said that the company’s current share in overseas markets is about 30%. In 2019, the company will continue to focus on overseas migration and sell products to more countries.