AMMO-LT cartridge changing pod vape review – 12 kinds of flavors available

Before AMMO-LT, AMMO has introduced ECS, GS5.0 and little spicy sticks. Several categories of pod vapes are included in several products alone: cartridge-changing pod vapes, heat not burn products, disposable vapes, which show AMMO has a clear brand positioning. Then how is user experience of the AMMO-LT? We’ll introduce it in today’s sharing.

The battery capacity is 360 mAh and the charging time is about 45-60 minutes. The resistance value of the pod is about 1.3 ohms. Officials claim that it can vape about 400 mouths with a concentration of 5% nicotine and a capacity of 1.8ML. This is the mainstream product configuration of pod cigarettes in the market at present. As an electronic cigarette brand of a listed company, the packaging of AMMO-LT also shows the generosity and dignity of a large company.

The manufacturer pre-sent two experiential cartridges. And the shell is mainly made of zinc alloy. The surface is coated with skin-like paint treatment and pearl spot technology. Under different angles of light, dark brown color will appear. With rounded and delicate overall feel, its actual texture is good.

Milky white indicator lamp texture and seam processing are smooth. Under the indicator lamp is the universal USB charging port. Under the premise of 360 mAh built-in battery with 1.3 ohm cartridge, non-frequent users are able to vape for one day.

Cartridges still connect the main body of the vape by magnetic suction. The gold-plated vape electrodes with telescopic convexity and trigger holes of magnets and pneumatic switches are clearly visible in the picture above, and the workmanship is still delicate. The suction nozzle part of the cartridge uses a flat opening, which can fully fit the actual shape of the nozzle in use.

The cartridge is equipped with silica gel upper and lower caps from the original factory. On the one hand, it can prevent leakage in transportation, on the other hand, the top cap can be used for dust and pollution prevention in daily carrying and keep the vape juice from evaporating. After the combination of the cartridge and the vape body, the overall link tightness is good, and the cartridge will not easily loosen or seriously shake.

This pod vape has a very rich cluster of cartridges, including twelve different flavors to meet all the user needs, including betel, loquat and other minority tastes are also included. Here are two simple experience of the original set of cartridge:

Romantic Suzhou tobacco

This is a typical blend of tobacco leaf flavor, tobacco leaf and similar cigar aroma. When using, you can really feel the sweetness of tobacco leaves and the mellow roast of cigars, this taste should be deeply loved by users who quit smoking.

Mung bean Smoothie

Your mouth can clearly feel the strong aroma of mung beans. The granular feeling of mung bean ice in sand is still clear, accompanied by a little sweetness. It can bring you a dessert journey in summer without feeling cloying.

After experiencing this AMMO-LT, there are several highlights:
1. The vaping resistance is tight, need a little strength to produce enough vapor, which is very suitable for users who need to replace cigarettes.

2. The atomization effect of the atomization core is exquisite, and it’s a high-end product in the pod vape category.

3. Two cartridges have been used up without any leakage (of course, a little condensation at the suction nozzle still exists).

4. The overall workmanship and texture are beautiful.

As an ordinary e-cigarette user or a starter group, AMMO-LT has shown satisfactory performance. The twelve kinds of finished cartridges with different flavors also make this vape irresistible. If you want to start with a pod vape that performs well with rich flavors, AMMO-LT is worth buying.

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