TESLACIGS INVADER GT AIO review – DirtyCheck NO.53


TESLACIGS, a brand that was very popular in the era of mod vape.

Old friends won’t forget that Tesla devices have always been fans of violent aesthetics,

Whether it is a tough design device, or its explosive output,

All impressive.

Especially in the era of box mod, the device “INVADER” (intruder),

It became a must-have mod at the time.

The topic is cut aside, in this day and age,

Will Tesla’s INVADER GT win everyone’s hope?

Captain Dirty believes that everyone has their own judgment.



After opening the packaging, it was amazing to me,

Is the matrix of INVADER GT products, which is very well done,

The color and atomized core are unobstructed, and the choice is given to the consumer,

This brand did better in this than other brands



Device*1 (7W-50W)
Size: 43mm*19.1mm*68mm
Tank*1 (3mL)
Power 1200mAh
Type-c interface charging cable*1
0.2ohm T-P1 atomizing core
0.6ohm T-P2 atomizing core

It can be seen from the previous product matrix
There are three types of atomization cores in the value-added atomization configuration at the back
0.8ohm T-P3 atomizing core
0.3ohm T-P4 atomizing core
RBA-1 COIL atomizing core



INVADER GT still continues a design of the previous Intruder


The device uses a zinc alloy, which has a taste like the previous Invader 3
Ignition key, with classic gear adjustment, a total of five gears can be adjusted
There are three gears below
They are A, A&P, P


Static atomizer

Two important points

1. Although the mouthpiece of the atomizer is a flat mouth, it can move 360 degrees around without dead angle

Suitable for users to use a variety of grasping gesture.

The shortcomings are also obvious, there is no extra caliber or other appearance of the mouthpiece configuration

Leading to insufficient optimization experience of the product’s atomizing core

2. The nebulizer compartment and the airway are separate

That is, L-shaped intake, which is equivalent to an external intake

The advantage is to avoid vape juice leakage and condensation to the greatest extent

The disadvantage is that the air intake will be slow (because the burst is too strong, you can actually ignore this problem)


Static atomizing core

There are two cores as standard

0.2ohm T-P1 atomizing core and 0.6ohm T-P2 atomizing core

The atomizing core adopts cotton and mesh core design

Everyone knows the advantages, it improves the richness of the vapor and prolongs the service life

The shortcomings are also obvious, the mesh core is not suitable for smoking high-sweetness vape juice


User experience


On the taste, I only recommend this,

Use T-P3 atomizing core and RBA-1 COIL atomizing core

This kind of atomizing core is relatively partial analysis, and it can vape some composite e-liquid

It relatively achieves a good taste experience

It won’t be very smokey

Pure play can use the other three models plus RBA-1 COIL

An ultimate vaping experience

Regardless of the amount of vapor and the rich taste of e-liquid

There is basically a relatively invincible piece of AIO device


Device operation

The operation of the mod is the conventional 5 times of button presses

There are 1-5 gears

7W-50W, you can correspond to the gear

Use a suitable core with the right power to experience

The bottom gear is as follows:

A: air switch mode

A&P gear: dual mode, air switch, manual ignition switch

P: manual ignition switch



The performance on this INVADER GT can be said to be quite violent

There is nothing surprising about the expected things

The feeling of ignition is still so familiar

Because of the small design of the L intake, it greatly avoids the embarrassment of condensation

The combined feeling is that it’s stable and fierce, and it can be soft and comfortable

Numerous choices of atomizing cores give consumers more choices



Tesla has been silent for so long while this product that just comes out is not up to my satisfaction

AIO, POD market share is basically stereotyped, even if there is some ambiguity,

Still the original violent output and extreme vapor of Tesla make me happy,

With the development of market technology, taste experience is not a problem,

So, in the end, are you willing to experience the fun that VAPE was supposed to have for the past happiness?

I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.


Tesla WYE85 200W mod vape review – A perfect lightweight mod kit

Dual battery vapes are the mainstream on the market. The reason is that most of the dual battery mod vapes are connected in series with the battery then realize voltage reduction and output supply after voltage adding. In general, they are more powerful, more reliable than the output of the single battery mod vapes. But we also can not deny that dual-battery is heavier than the single one in weight and is not portable.

Compression the product volume is the choice of most manufacturers. And now we’ll introduce a dual-electric mainframe which reduces the carrying burden by reducing the weight. It is WYE200W from TESLACIGS. WYE200W with power, temperature control (TI/NI/SS/TCR) and USER (power mode) with only 64.5G weight.

WYE200W is not the smallest in terms of size of 82 * 42 * 39mm, but if you really hold it in your hand, you will feel that 64.5G is lighter, even lighter than many pod vapes. There are not many things in the package, except for the vape, there is only a USB charging line with Chinese instructions and certificates.

The whole shell is made of engineering plastics, and the surface of the outer paint skin is treated. No plastic touch feel will appear when using. The ignition keys and adjustment keys of the main engine are on the same panel on the screen. There are eight long strip-shaped heat sinks on both sides. The clean and crisp sense of press control can also make the experience better.

The 510 electrode is a conventional TESLACIGS process with silver plating. This “robust” WYE200 has a high compatibility with atomizer matching. It can be perfectly matched with 22MM, 24MM or 25MM atomizers.

Battery canopy with strong magnetic connections can be installed in the opposite direction, but there will be differences in the shape of the heat radiation holes “mixing” with the body. The internal positive and negative markings are quite clear, and the silver plating process of elastic electrodes is excellent.

For this project using engineering plastics as the shell material, a group of criticizers will be attracted. But if you really put the mod on your hand and pick up a similar zinc alloy mod, I believe that criticizers will shut up. In a word, WYE200 is an unforgettable lightweight mod vape.

All operations can be consulted in the instructions (Chinese), and there is no need to move them to this space. WYE200 can’t shut down. It can lock ignition by pressing the ignition key five times, similar to the form of DNA chip.

USER mode only supports power mode, and the output value currently set in power mode is the upper limit. For example, if the current setting is 50W, the upper limit of 50W is the highest, so a wider slope of the USER adjusting curve is needed. The power mode can be set to the full output value first.

Our common fan-shaped, violent vape juice reduction is often not important. “Violence” is not the label of WYE200. It is more stable than other TESLACIGS products. But when you connect a group of 0.09 ohms of A1 coils casually and take a low output of 100W, it can also meet your requirements for “violence” (manual labeling the mod supports 0.1 minimum resistance value, but the measured 0.09 is available).

“WYE200’s performance is perfect! “
This is probably the only summary of being an experiencer. But in fact, for today’s mainframe products, there are few cases of obvious defects. The focus of our attention on experiencing product is not “whether there is any problem”, but the highlights of some products’ merits.
WYE200 has changed slightly in the overall style orientation of TESLACIGS. It does not emphasize violence, but can achieve violence. It uses material changes to achieve ultra-light weight optimization for portability, and the rich functions of the mod can meet most of the current vaping needs… Friends! WYE200 is good!

Where to buy

Lightweight type Tesla TPOD KIT light vape review

Most of the small vape products currently circulating on the market usually have a minimal configuration in pursuit of their small size. Introduced today by Tesla’s “TPOD KIT” vape package, a display screen and a power button are added on a light basis. Both the design or details are full of professional feeling.

The packaging is very compact and cleverish, with a green and white color scheme, and a product thumbnail is printed on the cover. From the perspective of business appearance and low-key, open the way similar to the clamshell design of cigarette cases.

In addition to the complete body with a cartridge, the internal accessories also delivered a multi-language manual, a USB cable (not shown), and a quality inspection card. The factory puts the design effort and cost input on the body, so it is relatively simple in terms of packaging and accessories.

The body computer is made of zinc alloy plus PC material, the size is 83*44*15mm, the weight is about 84 grams, built-in 500mAh battery. From the data, it can be seen that the large-capacity battery makes the body slightly heavier. Fortunately, the streamlined design makes the hand feel very comfortable. The front oval black part is the screen display area, and the back multi-diamond surface is similar to the “turtle shell” shape, which plays a role of anti-slip and beautiful appearance. The metal part of the edge is a rainbow gradient coating, which looks very dazzling.

The buttons on the side only have the switch function. The normal operation is the normal continuous pressing 5 times, and the suction mode uses the automatic air switch. Select the shutdown when not in use can improve the endurance of the product. The USB interface is located under the switch, and the bottom is flatly embedded with a textured LOGO nameplate, so this small vape is supported for standing upright.

The connection between the cartridge and the mainframe adopts the physical snapping method, and the connection is relatively tight. The internal contact is made by the adaptive electrode needle and the cartridge. The groove is deep, so the gap is not obvious, and there is no loosening

Compared with most small cigarettes of the same type, the TPOD KIT cartridge is relatively delicate. The black matte material is very thick, 2ml capacity and supports recirculating oil. Internal structures are sealed invisible forms, increasing product reliability. The principle is that the neutral coil absorbs the oil on both sides of the oil sump and conducts vape through the airway. Careful observation will reveal that the airway is designed to be funnel-shaped, which can play a role in gathering condensation and spreading vape.


The screen will light for approximately 3 seconds after normal pumping: the upper right corner is the battery display, the upper part is the number of suction ports, the left is the length of the last suction, and the right side is the output voltage and current data. Although the screen is huge, it lacks a resistance display and the default vape juice is 1.5 ohms. It may be that the brightness of the display is dark in order to save power, so the effect under strong light is not very good.


After a week of use, TPOD KIT’s mouth-sucking experience is currently ranked among the top ones I use. The suction resistance is tight and the vape is very close to real smoking. The endurance of frequent use for one day is fully guaranteed, and the 2ml of vape oil capacity is more than enough after 2 days. The design of the screen and switch not only increases the playability and high-end, but also the user’s grasp of the power and the duration of use.

Of course, Tesla TPOD KIT’s mature and solid product work is undoubted and extraordinary.

Where to buy Tesla TPOD KIT