Cafe Racer Vape RACER SALTS review – DirtyCheck No.75

As an old brand, Cafe Racer Vape seized the chance of the upcoming vape show and
Newly launched RACER SALTS nicotine salt series.
Let’s see how it is.

Cafe Racer Vape RACER SALTS review

RACER SALTS introduction

4 flavors were introduced this time,
All are relatively popular flavors.
Respectively are
As the award-winning Cafe Racer Vape,
E-liquid quality is definitely something that we don’t need to worry about.
All flavors are added with 35mg nicotine salt.
30ML of e-liquid capacity is a normal volume.
It chose Gorilla’s e-liquid bottle as the packaging bottle,
Without a paper outer packaging.

Cafe Racer Vape RACER SALTS review

RACER SALTS user experience

Reference device:
Uwell koko, Yearn


Different from regular mango flavor,
The peculiar greasiness of mango does have a good performance on it.
The more pleasant surprise is that there is a hint of fruit acid in it,
Very pleasing,
With extreme coolness,
The overall style is like the mango smoothie that everyone often vapes,
But more than mango smoothie

Cafe Racer Vape RACER SALTS review


The popularity of Coke is obvious.
RACER SALTS also made this cola restoration to the extreme.
It is not only the coolness that gives the experiencer a cold and comfortable feeling,
The overall carbonic acid is different from other e-liquid reduction,
But the overall feeling is too aggressive,
Just like the coke just taken out of the freezing room, cold and chilly feeling.

Cafe Racer Vape RACER SALTS review


This is my most anticipated apple flavor,
I was looking forward to it too much,
So in some ways, it feels not so perfect,
First of all, the fragrance of apple is very good,
The degree of fidelity to apples has reached a very high level.
It’s much better than “selfie”,
The balance of sweetness and acidity is very good.
The only downside is that it is really too cold.
Sometimes the vaper can’t stand it.

Cafe Racer Vape RACER SALTS review


The tender and juicy peach flavor has always been a green leaf in the field of e-liquid.
Like white peach oolong or something.
There is little enjoyment of pure juice.
Overall it is a big taste of peach,
The fragrance of peaches is well done.
But I think it’s still too cold.

Cafe Racer Vape RACER SALTS review


As to excellent flavor restoration and taste adjustment,
Cafe Racer Vape is completely good at it.
However, the overall performance of RACER SALTS is insufficient,
Captain personally thinks the coolness is too much.
Too stimulating, resulting in a decrease in subsequent vaping frequency.
Whether this is good or not is relative.
But in the end, Captain used opened up the bottle
And let the e-liquid meet the fresh air for some time, then try it again,
It’s so much better and the sense of vaping is greatly improved.
Vapers who like Cafe Racer but don’t like coldness may use this way to significantly improve the vaping experience.
Open the bottle cap, wait for some time, then vape it.

Cafe Racer Vape RACER SALTS review

RACER SALTS is a good e-liquid,
High reduction degree, high cooling degree and good taste.
If you want to experience too while avoid stepping on traps,
Please visit the booth of Cafe Racer Vape in Shenzhen Vape Exhibition,
Experience this RACER SALTS yourself.
Alright, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Cafe Racer Vape RACER SALTS review

Where to buy Cafe Racer Vape RACER SALTS

Motto pod vape review – DirtyCheck No.70

Friends who are familiar with Motto have always been impressed by the quality of the e-liquid of Lucky 13, Lucky Bastard.
Motto, as an American e-liquid brand that has been welcomed by a large number of vapers worldwide,
Its cartridges had some problems before, after repeated revisions,
Let’s see what its experience will be.

Motto pod vape review

Flavor introduction

This time we will experience several good flavors of Motto,
Because flavored cartridges like citrus ice are not updated,
So we don’t experience it here.

Motto pod vape review

Burning coffee (5% nicotine salt)

The rich taste of coffee is authentic,
And the creamy taste is relatively neutral.
The slight milk taste is interesting,
Kind of like latte
At present, I think the key point grasp of Motto e-liquid is very good
A small amount of bitterness gives me a long aftertaste.
However, it’s really greasy in summer.

Bourbon tobacco (5% nicotine salt)

This is one of my best tobacco flavors so far,
The light malt taste is very good,
The echo feeling of vaping is really endless.
Interesting taste,
The silky texture has a hint of dryness,
The first choice to replace cigarettes.

Motto pod vape review

Awakening Mint (4% nicotine salt )

Old customers of Motto must know this taste,
Whether it’s word of mouth and experience,
They are pretty good in the hearts of old customers,
An aggressive mint hits the brain directly,
Mint feels very good overall,
But did not go too far to rich mint.
The perfumer controls it very well.

Crispy watermelon (4% nicotine salt)

The watermelon taste control is pretty good,
The sweetness and fruity aroma are very well mixed.
The only downside is that the mint aftertaste is relatively overwhelming,
Diluting the aftertaste of the whole experience.
Hope they reduce the coolness,
To achieve the best taste experience

Motto pod vape review


Many friends complained about this pod vape before,
“Make e-liquid with heart, and make device with toes”,
In this cartridge adjustment, Motto did show their sincerity.
Avoided the previous problems of excessive condensation and e-liquid spitting into the mouth.
Overall, the experience has improved,
Motto did a good job with nicotine salt.
It gives up the ordinary 3% ratio, which is unique.
This time I give a thumb up to Motto.
Friends who were disappointed before shall come back and try again,
To see what is different.
Alright, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy Motto pod vape

Motto pod vape review Motto pod vape review Motto pod vape review

Salty Bastard e-liquid review – Chilled Lychee, the flavor king – DirtyCheck No. 27


Hello everyone, we meet again. I am very happy to share the product with you on the last day of 2019. New Year is coming soon. Captain Dirty will not recommend any device here. The focus is on the e-liquid because of the New Year since there is no express delivery, and everyone will certainly stock a variety of e-liquids, so what e-liquid is good and what e-liquid is not good to vape on?
Today’s protagonist, the well-known business card “CAFE RACER VAPE“, its subsidiary product “Lucky 13” and “Lucky bitch” e-liquid have been deeply rooted in the hearts of most friends. With the popularization of pod nicotine salt, what we are going to talk today is the nicotine salt oil of the Salty Bastard series, let’s go.

Product Introduction

Product packaging

The product packaging is a bit different from the previous Salty Bastad. The previous one was 3 bottles of 10mL, which is convenient for everyone to carry out. This time Captain Dirty brings several new flavors, all in the model of 30mL one bottle. The design is no different from the old flavor before. And you can see various elements of the motorcycle. I don’t think it’s good to leave out the old carton. After all, it ‘s a commodity. The outer packaging without the carton feels a bit cheap, and it even feels like it was bought by the roadside.

Salty Bastard e-liquid review -

Product Formular

The new flavor has 25mg nicotine salt content and 40mg nicotine salt content this time. If you use it on a pod vape device, it is recommended to use 40mg nicotine salt. If it is prone to Mouth to Lung device, it is best to use 25mg nicotine salt content.

Salty Bastard e-liquid review -

Product Flavor

Infini Mint, Blueberry Ice, Sour Cranberry Ice, and Chilled Lychee.
It is worth saying that the flavor of the pod brand Motto, which is owned by CAFE RACER VAPE, seems to be really popular.

Salty Bastard e-liquid review -

Product Experience

Captain Dirty Testing Device:
Asvape Micro

Infini Mint

Official description: The minty ice-cold flavor that breaks through the nerves of the brain makes you wake up alone in the morning each morning, and does not contaminate with the world

Captain Dirty experience: It ‘s really the feeling of buzz. As described, when I get up in the morning and vape a bit this e-liquid, I wake up directly without exaggeration, and the overall refreshing feeling is very good. You will feel that some of the combined effects of this vape juice are really comfortable, cool, and good taste.

Blueberry Ice

Official description: It’s like suddenly broking into a harsh and chill forest, the sweet and sour blueberries wrap you up in an ice coat in hot summer

Captain Dirty Experience: In fact, the simple point is the blueberry flavor. There are not many surprises. In the Salty Bastard series, Captain Dirty thinks it is a slightly mediocre performance. It still lacks some buzz and throat hit, the blueberry has less momentum, and the fragrance of the fermented berry alcohol is not there.

Sour Cranberry Ice

Official description: A sip of sweet and sour that goes straight into the deep throat, like a plum of soda drenched in summer, drenches your happiness

Captain Dirty experience: Before I heard the unanimous praise from friends, it’s already the hit product of the Motto pod vape brand. It is really good. The ingredient matching ratio in it is just right, there is no extra coolness and no excess acid, and the experience is sour and sweet, great!

Chilled Lychee

Official description: The slight litchi scent blooms on the nose and ends on the tongue. A random dose of ice mint is used to neutralize the sweetness, elegance and accent.

Captain Dirty experience: The sweetness of lychee must arouse great expectations in your heart. Indeed, this Chilled Lychee does a very good job. First of all, the real lychee is very sweet with a little bit of sour flavor. The ultimate flavor fidelity makes me really feel the strength of the manufacturer, the vaping feeling is like eating the lychee. Folks who are familiar with Captain Dirty may know, Captain Dirty barely put this kind of positive feedback. Captain Dirty never boast any kind of e-liquid, but the real feeling is like this, great flavor.

Salty Bastard e-liquid review -

Vape how we Roll,all in TrueToy.
I’m Captain Dirty, see you next year.

Salty Bastard e-liquid review -

Captain Dirty Wechat: SiangCiao

Salty Bastard e-liquid review -

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