ammo signed 30 agents in a week in China

Economic recovers, industry thrives, “Double 11” shopping festival continuously sets new records. As of 0:00 on November 12, the final trading volume of Tmall Double Eleven shopping festival in 2020 reached 498.2 billion yuan, an increase of 85.62% from last year’s 268.4 billion yuan. This year’s Double Eleven has a strong start, which may bode well for the Chinese economy. It further proves that consumer spending, which has fallen behind in the economic recovery so far, is increasing.

In the e-cigarette industry that began to focus on “shifting” to offline last year, there are also some brands gaining momentum, and the road to offline layout is in full swing. It is understood that in the past week of “Double 11”, the well-known China e-cigarette brand ammo signed nearly 30 city agents within five days.

From the launch of ammo’s e-cigarette in the popular market in 2019, to the launch of the “Angel Guardian Program” to protect the rights and interests of minors’ healthy growth, as a typical “pragmatist” in the e-cigarette industry, ammo has always put the “product power” and “Sense of responsibility” comes first.

In the second half of 2020, ammo carried out a number of big moves: July 6 announced the acquisition of NOS electronic cigarettes; July 30, announced the acquisition of the electronic cigarette business of the international pipe brand SAVINELLI; August 21, at the IECIE exhibition Ammo’s first new product launch conference in 2020 was held on site. In September, following the acquisition of SAVINELLI and NOS, ammo launched a multi-brand collection franchise store. Within two months, ammo has opened up nearly 100 multi-brand collection stores across the country.

Compliance and the laying of offline channels have become commonplace but have to talk about e-cigarette brands that have attracted attention from the outside world. The rapid pace of ammo’s offline store layout is inseparable from ammo’s investment promotion policies, store subsidies and support. Ammo has been on the market for three months, and it took only 256 hours to recruit a total of 31 provincial agents in China and Southeast Asia, covering 26 provinces and cities including Taiwan and 4 countries in Southeast Asia. NOS was launched within one week, recruited 19 city agents within 160 hours, and quickly opened a dozen offline stores across the country.

Recently, the ammo brand has been improved and supplemented in terms of franchising brand methods, store locations, store scales and operating strategies, and has also been inclined in terms of support policies and subsidies. It is understood that ammo will focus on offline stores next. From a single brand to three brands, ammo stores will gain greater benefits and support. For store owners, they will have a chance to survive if they can make rapid and sustained profits. .

According to the agent of a prefecture-level city of ammo, in the past October, the daily sales of a single store can reach 3,000 yuan, and the monthly sales can reach 90,000 yuan. The shopkeeper calculated an account for us, excluding the rent cost, personnel cost, and the cost of goods. A single store makes at least 40,000 yuan per month. Coupled with the official subsidy of ammo, it is impossible to lose money. Choosing the right product, store and address is a matter of making more money.

As a typical “doer” in the e-cigarette industry, ammo started its offline layout as early as last year. In May of this year, the monthly sales of ammo cartridges jumped to the second in the industry and maintained an average monthly opening of 60 stores speed. Opening stores across the country, covering hundreds of second and third-tier cities across the country, nearly 1,000 outlets.

The person in charge of the ammo market said: Offline channels are the focus of ammo in 2020 and the direction of development in the next three years. It strives to realize the “Thousand Cities and Ten Thousand Stores” plan in 2021, and different subsidy policies will be introduced in different stages according to market conditions, to help ammo store owners profit.

ammo signed 30 agents in a week in China

It is reported that in November, ammo launched a welfare season in offline stores. In addition to the discounts on Double Eleven, on November 19, ammo stores will also launch an “empty cartridge recycling” activity, which is environmentally friendly while giving customers benefits.

Ammo vape opened 26 stores in a week in China

According to the latest news from Ammo, since the IECIE exhibition, Ammo has opened new offline stores in 26 regions in China including Guangzhou, Wenzhou, Jilin, Shenyang, Guilin, Qingdao, Enshi, Ningxia Yinchuan, etc. It is understood that Ammo’s August consumer area TOP10 is mainly In comparison with Guangdong, Shandong, Zhejiang, Henan, Jiangsu, Fujian, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Sichuan, Hebei and other places, it is not difficult to find that Ammo is deploying and expanding to more offline channels nationwide.

Looking back at Ammo, which has been making big moves recently, the news that Ammo acquired NOS and SAVINELLI in July has added a bit of shock to the originally hot e-cigarette market.

Ammo vape opened 26 stores in a week in China

Insiders say that the fate of NOS has always been difficult to grasp. And the “big brother” who bought him, Ammo, can be described as awesome with a solid background.

In 2015, Boton Group acquired the e-cigarette company group Kmree at a high price of 750 million yuan. Kmree has the world’s largest e-cigarette manufacturing and production base. Ammo is the product of the combination of the two.

From this point of view, the polarization of the e-cigarette industry is an indisputable fact. Without the outlet of the Internet, the living space of small factories is becoming more and more narrow. Death or acquisition is the ultimate fate of many small brands.

Ammo vape opened 26 stores in a week in China

Today’s Chinese e-cigarette industry is ushering in rare opportunities and challenges of the times. Big brands like SnowPlus, Moti, Ammo, RELX, etc. can continue to grow bigger and stronger. This is the general trend and a reshuffle of the industry.

The once noisy and lively e-cigarette field, now only a few companies are still waiting for the dawn. It’s just that the dawn may not shine in the darkness in a short time. This requires e-cigarette companies that are still struggling to survive to create breakthrough opportunities for themselves.

AMMO vape acquires Italian SAVINELLI pipe business

On July 30, the China well-known e-cigarette brand AMMO officially announced the acquisition of the e-cigarette business of the international pipe brand SAVINELLI. This is also the second large-scale acquisition of AMMO in July after acquiring NOS e-cigarettes on July 6.

SAVINELLI is a well-known Italian pipe brand, founded in 1876, more than 140 years ago, is a veritable century-old brand.

In 2017, SAVINELLI launched disposable e-cigarette products for the high-end market. With ingenuity and high-quality experience, SAVINELLI harvested the first batch of adult e-cigarette consumers in China.

SAVINELLI star blast
SAVINELLI star blast

After acquiring SAVINELLI’s e-cigarette business, what new products will AMMO launch? What exactly is this series of acquisitions trying to do? Why does AMMO acquire two e-cigarette brands in a row in one month? This wave of operation and layout of AMMO has caused heated discussions in the electronic cigarette circle, but after careful consideration, it is not difficult to find that AMMO is making a big game.

As an e-cigarette brand under Boton Group, AMMO launched the first-generation refill e-cigarette AMMO in April 2019. With stable and reliable quality and excellent flavoring technology, it has launched more than 30 flavored cartridges within one year. According to data, the monthly sales of AMMO cartridges in May this year have risen to the second place in the industry.

After completing two rounds of major brand acquisitions, AMMO now has three independent subdivided e-cigarette brands, AMMO, SAVINELLI, and NOS, for the mainstream market and the high-end market. After this layout, the consumer group of AMMO products has expanded, and its market share is expected to increase substantially in the short term.

AMMO vape

As we all know, offline stores have now become a battleground for major e-cigarette brands. Whether they can open up enough offline stores is crucial to the sustainable development of e-cigarette brands in the future, and multi-brand operation is the strategic layout of stores, which is a new strategy.

NOS vape

It is understood that within a week after the acquisition of NOS, AMMO has recruited 19 agents across the country. Whether the new product SAVINELLI can continue to attract investment can be predicted from its brand positioning and strategy. The AMMO SAVINELLI brand focuses on the mid-to-high-end consumer market. While meeting the diverse needs of consumers, it can also effectively solve the profitability problem of offline stores. Therefore, it is foreseeable that in the second half of 2020, after acquiring SAVINELLI and NOS, AMMO’s competitive advantages will gradually become prominent.

AMMO is an early offline brand, and it has also made great efforts to prevent minors from smoking. According to the employees of AMMO offline stores, AMMO will launch the “Light Up the Guardian” program across the country in August. We call on practitioners, consumers and people from all walks of life to supervise and guard minors and protect their health rights.

The relevant person in charge of AMMO revealed that after acquiring the SAVINELLI e-cigarette business, AMMO will launch a new product with a completely different appearance from AMMO’s previous series of products, and the atomization experience will be significantly improved. The new product is expected to be unveiled at the Shenzhen e-cigarette exhibition in August. In the near future, it will also open investment promotion for the whole country.

2020 is the year when the e-cigarette industry has entered a period of deep cultivation. From the beginning of July, the first e-cigarette stock, Smol International, was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange with a market value of 1.7 billion, to AMMO’s acquisition of two e-cigarette brands in one month. It gave the e-cigarette industry a boost.

With the gradual improvement of relevant policies and the continuous strengthening of industry supervision, the e-cigarette industry will also enter the era of standardized operations. For regular brands that are fully prepared, the future is still promising.

AMMO-LT cartridge changing pod vape review – 12 kinds of flavors available

Before AMMO-LT, AMMO has introduced ECS, GS5.0 and little spicy sticks. Several categories of pod vapes are included in several products alone: cartridge-changing pod vapes, heat not burn products, disposable vapes, which show AMMO has a clear brand positioning. Then how is user experience of the AMMO-LT? We’ll introduce it in today’s sharing.

The battery capacity is 360 mAh and the charging time is about 45-60 minutes. The resistance value of the pod is about 1.3 ohms. Officials claim that it can vape about 400 mouths with a concentration of 5% nicotine and a capacity of 1.8ML. This is the mainstream product configuration of pod cigarettes in the market at present. As an electronic cigarette brand of a listed company, the packaging of AMMO-LT also shows the generosity and dignity of a large company.

The manufacturer pre-sent two experiential cartridges. And the shell is mainly made of zinc alloy. The surface is coated with skin-like paint treatment and pearl spot technology. Under different angles of light, dark brown color will appear. With rounded and delicate overall feel, its actual texture is good.

Milky white indicator lamp texture and seam processing are smooth. Under the indicator lamp is the universal USB charging port. Under the premise of 360 mAh built-in battery with 1.3 ohm cartridge, non-frequent users are able to vape for one day.

Cartridges still connect the main body of the vape by magnetic suction. The gold-plated vape electrodes with telescopic convexity and trigger holes of magnets and pneumatic switches are clearly visible in the picture above, and the workmanship is still delicate. The suction nozzle part of the cartridge uses a flat opening, which can fully fit the actual shape of the nozzle in use.

The cartridge is equipped with silica gel upper and lower caps from the original factory. On the one hand, it can prevent leakage in transportation, on the other hand, the top cap can be used for dust and pollution prevention in daily carrying and keep the vape juice from evaporating. After the combination of the cartridge and the vape body, the overall link tightness is good, and the cartridge will not easily loosen or seriously shake.

This pod vape has a very rich cluster of cartridges, including twelve different flavors to meet all the user needs, including betel, loquat and other minority tastes are also included. Here are two simple experience of the original set of cartridge:

Romantic Suzhou tobacco

This is a typical blend of tobacco leaf flavor, tobacco leaf and similar cigar aroma. When using, you can really feel the sweetness of tobacco leaves and the mellow roast of cigars, this taste should be deeply loved by users who quit smoking.

Mung bean Smoothie

Your mouth can clearly feel the strong aroma of mung beans. The granular feeling of mung bean ice in sand is still clear, accompanied by a little sweetness. It can bring you a dessert journey in summer without feeling cloying.

After experiencing this AMMO-LT, there are several highlights:
1. The vaping resistance is tight, need a little strength to produce enough vapor, which is very suitable for users who need to replace cigarettes.

2. The atomization effect of the atomization core is exquisite, and it’s a high-end product in the pod vape category.

3. Two cartridges have been used up without any leakage (of course, a little condensation at the suction nozzle still exists).

4. The overall workmanship and texture are beautiful.

As an ordinary e-cigarette user or a starter group, AMMO-LT has shown satisfactory performance. The twelve kinds of finished cartridges with different flavors also make this vape irresistible. If you want to start with a pod vape that performs well with rich flavors, AMMO-LT is worth buying.

Where to buy (Chinese, you can ask Vape hk to contact them for you)