MCK, the return of the king

November 1, 2019, is destined to be a day in the history of vapes. A national regulatory announcement on the industry has stirred up great turbulence in the industry, and also officially sounded the national control clarion call for the industry. For a time, how much joy and how much worry, we are also in speculation fumbling around to today. But in any case, the author always believes that only the correct guidance and regulated system can make the industry full of positive energy and flourish. After the survival of the fittest, what can remain must be products with a conscience in the industry. Whether it’s quality or after-sales, consumers can buy at ease. Only in this way can the whole industry enter into a virtuous circle, which is also what we all like to see. OK, next, let’s share a product with both internal and external advantages. Let’s have a look.

On October 30, 2019, the three-day Shanghai vape exhibition opened ceremoniously. The author was also lucky to be there and enjoyed the feast of taste and vision of vape and beauty. In the eye-catching position of hall 4, a new product, MCK, designed and developed by a professional team, made a brilliant debut. First of all, MCK brand said that it firmly supports the notice on further protecting minors from electronic cigarettes issued by the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau and the State Administration of Market Regulation, further regulates and improves the brand’s business behavior, and resolutely resists and prohibits minors from purchasing and using vape products.

MCK, the return of the king

MCK (Shenzhen) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a brand company of new vape products under Boton group. The team consists of a group of senior vape product practitioners and industry leaders, among whom there are a large number of leaders in various brand fields.

MCK, the return of the king MCK, the return of the king

To be a Magic and Charming King. This is the return of the king. This time, it’s also its new product, MP1 pod system kit that expresses this word. We will experience and review whether it can interpret the word “King”.

MCK, the return of the king MCK, the return of the kingMCK, the return of the king

The packaging design of MP1 is simple and clear, and on the back of the package, the most eye-catching and clear warning words are used to remind minors that it is forbidden to use this device, which is also the determination of MCK not to sell to minors. The author also hopes that the children who have not yet grown-up do not smoke any kind of cigarettes or electronic cigarette products.

MCK, the return of the king

I will give full marks for all Chinese instructions. Our own products must use our own language, which is thicker than those of a book with various versions of text, it’s better than the manuals of other brands that don’t have Chinese version at all. The braided data line is also made of solid materials. The bimetal head type-C has a very brilliant touch and visual feeling, and gives a full score in the heart in an instant. However, there is no cartridge inside. It’s a pity to buy it separately. The device made of aluminum alloy is comfortable to hold, and the surface treatment process of anodizing is also extremely sophisticated. MP1 device has 6 colors to choose from: champagne gold (that’s my color), deep sky grey, ruby red, navy blue, classic black and crystal green. The built-in battery capacity of 370mah can basically meet the needs of a day. The connection between the device and the pod is a magnetic connecting type. While the ultra-high distance inside the rod body ensures that the cartridge will not be loose when it is put in, it can be safely used.

MCK, the return of the king

Let’s talk about the pod again. The two huge metal electrodes at the bottom can ensure that there will be no bad contact. The manufacturer has really paid attention to the design. The 1.2ml pod looks kind of small in volume. After communicating with the manufacturer, it will be improved to 1.8ml later, which is much better. With the addition of vibration motor, the actual experience is very good. There will be vibration prompt when pulling and inserting the pod. During the vaping process, there will also be vibration prompt after more than 4 seconds, greatly improving the user experience. The ceramic inner core is still good for the vaporizing of e-liquid. The annular silica gel sealing ring and silica gel sealing bracket prevent leakage to a great extent, and no leakage is found in the use process. Once again, I would like to praise the manufacturer’s intentions.

MCK, the return of the king

The taste of MP1’s flavor is also very rich. In the early stage, it brought seven tastes, one box of two pods, and there will be Chinese taste marks on the pods, which is really a comfortable and intimate design. The author also carefully compared every taste. The experience is as follows:

White Peach Oolong: the entrance comes with light peach fragrance, into the throat, over the lungs, when exhaled, the thick tea fragrance is mixed with light fruit fragrance, which makes people intoxicated. White Peach Oolong, as a popular flavor in the near future, is made by MCK, which is superior.

Passion fruit tea: just tear off the aluminum plastic film, you can smell the thick passion fruit flavor. Deep drag, into the throat, very pure flavor of passion fruit, mixed with a light and invisible aftertaste, very good to vape, but obviously no White Peach Oolong tea experience. It’s very strange and pure passion fruit. It’s worth recommending.

Taro ice cream: very sweet taro, very thick, but not greasy, a little bit of cream flavor, after exhaling, taro flavor is still wrapped around the tip of the tongue, good vapor.

Sober lemon: it’s cool and a little sour, but it’s full of flavor, worthy of the name of sober. It’s really cool and exciting.

Mango Smoothie: very mature mango flavor, similar to the mainstream mango flavor e-liquid. It belongs to the taste of fresh mango.

Cool Mint: it’s cool, with the feeling of green arrow deep mint.

Classic tobacco: it’s full of energy. Moreover, it’s the most peculiar tobacco I’ve ever vaped. American nuts are mixed with Chinese style flue-cured tobacco, just like butter with colorful rhymes. It’s strange, but it’s not hard to smoke. It’s very interesting.

In addition to the 0.5% content of the classic tobacco, the rest of the flavors are 0.3%. It’s full of energy. The author also have the first experience of drunk in the vapor. It’s really the first time, MCK. I wrote it down, haha.

MCK, the return of the king

Generally speaking, the vape juice of MCK is still very mature. After all, it has many years of industry experience, and it is very old-fashioned to deal with it. The return of the king is indeed worthy of his name.

At the end of the day, I’d like to remind you that if you don’t smoke, please don’t touch any product of electronic cigarettes. If you are a minor, please let go of yourself, curiosity, tobacco and any brand of vapes. The author thanks you for the whole tobacco industry and vaping industry.

With best wishes.


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MCK mp1 pod system review – A product made with heart and soul

Appearance: aluminum alloy body, anodized coating, not easy to remain fingerprints on it and it’s skin-friendly, good hand feel. The shape of the pod is similar to the kerosene lamp, and the amount of residual vape juice can be seen in the hollow. The design of the breathing indicator light of the device is very beautiful. It has the lace arrangement design, which is much more good looking than the bare & small dots on other devices. The pattern is pretty bright. After inserting the pod, the device will vibrate and the indicator light will flash once. Unfortunately, there are some sharp edges at the bottom and the upper part of the cartridge, which is the downside of the pod system.  7.5/10

MCK mp1 pod system review

Flavor quality and throat hit: Six flavors of pods were received, including classic tobacco, cool mint, mango, White Peach Oolong tea, taro ice cream and Passion fruit tea. The cartridge of the MCK pod system adopts the honeycomb ceramic core heating structure. The vape juice capacity of each cartridge of the test version device we obtained this time is 1.2ml. Upon inquiry, it is known that the official version will be increased to 1.8ml/cartridge, which is a very conscientious volume.

MCK mp1 pod system review

Classic tobacco: the nicotine content is 50mg/ml, and the sense of satisfaction is strong. With tar flavor, it is very typical of Chinese style flue-cured tobacco style. Unlike other brands of Chinese-style tobacco in the past, MCK’s classic tobacco flavor pod has a very strong taste from the mouth to the lungs, but it will not leave unpleasant bitter and thick tar in the mouth after vaping, and it comes and goes fast. It’s positioning at the old smokers, which can quickly help solve the addiction. I don’t like the taste of tobacco flavor, while this taste is very clear for the old smokers.  7/10

MCK mp1 pod system review

Cool Mint: the nicotine content is 30mg/ml, and the satisfaction of hitting the throat is moderate. Cool, cool, cool! Mint buzz, take a SIP to refresh your mind immediately. However, it’s a little puzzling that why does peppermint taste need to add sweetness factor? Is it to supplement the emptiness brought by continuous vaping of pure peppermint? I’ve never experienced a mint flavor in this direction before. If you try hard to recall something related to it, it would be the Golden Throat Care candy, but it vapes not bad. It’s very comfortable if my throat is uncomfortable or I don’t have the spirit to work overtime.  7.5/10

MCK mp1 pod system review

Mango: the nicotine content is 30mg/ml, and the satisfaction is moderate. It’s very rich in the style of green mango. It’s fragrant, just like peeling off a fresh green awn, biting on the solid aroma and the fresh sweetness of the pulp juice. The sweetness is just added well, which not only plays the role of flavor supplement, but also does not affect the experience too much. The performance in mango is really excellent, and the continuous vaping experience is also very good.  8.5/10

White Peach Oolong tea: the nicotine content is 30mg/ml, and the satisfaction of throat hit is moderate. It’s a bit similar to the style of fruit tea. The performance of peaches is at the initial stage, which is more like the expression of smell. The performance of fruit pulp is relatively poor, and the performance of transition to fruit tea is gradually weakened in the later stage, which is slightly sweet and greasy. The feeling of sweetness is lighter, which is more in line with the overall tone of fresh tea taste. There is no oolong tea taste inside the flavor, but the fruit tea taste is obvious.  7/10

MCK mp1 pod system review

Taro ice cream: the nicotine content is 30 mg/ml, and the satisfaction of throat hit is moderate. It’s quite a desired taste, but the vaping experience is a little disappointing. The style of sweet potato is not shown. The flavor is more plant-based. I think consumers prefer the style of sweet potato, not the original flavor. The auxiliary performance of cream and milk flavor of ice cream is too weak, so the continuous vaping has a tendency to close to the dessert style. The sweetness is just right. Generally speaking, the plant taste of taro embosks the best taste.  7/10

Passion fruit tea: the nicotine content is 30mg/ml, and the satisfaction of throat hit is moderate. The performance of passion fruit is very solid. It is a very suitable combination of fruit tea. The taste is more fresh and the sweetness is weaker. It is suitable for the overall tone of this taste. Continuous vaping doesn’t make you feel greasy, it’s brilliant.  8/10

MCK mp1 pod system review

Leakage-proof: there is no leakage before the pod is unsealed, and the flavor information of pod is marked on the lower part. There is no leakage at present.  10/10

Condensate: it’s very important to have a correct vaping posture. Don’t lie on the side and suck backwards. It’s common sense to pod systems. E-liquid absorbent cotton is set in the nozzle of MCK, which greatly reduces the probability of condensate into mouth. I basically have not encountered the phenomenon of condensate when vaping.  10/10MCK mp1 pod system review

Spitback: No spitback occurred when vaping.  10/10

Burnt core: no burnt found with corecontinuous vaping at normal frequency 10/10

Endurance: the battery capacity is 370mah, the type-C charging interface is used.

Overall review: The user experience of MCK’s one-off pod system vape pen is really impressive. And the Industrial Aesthetic is reflected incisively and vividly. This time, I am very lucky to receive the pod system MP1 from Sunny. Although there are small deficiencies in the overall view, it is really a product that is made with heart. No matter the design concept or the flavor of the vape juice, it refuses to be mediocre. From the unique point of view of women, it takes into account the beauty and vaping experience. We look forward to a better performance of the formal products!

By: Heinrich

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