iLAX vape review – Beautiful appearance and upgraded ceramics core flavor

It has been 100 days since the launch of iLAX, an electronic atomizing cigarette owned by HMI, came into the market. At the time of the shopping festival on the 11th November, this electronic cigarette, with its glass body, has come up with a new generation of ceramic core cartridge.

Last week, we got this iLAX with a brand-new cart. In addition to the beauty, the texture of breath has improved a lot. Let’s take a look.

iLAX vape review

iLAX’s overall package is designed as a long and narrow pull box. The outer box is made of matte pearl paint, which is very beautiful. In this model, there are four colors: Ocean Bblue (China tobacco + sweet blueberry), ice white (zero mung bean + sweet blueberry), Jade cold (zero mung bean + morning dew litchi), and Aurora grey (China tobacco + lime frozen cola). Each color model is matched with different flavors carts.

If you are tired of looking at the whole metal surface of the previous pod vapes, iLAX will definitely let you have a new definition of shape this time: innovative use of 3D hot bending flow glass and hot pressing cast zinc alloy as the shell material, abandon the commonly used aluminum alloy tube drawing technology in the industry. The middle frame of zinc alloy adopts vacuum plating technology, which really restores the metallic luster. In actual use, the brightness of the middle frame is as beautiful as a mirror, and it also has a certain degree of pressure on the component, which is very stable in hand. The front and back sides of the device are another bright spot on the appearance of the product: hot bending flow glass. This is a kind of material whose glass clarity is 20% better than that of ordinary mobile phone’s glass back plate. According to four different colors of device, the manufacturer has designed texture splicing on the panel, forming multiple groups of fine prism lines under different light, presenting gradual flow light effect, which is extremely beautiful. At the same time of having a brighter color, the problem of scratching that’s a headache has also been solved. In a few days of use, even if I put the key, mobile phone and iLAX in a pocket, the shell can also maintain a good gloss, and the panel surface has not been scratched. The cart and the device are connected by magnetic suction, and the two sides of the middle frame are air inlet holes.

First of all, let’s talk about the new feeling of ceramics. First of all, the design texture is more prominent, and the metal base is wrapped with four layers of leakproof design. In addition, in the taste, thanks to tens of thousands of ceramic core atomizing pores, the coolness and throat hit are significantly improved. In the directional reduction of taste, the taste of e-liquid has a more obvious expression, especially litchi and the long-term hot selling mung bean, have a good performance.


In terms of the use of e-liquid, iLAX uses two kinds of base liquid respectively in the pods. One is a very common PG e-liquid, which is also used in all pod products. The other is PD e-liquid, which also has a Chinese Name: Bio propylene glycol. Compared with the PG base liquid synthesized by petroleum cracking, the PD base liquid was changed into the natural plant base liquid of grain and corn syrup. Jianma biotechnology has released independent brand of e-liquid in domestic e-cigarette enterprises. According to CTODickey, iOil has achieved the originality of all the pod vape e juice from the domestic market.

However, the iOil is not included in the iLAX package, and users need to purchase it later. The base and the surface of the cart are marked separately so that users can identify the cart in the later stage.

Sweet Blueberry (1.5ml35mg)
Sweet Blueberry (1.5ml 35mg)

From the moment when I took out the cart, the strong smell of blueberries filled my nose. In order to experience the taste, I went to the supermarket to buy a whole box of fresh blueberries and went home. The sour and sweet taste is the same as the real blueberry. After adding peppermint ingredients, a trace of cool lingers in the mouth, which is like putting blueberries in the refrigerator into the mouth, very real. Even if you’ve breathed the vapor out of your mouth, the blueberry smell can still be felt and the aftertaste lasts.

China tobacco (1.5ml 35mg)
China tobacco (1.5ml 35mg)

For the old smoker, the real taste, good taste and simplicity are directly my impressions of this flavor. The mellow taste of flue-cured tobacco is really familiar to the old smoker who is looking for a way to replace cigarettes. Although the taste is very familiar, it does not give people the feeling of buzz, even in the case of successive smoking, it is still very comfortable. If you’re still bothered by the smell of tar, try this China tobacco.

Frozen Lemon Cola (1.5ml 35mg)
Frozen Lemon Cola (1.5ml 35mg)

As a necessary drink for a fast food restaurant or bar, frozen lime Cola is also a good carbonated drink in summer. Just think about it. It’s cool to drink frozen lime cola with the air conditioner on. If you like the taste, take out this cart. The taste of sour lemon in the mouth is very recognizable, and staying in the mouth is the bubble feeling of coke. This kind of sweetness is similar to sugar free cola. When you exhale, there is a slight cool in the nasal cavity. If you divide the inhalation and exhalation into three stages to savor carefully, this cart can make you clearly feel the change of taste in your mouth in these three stages.

Tropical fruit (iOil1.5ml35mg)
Tropical fruit (iOil1.5ml 35mg)

This is a kind of vape juice mixed with many tropical fruit flavors. The guava flavor makes the entrance smooth. With the increase of the number of puffs, the taste of pineapple gradually increases. It has a slightly sour feeling and can obviously feel the aroma after entering the mouth. As the smoke exhaled from the mouth, the latter part had some coconut flavor, which was very refreshing. But because everyone has different sensitivity to the taste, everyone may feel the mixed taste of different fruits in such a tropical fruit vape juice.

Fruit ice (iOil1.5ml35mg)
Fruit ice (iOil 1.5ml35mg)

After entering the mouth, the ripe mango flavor makes people feel like they are in a mango plantation. Enjoy the fresh juicy, moderate sweetness, very discerning. When I close my eyes and savor, the acidity of lemon comes out. Ripe sweet mango and lemon collide. They are sour in sweetness, and the sour taste of lemon won’t let you resist. The cool flavor of mint comes out with the vape juice. From the throat to the nose, that kind of transparent feeling can make you like the taste in a very short time.

In addition, this time, it also launched two kinds of zero mung beans and litchi in the morning. Zero mung bean: many post-80s are familiar with mung bean ice cream when they were young. Although the ice cream diversifies, its eternal taste must be impressive to those who have eaten it. To make a bean’s ice-cream flavor into vape juice is a great test of the skill of the flavorer. In addition to the similar taste, there is also the bean flavor of mung bean skin, which is hard to be restored. From the moment of entering the mouth, the strong taste of mung bean filled my mouth, very satisfied. With the peppermint flavor, I returned to the magical feeling of eating mung bean ice cream when I was a child. From inhalation to exhalation, this taste brings me a lot of surprises. It’s a taste that can’t be missed this summer.

Morning Dew Litchi: different from the litchi flavored e-liquid I vaped before, this flavor is just a pure litchi flavor, and it doesn’t contain mint. Between breaths, in addition to the full fruit freshness, there is also the feeling of addiction. When you put the cart into the device, you will be immersed in the fun of this one by one, and the whole feeling is sweet but not greasy. If you are a litchi fan, the taste will not let you down.

After comparing the PG and PD components of the e-liquid, my feeling is still very obvious. The intuitive feeling is the taste variability. In the past, most of the PG e-juice was a single flavor, and the three stages of pre -, middle and post adjustment were fuzzy in the change of taste. However, the taste level of PD e-liquid is significantly different. From inhalation to exhalation, we can intuitively feel the difference of three stages from taste. In the sense of throat striking, because the natural plants of grain and corn syrup are used as the base liquid of PD vape juice, the smoothness of the e-liquid is greatly increased in the process of smoking. At the moment when it enters the throat, PD e-liquid can be described as coming in quietly, while PG e-liquid is a whisper, which completely gets rid of the throat piercing feeling of different e-liquid, increases the fullness of the taste, and won’t choke the throat.

Cart highlights: the top two square holes are used to direct vape juice to the organic cotton, and the side double-layer food grade silica gel is used for leak proof sealing to ensure that the cart works normally without vape juice leakage. The vape juice inlet hole is designed as a funnel shape, so that the organic cotton always contacts with the e-liquid from the time when the cart is full of vape juice to the time when the cart is finished, so as to prevent accidental burning. The air inlet at both sides of the bottom air inlet is converged in the middle to effectively prevent the leakage of condensate.

Where to buy iLAX

iLAX COO Weilu Interview: 24 hours online sales breaks 1 million, new financing will be announced soon

We had a one-to-one interview with iLAX COO Weilu at the New Consumption Summit of the 2019 Z Era. And we talked about the development of the electronic cigarette industry and iLAX.

iLAX was released in Beijing on May 20 by HMI Group’s Jianma Biotechnology. It is the first mirror surface electronic cigarette in the world and the first pure natural PD e-liquid in China. HMI Group has also attracted huge attention from the public by iLAX.

HMI Group is the only legitimate hemp/cannabis investment group in China, which is based on the layout of the whole industrial chain of industrial cannabis and directed towards biopharmaceuticals. It carries out the work of industrial cannabis breeding, cultivation, extraction, research and development, production and marketing worldwide. HMI Group has the Certificate of Registration of Industrial Cannabis Seed Varieties and the Industrial Cannabis Industry Certificate, the Industrial Cannabis Planting License and the Industrial Cannabis Mosaic Processing License. It’s the only enterprises that have obtained the “Approval for the Development, Production and Sale of Cannabis Bisphenol Terminal Products” from the public security department.

Jianma Biotechnology is an investment company of HMI. iLAX is officially listed after more than 400 days of research and development.

On June 12, iLAX was officially launched in the online JD mall at 299 yuan.

3500 sets of iLAX are sold in 24 hours, with sales amount reaching 1 million yuan
3500 sets of iLAX are sold in 24 hours, with sales amount reaching 1 million yuan

On April 17, it was reported that Jianma Biology had initiated the establishment to focus on the new brand of e-liquid iOil, a series of pod system vape juice products based on pure natural bio-PD oil, with the goal of introducing the world’s most advanced e-liquid technology and quality products into China’s electronic e-liquid industry.

iOil has been unveiled at the iLAX conference. From vape juice base liquor to essence, iOil has achieved the originality different from all the vape products in the domestic market.

At present, most of the vape juice base liquids in the market are prepared by VG (natural vegetable glycerin) and PG (propylene glycol), then heated by devices. iOil will abandon this traditional method, instead of using PG as carrier base liquor produced by chemical pyrolysis or synthesis, and it will use corn syrup to ferment corn starch to synthesize pure natural PD base liquor in order to achieve unique flavor base production. This is an evolution from chemical cracking base liquor to pure natural base liquor.

In addition, according to media reports, iLAX is manufactured by Shenzhen iJoy Technology Co., Ltd., which announced last year that it had obtained 300 million yuan of financing and strong supply chain capacity.

2019 Z Era Top 10 Vape Brand
4. bink
5. Wel
9. iLAX
10. VPO


Reporter: How many iLAX product are on sale now? Is your supply chain and capacity stable?

iLax WEILU: At present, iLAX zinc alloy frame Aurora glass has been listed. We have reached a very tacit relationship with the supply chain side, which can be guaranteed in terms of production capacity. Follow-up 4-5 products with high recognition of appearance and quality are on the way to meet different consumer needs and scenarios.

Reporter: Is iOil e-liquid currently used?

iLax WEILU: Our independent e-liquid brand iOil is also on the market. As China’s first natural grain fermented PD oil as the atomizing essence of the base solution, iOil has first realized the aroma of tobacco in the molecular stage, presenting a breathable experience with a soft fragrance. At the same time, we also selected several PG based liquid oils for consumers to choose.

Reporter: We have observed that iLAX has done a lot of cross-border marketing. How do you define brand tonality?

ilax ioil

iLAX interview

iLax Weilu: iLAX always puts the product’s appearance and character in the first place. To do cross-border marketing is to express iLAX’s perseverance and views on aesthetics and quality by combining with different circles. The brand concept of “fashion” and “vapor” will also give a new interpretation of “fashion”. It is frontier, breakthrough, innovative, and generally accepted and recognized. For example, we will cooperate with an American fashion brand to attract smokers and change their way of life by starting with the appearance of “fashion”.

Reporter: How about feedback now after iLAX is released? Does the product have feedback on oil leakage and dry burn?

iLax Weilu: At present, the feedback is pretty positive, and there are better feedback in the presentation of flavor layer and throat hit. As far as we know, the quality of the pod is quite stable, and the problem of vape juice leak and dry burn have not happened.

Reporter: What’s the current support from HMI?

iLax Weilu: This project is actually slower than the general electronic cigarette enterprises in more than 400 days, from project establishment to final polishing and shaping. When watching others rise, our founding shareholder, HMI Group, has given us great support in various resources, especially in time. HMI Group has been deeply engaged in the field of biomedicine for a long time. It has a natural sense and understanding of health undertakings. This kind of awareness and understanding, after being conveyed to our team, is the support and sharing of bio-chemical patents and technologies, in order to make iLAX a truly harm reduction product.

And how to make smoking users willing to reduce harm through iLAX is what our resources give us enough time to hone, consider and practice. I heard that I have sent you a set of products. The most intuitive feeling of iLAX is what we have done in more than 400 days.

In addition, we have fully integrated the chemical technology of HMI and advanced fragrance blending technology abroad, so in addition to the domestic test reports mentioned earlier, ECTA (Electronic Cigarette Trade Association) and EA (Enthalpy Analytical) will soon report on the quality inspection of our e-liquid.

Reporter: What are your goals for iLAX?

iLax Weilu: For the traditional electronic cigarette industry, especially the mod electronic cigarette, it is an imported popular culture. Its evolution is more about the local transformation and extension of this popular culture. In fact, the emerging electronic cigarette began to germinate around 2010, and the industry chain has matured in recent years, which also provides a more stable and effective solution for reducing the harm from smoking.

If we start from the dimension of harm reduction, China’s e-cigarettes are far from saturated. Capital and mature teams have heard the prelude of industrial evolution. It seems that the competition is fierce, but compared with other mature industries with stable supply and demand, the electronic cigarette market is still in the “exit” stage. And iLAX is to see the characteristics and value of “non-exit” in other products at this “exit” stage, and realize them, so as to provide more diversified choices for the consumer market to reduce the harm of tobacco.

Reporter: What is the meaning of iLAX and the Chinese name of Aile?

iLax Weilu: iLAX has been registered since the beginning of last year. What I want to express is that every smoker can vape iLAX to achieve a comfortable quality of life and state of relaxation for replacing cigarettes. Aile is the transliteration of iLAX. It also tries to convey the values of caring for oneself and people around us.

Reporter: What about the new round of financing?

iLax Weilu: We’re in the middle of the investigating process. We’ll release it in the near future. We’re sure you will be the first choice to issue financing.

Reporter: OK, thank you.

iLAX is on sales today – PD oil e-liquid + Dazzling shell = Unprecedented user experience

At the launch of the iLAX conference on May 20, someone proposed to buy immediately, which is not uncommon at the e-cigarette launch conference. However, from the first show to the sale on JD flagship shop, iLAX only took 22 days. The three-week span from debut to sales is rare in the e-cigarette industry.

Some iLAX internal employees revealed that after the conference, the device and oil have already been able to be sold, and the whole team has been in a state of excitement but calmness. Then, iLAX sent out 1,000 devices and countless e-liquids in 22 days.

“The 1000 devices are both seeds and primers,” said the staff. “The seeds are broadcast in the hearts of all kinds of users for flowering; and the introduction leads iLAX in 22 days, following this proper sample to go ahead or even just take a small step.”

ilax oil

Something looks pleasant

As an e-cigarette with the label of the HMI Group, the release of the iLAX brand has touched people’s curiosity – is there an industrial cannabis ingredient inside? Can you export overseas? What new things can be brought to the e-cigar industry?

And when iLAX is in front of the world, the biggest new thing seems to be clear – “It looks rather good.”

The breakthrough of iLAX in appearance is the use of streamer glass as the device shell. Compared with die-casting alloy and aluminum extruded shell, it has scored a “differentiation” in the game of eyes.

ilax oil

According to the published polymer engineering material data, the 3D glass shell used for iLAX is formed by hot bending once, which requires 21 processes from CNC cutting to silk screen printing and sealing explosion-proof film, and the cost exceeds 120% of the aluminum extruded electronic cigarette shell. In the Chinese e-cigarette market, where the price sensitivity is relatively high and the factory brands mostly emphasize fast pace, it is undoubtedly a dangerous move.

However, it cannot be denied that in the current fierce competition, the product apperance has no doubt to be an important factor that cannot be avoided in marketing.

ilax oil

A sales person in charge of a well-known domestic fast-comsumering enterprise only said one word after seeing iLAX, “Most vape will be made like this one day sooner or later.”

As to 3C products such as mobile phones and computers, homes, clothing, games, and short videos, global consumers are eager for new think and abondon the old-fashioned products faster. Curiosity, enthusiasm for new things, and even some picky tastes, all are accompanied by an increase in purchasing ability. – Mobile phone back, game skin, live video anchors… Everything will lead to the discussion of the appearance eventually.

Back to the topic of vapes, after a long-term dream realizing for the tens of billions dollar European and American markets, South China has made the “big thing” of pod system production into an exquisite art, and the innovation of “from the inside to outside” creed is being subverted. As the technical barriers inside continue to diminish, industrial design and innovation are becoming the “post-development advantage” of the iLAX factory brand – they understand consumers more for being late.

ilax oil

Ambitious new vape class

new vape

Aiming to the “picky” of consumers, iLAX has a slogan as “new vape class”. And there is a breakthrough in the new-value-added significance to the vape brand – PD oil e-liquid under the dazzling skin.

At the brand launch conference on May 20th, iLAX announced for the first time that it will launch the e-liquid iOil based on PD oil. In general, it is PG (1,2 propanediol) which is a mixture of components such as vape juice essence and vegetable glycerin. In contrast, the role of the iOil mixed base fluid is dominated by PD (bio-based propylene glycol), an e-liquid component that is rare in China even in the world.

ilax ioil

In the United States, where e-cigarette products and culture are more mature, Five Pawns is the leader in the production of PD e-liquid – natural grain fermentation, biologically injectable and high resolution are the tags of it. It is widely speculated that iLAX is able to launch the first PD pod vape juice in China, which is most likely to be achieved through the team of HMI Group Biotechnology with overseas background, which overcomes the difficulties in preparing PD oil.

In addition, the iLAX technical team stated at the time of the launch of the brand in late May publicly that the flavor of iOil will no longer stay in the stage of physical mixing of ordinary tobacco and oil, but by extracting and synthesizing the molecular level of the essence, reaching the experience level of one time inhalation with multi-layer. The two iOil series of e-liquids on the shelves are all intentionally mixed flavors, which basically proves the iLAX’s differentiated product ideas.

It is worth mentioning that in the previous report of the First Financial News, the iLAX team said that the independent brand e-liquid iOil is applying for the ECTA (Electronic Cigarette Trade Association) for North America which is recognized worldwide. While the EA (Enthalpy Analytical) test seems to be prepared to challenge the overseas high-end e-liquid market.

ilax ioil


No matter how much the previous investment has it acquired or ingenious effort has been spared, every product is equal at the beginning of the online sale. Stylish appearance and PD oil are entering the game as the breaker’s attitude. Whether it will become the next winner in this market eventually, depends on every small step it moves later.

Where to buy iLAX & iOil

HMI hemp company official site

iLax, the subsidiary brand of HMI is revealed 

HMI is the leading industrial hemp enterprise in China. Previously, HMI has also stepped into the vape market, and set up a joint venture company to plan to launch its own brand. Last month, I saw the announcement that the company’s subsidiary Jianma Biotechnology has launched the research and development business of e-liquids.

Thus, Jianma Biotechnology is undoubtedly the main battle team for HMI to enter the electronic cigarette market. It shows that the Jianma Biotechnology was established in Hainan in August last year. Unlike previous cooperation with other entities, HMI appears in the ownership structure of Jianma Biology as a sponsor shareholder.


It is worth noticing that in the scope of operation of Jianma, businesses closely related to the vape industry have been listed, such as “research, development and sale of vapes”, “development of vapes and plant extract” technology.

Trademark query shows that the brand of iLax, iOil and other trademarks have been registered under the 34th commodity items of Jianma Biology. The services provided by the commodity project include cigarettes, tobacco, electronic cigarettes, vape juice and tobacco condiments.


According to Tonghuashun Financial and Economic Report, the electronic cigarette project of Jianma Biotechnology was launched in early March last year, and it’s in relationship with several leading domestic factories. During this period, after three generations and six iterations of negation, the Jianma team self-operated from the original ID design to structure, hardware and software matching and other links to ensure product accuracy.

And I saw the first functional prototype of iLax. The quality of the prototype is almost the same as that of the popular electronic cigarettes on the market at present, but it is still abandoned by the picky Jianma team.

At present, the product information of iLax has not been exposed much. Unlike many new emerging e-cigarette brands, the first thing that Jianma Biotechnology has shown up is its own vape juice brand iOil. It is also reported that the company will also expand its market space by participating in the upstream and downstream enterprises of e-liquids and flavor researching in the near future.