AUV pod system review – DirtyCheck No. 20

DirtyCheck No. 20 - AUV pod system review


Hello, ladies and gentlemen from VAPE.HK. I’m Captain Dirty. This time, it’s still pod vape. This year, I feel like all my reviews are about pod systems. Hahaha. AUV, ah, why don’t you invite Zhang Yixing to speak? Ha-ha. What’s special about this starter kit? Let’s say, the manufacturer is Aspire, which is produced by a large factory, and its strength is guaranteed. Is it such a thing? Let’s go!

Is Dingzhi communication the brand? Yes, their cross-border cooperation is true, cross-border is not a strange thing this year, such as FLOW and so on. AUV is actually a brand under its flag. Before A Unique Vertu, there was also a pod vape named Mars of AUV, which really has some resemblance with FLOW in appearance. Fresh brand, as for how far this brand can go, whether it can have a place in the fierce competition of pod vape market, whether it has its unique competitiveness while Aspire is the green leaf for the flower of AUW, we will wait and see.

Product introduction

Product parameters:


Battery capacity: 350mah

Charging time: 1 hour

Battery Durability: 300 puffs


Capacity of 2mL

Heating wire 1.3 ohm

Puffs: 600

Nicotine strength: 3-5%

AUV pod system review

Captain Dirty says:

The basic parameters must be of little interest to you. Let’s start with the parameters, let’s talk about them. 350 mAh power may not last for a day, but there is a charging interface of type-C, which officially needs charging for an hour. Captain Dirty has tested it twice, about half an hour to 40 minutes. The indicator light will flash 20 times when it is fully charged. One more word, I think it will be better if the LED light shows the logo, and the light logos are generally shown by most large factories.

AUV pod system review

The nic content of 5% is is only in the single flavor of tobacco. It may be to achieve more effective addiction relief. The rest are 3%.

The data of 600 puffs is only a rough estimate. According to the usage habits, there are only about 500 puffs by the use of Captain Dirty.

Product packaging:

A more conventional sky and earth cover is adopted, the sky cover is white with its logo and product appearance printed, and the bottom cover is red. After opening, there is a window design, full black design, translucent device size perspective design. There are instructions, data lines, devices, two pod flavors (litchi, tobacco). The overall feeling is not novel, but the overall feeling is that it’s from the large factory, the overall design is standard, good touch feeling.

AUV pod system reviewAUV pod system review

Product use:

OK, let’s open up the pod! Eh, how did the pod leak? Actually, it’s well explained in the manual. It’s not a quality problem. Because of logistics, airflow and other reasons, it can be used after being cleaned normally. But what I want to say is why some of them can be avoided. It needs more care.

AUV pod system review

Because the air hole of the device is relatively small, the inhaling resistance is certainly relatively tight. If you like tight draw, you can try it. The feedback is quite good. So, the problem is coming again. Will tight draw lead to unsmooth air flow at the same time. For example, when Captain Dirty is vaping, it will have a strange “Zizi buzzing” noise, which is a bit like the feeling of mosquitoes in your ear. It’s not very happy to have a strange noise when using it. Actually, the device is not small, but it’s made of aluminum. The overall feeling of getting it is quite good. In addition, its very smooth design of the device body makes it feel good.

AUV pod system review

In the aspect of pod, the pod adopts an atomizing core of alloy white ceramic, honeycomb shape. This kind of core is still delicate for the good taste in the point of view of Captain Dirty, and the condensate is not very friendly indeed. Although the corridor has some small anti-condensation design, there is still a “one mouthful of e-liquid” in the whole use process. I hope it can be improved later.

AUV pod system review

There is a detail, I don’t know if you have seen that there is a very clear radium carving under the pod to mark its taste. I think this detail is full score, but is it better to distinguish its taste with colored mouthpiece or other handy design? This is going to be left for everyone.

Pod flavors:

Classic tobacco 5%

Icy litchi 3%

Mint 3%

Cranberry 3%

Summer mango 3%

Mung bean sand ice 3%

AUV pod system review

At present, I have used two flavors. The taste of icy litchi is ordinary. The taste of litchi is not good. It’s basically cold. I think the sweetness and fragrance of litchi should be added. Tobacco is standard. Most of the taste of tobacco on the market is relatively addictive. After all, it’s 5%. I think I like this one for the smokers’ switch. However, it’s difficult for a hundred people to meet everyone’s taste. The most suitable one is your best. You have to try it yourself. It’s not bad. I’ve already praised the workmanship of this pod.

AUV pod system review


The overall feeling is quite good. I think the occasional “mosquito sound” needs to be dealt with by the manufacturer. And it’s the air intake problem. In the design of this slender corridor, how to achieve the best taste also needs to be considered by the manufacturer. I think it’s a good way to solve the addiction. At least the e-liquid is not the second-class and third-class vape juice. Whether the AUV is a good product in your hand to surprise others needs to be verified by yourselves.

Vape how we Roll,All in TrueToy

I’m Captain Dirty. See you next time

Where to buy AUV starter kit

AUV disposable vape pen review – Tastes not bad with Red Bull flavor

The AUV disposable pod vape pen is quite amazing after opening. You can’t imagine that a disposable vape can be so delicate. It’s a very brilliant one among some disposable electronic cigarettes I’ve experienced at present. It takes a lot of effort at a glance.

There’s nothing wrong with the package. It’s good with the standard number of the anti-counterfeiting code behind it.

The shell adopts an integrated full shell seal design, aviation grade aluminum material creates a very light weight, and then through anodizing and advanced sandblasting technology, it creates a very exquisite appearance and frosted texture of device. It’s said that the outer layer is waterproof with nano coating. The waterproof level reaches IP56, which can withstand high voltage, over suction, short circuit and other protections. It feels safe.

AUV has eight colors in total, corresponding to different tastes. There are many choices. On the whole, the appearance is simple and exquisite, and the hand feel is good. The mouthpiece is medical grade material, without bisphenol A, and the lips feel comfortable and safe. If I want to give a full score of 10 points for the appearance, I will give 9 points. The remaining 1 point is mainly because I think it’s a pity to lose such a good product after vaping.

Let’s talk about the taste again. These 8 flavors are respectively tobacco, litchi, blueberry, mung bean, grape, green awn, mint, Peach Oolong and ox demon king.

Let’s not talk about other flavors for the moment. First, let’s talk about the Bull Demon. I was very curious about the flavor when I first saw it. Later, I tried to smoke it and found that it turned out to be the flavor of Red Bull. The reduction degree was very good. It smelled the aroma of compound fruit. The entrance was smooth and the sweet was moderate. The so-called sweetness I said is moderate, light sweet. The sweetness is a little bit sour with clear layers. It’s refreshing and sharp. Especially after one sip, the whole mouth is full of Red Bull compound fruit fragrance. It feels good. I like it very much.

In addition to the taste of Red Bull, I also like the taste of tobacco. After all, it’s the old smoker who has a strong addiction to tobacco. The taste of AUV’s little Mars tobacco is good. It has a strong sense of hitting the throat when smoking. If it’s not for the old smoker, it may not be used to it. However, if you smoke more, you can get rid of the addiction after you get used to it.

Finally, this disposable electronic cigarette is a very good one for me in the use process. I like it very much from the appearance to the taste of the product. It’s of high quality. We hope that more enterprises and brands entering the e-cigarette market will pay more attention to the improvement of product quality, so that we old smokers can get a better experience. We also believe that with the setting of the e-cigarette industry standard this year, we can select some brand enterprises with strength and consideration for users.

AUV e-cigarette closed 100 million yuan series A financing round

AUV, a new brand of electronic cigarette, has recently obtained a round of financing of 100 million yuan, and will be separated from its parent company, Dingzhi communication, and will start to develop independently.

According to the report, Zhen gengpeng, AUV co-founder, disclosed that the financing has been fully paid. In order to better and quickly respond to market changes and improve independent decision-making, the group will divide e-cigarette business into independent development and introduce external financial background capital at the same time. A new company will be established to seek greater development in e-cigarette market.

Established in 2006, Dingzhi communication was a former distributor of Nokia mobile phones in mainland China. At the end of 2018, the business scope of the company quietly changed. On the basis of the original “mobile communication system, mobile phone, tablet computer, digital TV” and other businesses, the company added “electronic cigarette kit, vape device” and put it first in the business scope of the company.

E-cigarettes are seen as opportunity. It is reported that China’s 350 million cigarettes smoker contribute a trillion level market to China’s tobacco industry. According to the China Industrial Research Institute, the number of Chinese smokers is more than twice that of the United States, but the penetration rate of e-cigarettes is only 1%, while that of the United States is 13%.