How to solve the problem of DELTA 8 THC clogged

DELTA 8 THC owe to good flavor become more and more popular. The fly in the ointment is that clogging often occurs in the cartridge due to Delta 8 THC is very thick and sticky, which affects the experience of use, at the same time, the device cannot be fully utilized. Fortunately, the clog is not impossible to solve. there are several simple solutions in order to avoid your Delta 8 THC cartridge from getting clogged.

First, also the easiest to operate is always to put your cart or pod upright. Besides, be careful not to expose your device to extreme temperatures for a long time, like a hot car or a cold freezer. We recommend storing your Delta 8 THC Cartridge at room temperature.

Many devices have a preheating function. Heating can effectively solve the clog. For Pods without preheating function, based on the principle of heating, you can try to use a hairdryer to make the device warm-up.

How to solve the problem of DELTA 8 THC clogged

Before following the listed solutions, make sure that the mouthpiece is unclogged. If your mouthpiece is clogged, get a q-tip or a piece of paper towel and wipe out the inside of the mouthpiece.

When vaping your cart, the heat is applied, delta 8 will flow, becomes more viscous, in other words, it thins out so that it can move through the cartridge system to create vapor. Every time you are not using your cart the delta 8 thickens up again causing a clog. So, taking a couple of puffs let the device hits, which can make clog becoming unclogged.

If you want to throw away your cart or pod because Delta 8 THC clogged inside the cartridge, maybe you can try these solutions before you act. Also, if you wanna a platinum device to match your amazing extract perfectly. Maybe you can test an ALD new arriving guy. As we believe “one puff one hit”.


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DELTA 8 disposable vaporizer is the lucky dog of 2021?

As we all know, cannabis is a very ancient and mysterious species. It is a gift from God to mankind. People can get a healthy, happy, wealthy, and free lifestyle from it. With the in-depth study of cannabis, CBD and THC have become the protagonists, and one step further, academic names such as DELTA 9 and DELTA 8 are slowly being recognized by ordinary consumers. DELTA 9 and DELTA 8 are like twins,there are always some similarities and differences between them.

The difference between Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC is very subtle and perhaps even insignificant for people who aren’t really keen on chemistry. Still, it’s truly important in determining the effects these compounds will produce. Both are isomers of THC, but the main contrast lies in their chemical bonds – Delta 8 THC has a double bond on the eighth carbon chain, while Delta 9 THC has the same double bond on the ninth carbon chain.

DELTA 8 disposable vaporizer is the lucky dog of 2021?

On another note, it would also be useful to mention that with the 2018 Farm Bill, Delta 8 THC is federally legal to shop and use in the USA, while the status of Delta 9 THC remains unchanged – that is, only products with less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC are allowed federally. This is very critical for operators of cannabis businesses.

The similar benefits

Delta 9 THC

  • Can help reduce feelings of nausea (antiemetic effect)
  • Has antihistaminic properties
  • Has a very relaxing and soothing effect and can potentially help with stress and discomfort

Delta 8 THC

  • May potentially help reduce stress or feelings of sadness, especially in individuals who find the effects of delta 9 THC a bit too strong for them
  • Helps reduce feelings of nausea (antiemetic effect)
  • Helps reduce inflammation in some body parts, especially when applied topically
DELTA 8 disposable vaporizer is the lucky dog of 2021?
DELTA 8 disposable vaporizer: Ald AH2003 Cbd Oil Pen Type Disposable

Anyway, we believe that DELTA 8 will be a very popular product because of its medical value, entertainment, and wide range of purchase channels.

As the #1 vaporizer manufacturer, ALD GROUP LIMITED has always maintained attention and learning on the consumer market. Our R&D team has introduced a series of high-quality DELTA 8 vaporizers through a large number of tests and verifications. All the ALD devices can fully match the CA 65 standard regarding heavy metal toxic, and more importantly, we have adopted the well-known ceramic technology of MICROFEEL which can solve both leaking and terpenes flavors perfectly.

Drops always have their best device partner. ALD welcomes our global partners to find the key together. We will provide our vaporizer for free to restore the best balance between extract and hardware.

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DELTA 8 disposable vaporizer is the lucky dog of 2021?

ALD invests 500 million yuan to build a R&D manufacturing base in Dongguan, China

According to reports, a famous vape manufacturer from China, ALD and Dongguan Shipai Town Government signed an “Investment Agreement” on February 9. ALD plans to invest 500 million yuan to build an R&D and intelligent manufacturing base in Shipai Town, Dongguan, China.

The planned site for ALD’s R&D smart manufacturing project is located in Shixin Industrial Park, Shipai, with an area of about 47 acres and a planned investment of 500 million yuan.

Discover the production method of ALD
ALD factory

After the project is completed and put into production, the estimated annual revenue is 3 billion yuan.

Dongguan Gewu Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of ALD in Shipai, Dongguan, will be responsible for the construction and operation.

Ding Yi, chairman of ALD, revealed that it took less than three months for the Dongguan Ship Pai project from initiation to landing.

How to perfectly solve the e-liquid leakage of disposable vape

With the development of the vape industry, disposable devices are deeply loved by consumers because of their simplicity and user-friendly, without the need for manual replacement of the atomizing core and repeated filling. Especially for some traditional tobacco users who want to quit smoking and control tobacco intake through vape, they no longer have to worry about the problem of carrying various e-liquid bottles. Even during office or travel, they only need to put their favorite flavors in their pockets. It has become so simple. For e-liquid dealers and brand owners, pre-filled vape is also a popular product: there are almost no after-sales troubles, rapid repurchase and loyal user companionship, making it easier for great brands to be born.

Although disposable vape has many benefits, there is still a shortcoming that cannot be ignored. Due to the technological limitations of pre-filled and sealing system, it may cause e-liquid leakage during transportation, especially in the low-pressure environment by air. It is more likely to have the risk of e-liquid leakage, which not only causes a waste of e-liquid, but also results in a bad user experience. In order to solve the problem of e-liquid leakage, great designers put forward the concept of “Liquid Isolation “, which means that the heating coil and the e-juice are absolutely isolated before the product is used, which fundamentally solves e-liquid leakage problem during transportation and storage.

Let‘s summarize the common liquid isolation designs currently on the market: The first is to rotate the mouthpiece to drive the metal pipe to achieve the contacting of the e-liquid inlet and the atomizing liquid. There is no doubt it’s a smart design, usually used in CBD/THC cartridges. The second is to open the e-liquid inlet by external pulling, in this case, there is a risk, improper control of tension can easily cause fracture of connecting elements such as silicone. What is more fatal is that this kind of fracture occurs during the separated state of the core and e-liquid, which means that the device is permanently unusable. The third type is created by the ALD designer. It uses pressure to move the e-liquid inlet downwards, and finally contact it with the atomized liquid. This design perfectly avoids the fatal risk caused by silicone fracture. More importantly, only one finger needed to finish it.

How to perfectly solve the e-liquid leakage of disposable vape

ALD’s push-type liquid isolation design was firstly applied to the TERMINATOR XL device. It is a rechargeable disposable device. The 7.5ML super capacity and 0.9ohm resistance value make the TERMINATOR XL produce an excellent flavor experience and big cloud. This extremely comfortable feel attribute to its oblate design, which is the difference between TERMINATOR XL and other cylindrical vapes. How do you like TERMINATOR XL seeing so many advantages of this design?

How to perfectly solve the e-liquid leakage of disposable vape

ALD GROUP LIMITED focus on OEM/ODM service since 2009. We sincerely hope that we develop this great industry together with outstanding players all over the world.

Welcome to share your great idea with us, together we make everything real.

How to perfectly solve the e-liquid leakage of disposable vape

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ALD and Central South University set up a joint laboratory

On the morning of January 19, 2021, the ALD Research Institute and the School of Powder Metallurgy of Central South University held an unveiling ceremony for the establishment of the joint laboratory. The unveiling ceremony with Central South University means that the strategic cooperation between the two parties has officially started.

At the meeting, the dean and chief scientist of the ALD Research Institute introduced the progress and plan of the scientific research project. At the same time, the professors and doctors of the School of Powder Metallurgy of Central South University shared the progress of the current project. The two parties reached a collegial discussion on the resource deployment, personnel docking, time schedule and cooperation methods of the scientific research project.

This joint laboratory will be based on the combination of the two parties in related industries and research fields, and fully leverage the strengths of Central South University in academic research and the advantages of ALD’s long-term and deep-cultivation technology, so as to better carry out major tasks such as technological innovation and academic exchanges. Promote the incubation of science and technology industries and the transformation of research results.

For a long time, ALD has always attached importance to technology research and development and precipitation, and has been deeply cultivated in the industry for many years. Now it has formed an independent research and development elite team of more than 200 people. So far, it has more than 300 core patents at home and abroad. ALD has concentrated on researching related technologies and has been working hard to contribute to the development of the atomization industry.

At the same time, as a key university of the National “985 Project”, the Powder Metallurgy Research Institute of Central South University is a national-level new material research and high-level talent training base integrating teaching, scientific research and achievement transformation. Relying on the Research Institute, there are 3 national scientific research platforms and the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Powder Metallurgy Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.

Now ALD and Central South University have established a joint laboratory, aiming to use this as a key to open a new situation of school-enterprise cooperation, promote the implementation of scientific research results, industrial transformation, and realize the integration of technological innovation and industrial development. At the same time, we are also striving to create industry technical standards and effectively promote the improvement of industry scientific research.

How to rebuild the balance between the disposable vape and pod kit?

As we all know the disposable vape develop fast in the past years, people love their vape bar so much because of the rich flavors, affordable cost and user-friendly design. On other hand, the prestigious pre-filled ceramic pod kits like Vuse Alto and Njoy are always popular.

ALD is thinking about how to create a product that can cover both benefits, just like a pod mod. Pod Mod means a device that mixed box mod and pod kit, people can enjoy the big vapor and multi-operation experience as a box mod, most important you will not worry about the mod’s big size anymore.

As a top manufacturer, ALD is trying to find a reasonable balance between disposable vape and pod kit. Currently, we call it DISPOD.

The best benefit of DISPOD is rechargeable battery design so that users can save the cost of an extra battery. Compared to the regular pod kit, we make the DISPOD at a lower cost but a bigger capacity.

Besides, DISPOD can match 2%-5% salts nicotine perfectly, you can get an amazing throat hit and flavor from your DISPOD.

We are not sure if the DISPOD will be a lucky dog in the vaping market, but our concept will be around how to improve user satisfaction, it is long-term homework we are doing.

ALD GROUP LIMITED focus on OEM/ODM  service since 2009. We sincerely hope that we can develop this great industry together with outstanding players all over the world.

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ALD’s new heat-not-burn product ONE won the 2020 Contemporary Good Design award

Recently, the new heat-not-burn product ONE (Chinese name: Guiyi) launched by the HNB Division of Shenzhen ALD Technology Co., Ltd. has won the 2020 “Contemporary Good Design” award for its outstanding product concept and innovative shape design.

ALD's new heat-not-burn product ONE won the 2020 Contemporary Good Design award

This year’s Good Design Award Ceremony and Celebration was held online on December 18, when Dr. Peter Zack, founder and chairman of the Red Dot Award, made an appearance and gave a speech.

It is understood that as one of the four major red dot awards, the Contemporary Good Design Award (CGD) is an international design award sponsored by the German Red Dot Award organization, which aims to select unique innovations and outstanding excellence for contemporary society. Good product. CGD’s review process is based on more than 60 years of professional review experience for the Red Dot Award.

ALD's new heat-not-burn product ONE won the 2020 Contemporary Good Design award

The jury consisted of 9 top experts in the field of international design, including Gordon Bruce (USA), Professor He Renke (China) and Professor Axel Thallemer (Germany). They are in line with the Red Dot Award judging lineup and will be responsible for the entire process. Participation review process.

This means that the Contemporary Good Design Award has the same professionalism, seriousness and authority as the German Red Dot Award. Under the fair, just, professional and rigorous screening by the international senior jury, all winning works have reached the international top standards.

ALD's new heat-not-burn product ONE won the 2020 Contemporary Good Design award

This time, ALD’s heat-not-burn award-winning new product ONE combines innovative and practical structural design, simple and flexible streamline appearance and superb industrial technology, and is committed to bringing a new atomization experience to users. According to reports, in terms of appearance design, ONE adopts the appearance design of anodized atomization rods, which visually presents a calm and elegant fashion beauty; the smooth and smooth curved surface design conforms to the ergonomic principle, and provides users with a grasp of the process of use Comfortable feel.

In terms of internal structure, ONE even uses ALD’s latest self-developed heat-not-burn technology to solve the problem of unstable base due to high temperature. In terms of temperature control, the heat radiation of ONE’s built-in chip is very uniform from the inside to the outside, so that the temperature at the bottom of the head is equal, and every part of the head is heated deeply, and the reducing alcohol has a positive taste, which brings users a safe, reliable, stable and excellent use. Experience.

ALD's new heat-not-burn product ONE won the 2020 Contemporary Good Design award
ALD introduced that ONE, just like its Chinese name Guiyi, always conveys to customers the product concept of reducing complexity and simplifying, and uniting “mist”, and at the same time demonstrates the persistence and belief of pursuing purity and returning to experience vividly and vividly for users Provides a new atomization experience that is always “smooth, soft and stable” for every sip. In the end, ONE stood out among the many works selected by CGD, and won the favor and recognition of a large number of international judges.


This CGD award is not only a positive feedback from ALD’s continuous exploration of the heat-not-burn field for many years, but also strengthens the determination and belief in the industry. In the future, ALD stated that it will always adhere to technology research and development and product innovation, focus on product design and user experience, and give back to customers and society with better products and services, and create a better atomization experience for people.

ALD completed share reform and name change in China

On November 27, ALD officially issued a name change announcement in China, announcing that from November 25, 2020, the current “Shenzhen ALD Electronics Co., Ltd.” name has been officially changed to “Shenzhen ALD Technology Co., Ltd.”.

The registered capital has increased from RMB 10 million to RMB 350 million. Currently, the business information has shown the new company name and new registered capital.

In recent years, ALD’s new movement have been frequent. On June 4 last year, ALD announced that it had reached a share transfer and subscription agreement with Veken Technology. ALD will transfer 10% of its shares to Veken Technology at a price of RMB 100 million.

ALD and Veken reached a share acquisition agreement – 10% of ALD is sold to Veken now

According to public information, the price refers to the corresponding equity ratio of the net asset assessment value on December 31, 2018 on the ALD assessment benchmark date, which is RMB 100 million. The book value of the specific net assets is 107,766,400 yuan (approximately 109 million), the appraised value is 1,088,882,700 yuan (approximately 1,069 million), the appraised value-added is 960,116,300 yuan, and the appreciation rate is 882.73%.

In the announcement, ALD explained the reasons for the name change from the side, saying that the “electronic” in the company’s name was changed to “technology”. “This share reform fully expresses our determination to dig deep in technology, and on the new atomization field, We will surely strategize and win a thousand miles of vision and mind, embrace the vision of becoming a world-class enterprise, believe in the power of belief, take the original aspiration as the order, professionalism, and continue to create core values ​​for our customers.”

ALD said, “We will always pay attention to and embrace the changes of the times, and we will lay out an innovative industrial pattern in an all-round way, so as to promote the development of atomization technology, let the world understand China’s atomization, and contribute its unique value and strength.”

ALD completed share reform and name change in China

This time I checked the industry and commerce information and saw that ALD made several equity changes in the second half of this year, but there was no record of equity changes this time. Industry and commerce information shows that ALD is currently a listed company on the New Fourth Board, stock code: 660726.


In less than two years, the equity investment of ALD has increased nearly nine times, and the investment of 50 million has a floating profit of 400 million;

Veken’s “operation + capital” dual-driven development strategy is expected to take the ALD rapid development express train;

Since its establishment, ALD has been adhering to the road of “technical innovation, R&D-driven” and is committed to building an electronic atomization technology sharing platform. Previously, it was awarded as one of the top 100 innovative enterprises in Baoan District, one of the top 100 export enterprises, national high-tech enterprises, and China’s foreign trade. A number of honors including export leading index sample enterprises.

ALD completed share reform and name change in China

In the core technology of electronic atomization, ALD has realized the mass automated production of ceramic substrate thick film printing heating elements, and has created powerful technology brands SILMO™ and MICROFEEL™. Currently, ALD’s R&D team has applied for more than 200 core patents at home and abroad.

It is understood that the existing modern manufacturing center of over 40,000 square meters and a production and manufacturing team of over 3,000 people can produce up to 30 million atomized products per month, providing hundreds of customers around the world with a stable and reliable R&D, design, and manufacturing “One-stop service”.

With strong technical strength, ALD has established a solid strategic partnership with the world’s top tobacco companies and many internationally renowned brands.

ALD Launched the Premium Products as the Total Solution for Disposable Vape Kicks into Gear

Full Range Disposable Vape Solution

ALD Group Limited launches a full range of disposable products. Their products offer a minimum of 200 puffs to 1500 puffs which can fulfil the most of customers’ demands on the market.

Rich Features of ALD for Disposable Vaping Device

The optional flavors and nicotine level are available for various demands. Having an anti-dust design and portable sizes fit them in user’s hand properly. They can slide into any pocket perfectly as well. Vaping becomes pleasurable when the urge rises anytime and anywhere.

The products build with PCTG food grade material offer an adjustable air flow with a satisfying throat hit and substantial cloud production for a perfect MTL experience. The oil isolation design could avoid oil leakage during transportation and storage. The tanks of the vaping devices are always visible making it easier to observe the oil usage and grant super excitement of up to 1500 puffs, with a 1000 mAh battery, the vaping devices of ALD are not only reliable and effective but safe, secure and healthier as well.

 The Challenges for New Sellers

The demand for disposable vape products is on the rise and is an emerging global market, the problems faced by the new sellers may be countless and complex. Limited supply capacity and long-time delivery of certain popular brands pose a number of difficulties to the new sellers. New sellers are compelled to pass through strenuous working hours because they are required to set high performance goals and sign a monthly stocking agreement. Additionally, the high threshold and poor flexibility make it an impractical business to confirm one’s footing in such kind of business. The beneficiaries of the best-selling brands are always direct importers. If new sellers enter the market now, they will face low profit and stern competition. Besides, new sellers experience a low degree of cooperation and a trust deficit exists leading to a weak attention and a lowest regard.

ALD-One Stop Solution Provider

In the given circumstances, ALD is a panacea for the new sellers. The company comprises of elite professionals whose conceptual clarity, product development, designing capability; product manufacturing and overwhelmingly excellent marketing create products that reach the epitome of perfection and guarantee reliability, security and user friendliness.

ALD brings forth products that seek tangible benefits for new sellers. New avenues and broad horizon are waiting at ALD where sellers are free to implement customized operations and inculcate their independent creativity into business models. This way they can build their own brands from zero to one. The stability in producing quality products in hygienic environment and dust free workshops surpasses the popular brands for they pass through a rigorous experience of 28 tests and 58 inspection procedures. The early lay out of the products, 60 ID package design and availability in more than 50 different flavors are a testimony to the reliability and efficiency of the ALD products. These features of ALD products make marketing support easier and supportive.

About the Company:  ALD Groups Limited, headquartered in China and established in 2009, is a leading electronic atomization technology company.

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Discover ALD’s consistent production method

In the general environment of Industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing, in order to accelerate the realization of industrial upgrading, technological innovation and traditional industrial upgrading are imminent, and improving quality and efficiency will become the main theme of competition and development in various industries. For many years, ALD leads development with quality and efficiency, and adhere to the development concept of “two-wheel drive” of quality and efficiency.

1. High-quality standard.

Quality is the starting point of corporate value and dignity, and it is also the foundation of corporate survival. The 8S management model provided by ALD greatly reduce the hidden safety hazards in the production process and improve the mutual cooperation mechanism of each production area.

Discover the production method of ALD

The GMP standard production environment ensures that ALD meet the national quality standards of the pharmaceutical and food industries in all aspects of material launch, production process, packaging and transportation, and quality control, which further ensures product quality, safety and hygiene.

Discover the production method of ALD

Each ALD product has undergone 6 major inspection items, including simulated transportation, environmental testing, performance parameters and chemical testing, and 19 quality inspection procedures are checked at each level. They always abide by the product quality defense line and stick to the ingenuity quality.

2. Best production equipment

Discover the production method of ALDEfficient to win, efficiency first. ALD has 2 major manufacturing bases, and now has a modern manufacturing center of more than 25,000 square meters and a professional production team of more than 2,500 people, with an annual production volume of up to 50 million pieces.

Discover the production method of ALDWith the introduction of multiple automatic assembly production lines, ALD has largely avoided a series of problems caused by manual operation errors. Compared with the traditional manual assembly mode, it not only makes the production environment cleaner and hygienic, but also makes the entire production process more efficient and standardized. In the case of the same number of personnel, it can be increased by 150% on the basis of the existing capacity, providing a strong guarantee for the rapid delivery of large orders.

3. Strict process management

Discover the production method of ALD

In the production management process control, ALD uses the E-SOP+ traceability control system to conduct real-time and transparent information production management on the on-site production planning, transportation control, production scheduling, quality control, etc., to achieve the production link, efficiency and quality. Carry out precise control, so as to achieve the purpose of high efficiency, low consumption, clean, flexible and on-time production.

Discover the production method of ALD

At the same time, ALD combined with the MES system to realize the upload and analysis of data on material launch, product details, assembly transfer, etc., and generate multi-level and multi-dimensional management reports, which effectively promoted the improvement of corporate management level and developed for corporate management, decision-making, and provides accurate data support, further standardizes the operation process model, and realizes efficient, traceable and data-based production management.

4. Customer-first principle

Discover the production method of ALD

ALD adheres to the pursuit and perseverance of product quality, provides customers with high-quality products and satisfactory services, continues to create value for customers, and achieves a win-win situation.

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