Friday, June 14, 2024

Ammo vape opened 26 stores in a week in China


According to the latest news from Ammo, since the IECIE exhibition, Ammo has opened new offline stores in 26 regions in China including Guangzhou, Wenzhou, Jilin, Shenyang, Guilin, Qingdao, Enshi, Ningxia Yinchuan, etc. It is understood that Ammo’s August consumer area TOP10 is mainly In comparison with Guangdong, Shandong, Zhejiang, Henan, Jiangsu, Fujian, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Sichuan, Hebei and other places, it is not difficult to find that Ammo is deploying and expanding to more offline channels nationwide.

Looking back at Ammo, which has been making big moves recently, the news that Ammo acquired NOS and SAVINELLI in July has added a bit of shock to the originally hot e-cigarette market.

Ammo vape opened 26 stores in a week in China

Insiders say that the fate of NOS has always been difficult to grasp. And the “big brother” who bought him, Ammo, can be described as awesome with a solid background.

In 2015, Boton Group acquired the e-cigarette company group Kmree at a high price of 750 million yuan. Kmree has the world’s largest e-cigarette manufacturing and production base. Ammo is the product of the combination of the two.

From this point of view, the polarization of the e-cigarette industry is an indisputable fact. Without the outlet of the Internet, the living space of small factories is becoming more and more narrow. Death or acquisition is the ultimate fate of many small brands.

Ammo vape opened 26 stores in a week in China

Today’s Chinese e-cigarette industry is ushering in rare opportunities and challenges of the times. Big brands like SnowPlus, Moti, Ammo, RELX, etc. can continue to grow bigger and stronger. This is the general trend and a reshuffle of the industry.

The once noisy and lively e-cigarette field, now only a few companies are still waiting for the dawn. It’s just that the dawn may not shine in the darkness in a short time. This requires e-cigarette companies that are still struggling to survive to create breakthrough opportunities for themselves.

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