Joyetech Group Vice President’s advice on vaping industry during COVID 19

2020 e-cigarette industry challenges and opportunities-European e-cigarette market live show was held by China e-cigarette committee in May. This show is mainly aimed at the COVID 19. During the live show, some vape industry bosses including Joyetech Group Vice President, Yao Jiefeng, shared their opinions and advice on vaping industry during the new coronavirus pandemic crisis.Joyetech Group Vice President

The live sharing session first connected Dustin Dahlmann, president and founder of the European Electronic Cigarette Association in Germany. Dustin fully shared the current epidemic situation in major European countries, the situation of the e-cigarette industry, and suggestions for the industry, including:

1. Most countries in Europe have begun to resume work and production, and the number of infected people is continuously decreasing;

2. Under the epidemic situation, the overall market of the European e-cigarette industry is not optimistic. Not only are the profits of wholesalers and retailers gradually decreasing, but they are also facing greater pressure to destock and have insufficient cash flow;

3. Brands and manufacturers are recommended to properly extend the life cycle of products and strengthen support for wholesalers and retailers;

4. Strengthen product cost control and create greater profit margins;

5. Increase product innovation.

After Dustin, Yao Jiefeng, Vice President of Joyetech Group, mainly shared from two perspectives: epidemic situation and policy.Joyetech Group Vice President

From an epidemic perspective, the global epidemic has caused inestimable losses and impacts on the e-cigarette industry. With the effective containment of the epidemic, countries and regions such as China and Europe have gradually ushered in the post-epidemic era. In the post-epidemic era, the e-cigarette industry should take actions and face the current industry situation, and slowly recovering industry demand from three aspects of quality, service and R & D.

From a policy perspective, the European Union has launched TPD2 and the United States has introduced PMTAs. Although these policies currently cause a certain degree of trouble to the development of the e-cigarette industry, in the long run, these policies are beneficial and harmless. At the regulatory level, the industry is regulated, and compliant to help the industry develop sustainably and healthily.

Therefore, at the end of the live broadcast sharing session, Yao Jiefeng, Vice President of Joyetech Group, expressed a positive and optimistic attitude towards the industry: the global e-cigarette industry is still promising.

JWEI Group officially launched μKERA™, the microporous ceramic atomization technology

Leading enterprise in e-cig industry – JWEI Group, parent company of Joyetech, formally released its eighth technology brand, namely microporous ceramic atomization technology brand μKERA™.

Microporous ceramic technology has set off a whirlwind in the field of electronic cigarettes. This new heating technology has become the core standard of current popular e-cigarettes. This kind of technology needs deep technology accumulation and high-quality production technology. It tests the strength of the enterprise and can not be done by the non-powerful. Only enterprised like ALD, Smoore have such technology at present.

Microporous ceramic technology produces a much better taste and flavor experience than the cotton heating core according to the real user experience of VAPE HK.

μ means small. μKERA adopts a new generation of micrometer-level technology processing platform with independent intellectual property rights. It can design and manufacture e-liquid heaters with different densities, make e-liquid and heater perfectly fit, fully form atomized smoke with rich taste, and bring customers excellent experience.

KERA is the abbreviation of Keramik in German, namely ceramics. It is understood that the technological scheme of KERA uses high-performance inorganic non-metallic substrates of food grade, chromium-free formulation of heating slurry, and systematically evaluates the safety, usability and reliability of materials in accordance with international standards.

With the globalization of electronic cigarettes, customer demand is also more diversified. JWEI Group said, “Customer first, customer demand is our mission, is our goal.”

Ceramic atomizing core products based on μKERA™ platform technology have a wider working temperature range and extremely high mechanical strength. JWEI Group is committed to improving the atomization experience of traditional e-cig and providing one-stop solutions for customers with the new micro-manufacturing technology of μKERA™.

JWEI Group emphasizes that the technology platform of KERA will be your best choice. Choose KERA and choose success. μKERA™, Innovate your future.


JWEIμKERA™ ceramic atomization technology is new and immature. If you wish to maintain your high product quality, it’s recommended to use some mature technology with highly automated production lines like Silmo who is serving the world-leading tobacco groups.

Joyetech launches EXCEED Grip

Joyetech launches a brand new double cartridge EXCEED Grip vape box mod. It is the first time to adopt IML technology to create a double side appearance design. One side is black and white, which draws lessons from the Chinese ink painting style, the other side is colorful, which draws lessons from the popular abstract painting style in Europe and the United States. It is a combination of China and the West.


EXCEED Grip carries Joyetech’s latest research and development of anti-dry burning function. Based on the application of temperature protection technology, it provides users with a safe and enjoyable experience by real-time auto monitoring and controlling the temperature change of atomizer through the intelligent algorithm. The application of Mesh steel mesh heating wire provides a larger and more uniform atomization effect. Joyetech strives to build EXCEED Grip into a POD system with good taste and best smoke volume.

EXCEED Grip joytech

EXCEED Grip Mod Carries New DBP Anti-Dry Burning Function

As a compact and comfortable pod system, EXCEED Grip uses 1000 mAh batteries with a maximum e-liquid capacity of 4.5 ml, which can fully meet everybody’s daily needs. Various combinations of e liquids provide more choices for different groups of people.

View more details of EXCEED Grip on its official site:


Joyetech subsidiary brand Eleaf launches Eleaf iStick Rim

iStick Rim kit is equipped with a new IML surface and provides users with six different colors for choosing.

Eleaf launches Eleaf iStick Rim

iStick Rim uses 3,000 mA batteries reaching up to maximum 80w. And iStick Rim, equipped with type-C and QC 3.0 protocols, charges at an amazing rate: it only takes 40 minutes to fully charge.

iStick Rim’s unique anti-dry burning function frees you from the worries of dry burning. In addition, the new Melo 5 vape kit, with the features of lifting cover and bottom e liquid lock, adds convenience for our daily use.

Joyetech subsidiary brand Wismec launches Tinker 2

In 2018, Tinker of Wismec received special favor from users as soon as it was released. Now Wismes brings you a new generation of Tinker 2.

Wismec launches Tinker 2

A masterpiece combining strength and aesthetics. The new Tinker 2 focuses on upgrading its three defense functions – waterproof, ash-proof and fall-proof. With two 18650 batteries, the maximum power can reach 200 W. At the same time, the 0.001s second heating function developed by Wismec is added.

Joyetech Passed the Inspection of the World’s First UL Vape Certification

Recently, the Shenzhen Company of China Inspection and Certification Group accepted the commission to Joyetech, completed the first factory inspection of UL’s first e-cigarette in the world.

After 4.5 hours of inspection and audit work, Joyetech e-cigarettes fully meet the requirements of UL8139 standard, successfully passed the first inspection, and obtained the green pass for entering the North American market and even the global market, which played a leading role in the development of the domestic e-cigarette industry.joytech ul certification

Alex Chen, an expert in UL e-cigarettes, said: the first inspection task is heavy, from the IPI notification to the field inspection only two days, the time was very urgent. This first inspection can be completed successfully. On the one hand, I appreciate the full cooperation of CCIC shenzhen company. on the other hand, I would like to thank the inspector Zen Zhang for his professional inspection.

In addition, UL hopes that with the smooth launch of the world’s first UL e-cigarette certification, more industry customers will see our positive attitude and high-efficiency action in the standard R&D field, helping manufacturers foster product credibility so that they can stand out in the international market competition.joytech ul certification

As a transformation channel for traditional tobacco, e-cigarettes have been widely distributed throughout the world in recent years, especially in countries such as Europe and the United States. In May 2017, the US National Standards Committee released the UL 8139 standard as the e-cigarette standard for the first time. In June 2018, the global safety science leader UL announced that UL8139 for the e-cigarette/smoke safety standard was recognized by the American National Standards Institute and the Canadian Standards Committee. And it officially became the North American national standard ANSI/CAN/UL8139 and became the only recommended standard for e-cigarette products to enter the US market.

This time, Joyetech passed the first inspection of the world’s first UL e-cigarette certification products, which not only optimizes the expansion of the e-cigarette market and improves the overall manufacturing level of e-cigarettes in China, but also embodies the significance of the “san hua liu hao” strategic guidelines.

Source: Shenzhen Company of China Inspection

The Number 1 Vape Kit Using AA Battery Joye ECO D16 Kit

Most vape kits in the world are using the built-in rechargeable battery, until the Joye ECO D16 Kit comes out. Joye ECO D16 Kit and its brother product BATPACK are launched at the end of Aril.

This vaporizer use AA batteries as the power source and saves millions of people who are waiting for the vape to be charged a full battery. It saves the time of meaningless waiting.

AA batteries have been a long accepted safe power source and it only made sense to utilize them in a vaporizer. You can not only use the normal AA batteries but also use the AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, which are all very convenient to buy in the supermarket. The Batpack is incredibly simple and convenient to use and now with ECO technology. ECO Tech still provides the best vaping experience but allows the battery to have a very low output. This extends the battery life by almost double.

The AA batteries are common in most small stores & the big supermarket.  And it’s cheap that everyone can afford. What’s more, the technique of AA batteries are mature so the safety is insured for both the vaporizer and the user.


All types of AA batteries including normal AA battery and NIMH rechargeable batteries are all OK for the vape.

The low voltage makes it ta low output. Therefore, there won’t be any Vape explosion anymore.

To get more information about the vape, watch the video: