Thursday, June 20, 2024

Joyetech Passed the Inspection of the World’s First UL Vape Certification


Recently, the Shenzhen Company of China Inspection and Certification Group accepted the commission to Joyetech, completed the first factory inspection of UL’s first e-cigarette in the world.

After 4.5 hours of inspection and audit work, Joyetech e-cigarettes fully meet the requirements of UL8139 standard, successfully passed the first inspection, and obtained the green pass for entering the North American market and even the global market, which played a leading role in the development of the domestic e-cigarette industry.joytech ul certification

Alex Chen, an expert in UL e-cigarettes, said: the first inspection task is heavy, from the IPI notification to the field inspection only two days, the time was very urgent. This first inspection can be completed successfully. On the one hand, I appreciate the full cooperation of CCIC shenzhen company. on the other hand, I would like to thank the inspector Zen Zhang for his professional inspection.

In addition, UL hopes that with the smooth launch of the world’s first UL e-cigarette certification, more industry customers will see our positive attitude and high-efficiency action in the standard R&D field, helping manufacturers foster product credibility so that they can stand out in the international market competition.joytech ul certification

As a transformation channel for traditional tobacco, e-cigarettes have been widely distributed throughout the world in recent years, especially in countries such as Europe and the United States. In May 2017, the US National Standards Committee released the UL 8139 standard as the e-cigarette standard for the first time. In June 2018, the global safety science leader UL announced that UL8139 for the e-cigarette/smoke safety standard was recognized by the American National Standards Institute and the Canadian Standards Committee. And it officially became the North American national standard ANSI/CAN/UL8139 and became the only recommended standard for e-cigarette products to enter the US market.

This time, Joyetech passed the first inspection of the world’s first UL e-cigarette certification products, which not only optimizes the expansion of the e-cigarette market and improves the overall manufacturing level of e-cigarettes in China, but also embodies the significance of the “san hua liu hao” strategic guidelines.

Source: Shenzhen Company of China Inspection

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