Kardinal Stick is now available at Mix.com.my

Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA — Kardinal Stick is rolling out now in Mix.com.my stores and will be available in all 40 locations across Malaysia. Mix.com.my, Malaysia’s largest convenience store of imported snacks and beverages from Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan, will be the first retail chain merchant to support Kardinal Stick. Kardinal Stick is the next generation of e-cigarette pod system device that is easy to use and designed for adult smokers seeking an alternative to smoking cigarettes.

“We’re delighted to be working with Mix.com.my and their support for the #KwitSmoking campaign to provide adult smokers seeking an alternative,” said Ronald Yeo, Kardinal’s head of creative and marketing. “We’re thrilled even more that customers will now be able to purchase our range of products offline in all 40 locations across major cities in Malaysia.”

Kardinal Stick is now available at Mix.com.my
Kardinal Stick Xense in Mix.com.my Bukit Bintang store, Kuala Lumpur.

With the addition of Mix.com.my, Kardinal Stick is now available in more than 200 locations across the country..

For more information, visit www.kardinalstick.com

Kardinal Stick Kurve Pod Vape Review: An Extraordinary Taste & Ergonomic Design Pod for Ultimate Vaping

Today we bring you the Kurve from Kardinal Stick, which is powered by Kardinal, an award-winning e-liquid company from Malaysia with 6 years of e-liquid formulating and manufacturing business experience.

Based on VAPEHK team’s real experience on it, Kardinal isn’t boasting its expertise in e-juice, its Kurve is a solid product for daily vaping.

Kardinal Stick Kurve Pod Vape Review: An Extraordinary Taste & Ergonomic Design Pod for Ultimate Vaping
Kardinal Stick Kurve Pod Vape

Kardinal Stick Kurve specifications

Battery: 450 mAh
Pod capacity: 2 ml
Charge time: 20 minutes by Type C fast charging port
Flavors: Classic tobacco, mint, grape, taro, pineapple, lemonade, blueberry, watermelon, cola, lychee.

Observing from the parameters, it takes the use the popular parameters on the market, it won’t be too good or too bad. What makes it outstanding is the optimization of the details. For example,  the pod connection vibration notice is set to a proper frequency; the ergonomic mouthpiece fits lips much better; and the sleek body with appropriate weight makes it more steady to hold and comfortable in hand, and so on. All the details make it a perfect device and outrace the competitors on market.

Kardinal Stick Kurve Pod Vape Review: An Extraordinary Taste & Ergonomic Design Pod for Ultimate Vaping

Kardinal Stick Kurve Discovery Pack content

KS Kurve Device * 1
Kardinal Strap USB Type-C * 1
KSpods with 10 different flavors

This Kurve kit comes with a high-end packaging box. And different from other conventional starter kits containing 2 pods in a box, this kit contains as many as 10 pods inside with different flavors. 1 kit for all kinds of flavor experiences, which is very convenient to users. this design is highly recommended.

And It’s qualified to be sent to others, especially smokers, as a splendid gift, and one receiver is able to vape for at least 1 or 2 months to eradicate the bad habit of smoking.

Kardinal Stick Kurve strap

Kardinal Stick Kurve taste

What vapers care about most is the vaping taste and Kurve didn’t let us down this time.

Kurve pod restore the taste of tobacco, mint, grape, taro, pineapple, lemonade, blueberry, watermelon, cola, lychee, etc. vividly, all the tastes are fresh and natural. We have always heard that Malaysian e-liquids are famous for their good taste, and today we witnessed it ourselves.

Our favourite taste is watermelon, it’s smooth, silky and consistent from the first puff to the last puff. And we believe the vape juice from Kardinal is VG based, it’s more natural and healthy because we didn’t find any side effects like slight headache, itchy throat or chest discomfort, etc. after running out of over 5 pods, while those side effects are commonly seen in many famous pod brands.


Kardinal Stick Kurve is a product with great potential to become popular on market. As we know taste is the king among pod vapes and Kurve provides great tastes. Plus its ergonomic device, it’s hard not to call Kurve a perfect pod vape. Good user experience products will spread their own good reputation mouth by mouth, this hidden gold Kurve will shine sooner or later. As to more rating details and purchase link, please read the following part.

Where to buy Kardinal Stick Kurve

Kardinal Stick Kurve – Unboxing and First Look

The Kurve is Kardinal Stick’s official product entry in the Philippines this 2021.

The Kurve provides a smooth and rich experience without going overboard in terms of sweetness and flavour giving consumers that level of satisfaction on every puff.

For more information, check out the official platforms of Kardinal Stick: Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/kardinalstic…

Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/official.ka…

Official URL: https://kardinalstick.ph/

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