Today we’re going to be taking a look at another pod system, a stick pod system kit. And this is from a company called ALD, and it’s called XPLLO. This is the first look, guys, I just received this, just puff this out of the packaging and I just took a hit off of it, I probably took about 15 hits. So this is gonna be a first-look video, but hey, here we go.

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Like you guys just saw here’s the packaging, she comes in just your standard vape box, good looking inside the packaging of course you’re gonna receive your XPLLO kit, also in the kit you receive a usb c charger for usb c charging and last but not least, you get a user guide. So yer guys, they sent me two color options. They got this blue, beautiful blue. It’s got this like kind of like pearl finish, kind of like a matte pear’s finish, which is good in my opinion because this is gonna be a fingerprint magnet baby, this a good one. But they also sent me this other color, it’s like a sublime green, and oh man, I love sublime green. You guys remember that sublime green hellcat I had back in the day. Yeah, it’s about that color. Maybe it’s a touch lighter. It’s almost like a chartreuse but not, it’s more of a sublime green but not as green as a sublime I guess. Good looking I mean it, it pops baby, it pops at you, doesn’t it.

But year, there are the two color options, they sent me, like I said called the XPLLO. But year, it’s a stick pod system kit. And it comes with one pod guys, as you all see it’s tinted holds two mils of juice. There’s mouth piece. The mouthpiece is nice and comfortable. It gets the job done. It’s good, it feels good in the lips. But with these pods, the core head that’s press fit., is permanently pressed fit, meaning you can’t pull the core heads out and pop new cords in when the pod’s done. You toss it into trash and get a new one. But this system comes with one pod, Okay. Oh yeah, and it’s got side fill, it’s got this little plug, puff that sucker out, nice sized hole to pop your dropper in there, or your nipple tip and fill her up and like I said, two mil shields and just to show you here’s what it looks like inside the pod mod. There your connections nice and clean, and by the way, this does have a magnetic connection so when you pop the pot in there, it’s gonna suck it down a little bit now hey, these magnets are not the strongest magnets that I’ve dealt with, okay they’re not, it’s a little wobbly, there is a little play, the magnets could be stronger, so I mean it, it comes out with these, it does but again, I don’t think it’s gonna be a problem at least for me. If you’re tossing this thing around, you’re beating on it all day. You may toss it out but look, oh my goodness, so just saying. it does fit a little bit on the looser side. Oh yeah, another thing the coil that comes permanently press fitted into here is a 0.9 mesh and I will say this. The flavor off this sucker is great. Great flavor for stick pots with some kit. It’s right there with the caliburn stuff as far as flavor and the draw you get off this. There is no adjustable airflow, it’s just one little set hole on the side but the draw you get fro mtls is great to me. It’s a really good mtl draw. it’s not like a legit really tight mtl, it’s not as tight as the caliburn, but it’s not that loose either, it’s pretty good. I can’t complain with the way that my suction is it’s easy for me to vape in mtl mode definitely gets the job done. I would say, it’s pleasing, it’s good. It’s just not really tight. I want to point that out and the lung hits for this.

I love to draw in lung hit mode for this. To me it is perfect for restricted lung hit style but flavor for this pod, it’s good. I mean it’s really good. Really good for the stick pod kit. I rate it up there. How long is pod gonna last, how long are the coils gonna last, I don’t know, couldn’t tell you as I said, this is the first look as far as stick goes. As all you can see there she is next to the new Caliburn and it is a touch longer. But this suckker is a little bit lighter than caliburn, and just want to point that out as far as the battery in here built-in 580 million power I’ve seen more definitely seen more battery life but it’s pretty comparable to most other stuff out here, pretty comparable. As you all can see on the front you got the fire button so this does have a manual switch and you can also vape this in auto mode too. Now as far as locking this sucker, I haven’t figured out a way to do it. I don’t think you can lock it, you can’t lock it where you can just use the auto sensor but the good news is you got two options and the auto sensor switch is great, cannot complain the manual switch is great. As you all can see the manual switch protrudes just a little bit below, the manual switch says ALD, and then blow that, you got your LED light indicator, that’s your battery light indicator, and also this has three different power settings. Yeah baby, three different power settings, you can set it to 11 watts, 13 watts, and 15 watts. Personally, I’ve set it to its max, 15 watts. And in order to adjust it, all you got to do it press the first button. The manual switched three times. And it runs throught all the settings, all you gotta do is press it three times, 1, 2, 3. It goes the bottom red which is 11 watts; 1, 2, 3, goes to blue which is 13 watts. And then 1, 2, 3, go back to green, and like I said, the LED is also a battery light indicator so you got green you got blue and you got red-green means she’s pretty much fully charged. Blue means she’s midway charged, and red means you need to charge her up like I showed you before on this side.
That’s your air hole on the side, that’s your set air hole, one the other side nothing just nice and clean and then on the back again nothing. Nice and clean, very clean device. Oh yeah, and on the bottom, that’s your usb c port. And that’s pretty much it guys, that’s pretty much it for this thing. That’s what I like about it, I like how simple it is anybody who’s just coming off a six could easily switch to this you all mother chuggers another drill you gotta be 21 years of age oder to purchase any of this stuff, and you should be able to get it online, and while you’re at it check out vape trick. I’m done that’s itX


ALD Cube Box disposable vape solution review

Cube Box is another disposable vape model from ALD. A small body in a rectangle shape makes it portable and convenient for daily vaping. 2500 puff endurance meets most daily vaping needs. And the taste is not bad.

ALD Cube Box official introduction

ALD Cube Box disposable vape hands-on

CUBE BOX 2500 Puffs E-cig specifications/ parameters

Model No: AH4801
Oil injection: Prefilled
Battery Capacity: 400mAh
Output wattage: 10.2W
E-liquid Capacity: 7.5mL
Coil Resistance: 1.2Ω
Vape coil: mesh coil
Product size: 48 x 18 x 70 mm
Mouthpiece material: PCTG
Control Method: sensor

Final thoughts

Not like other vapes, why do we call the ALD Cube Box disposable vape a solution? Because the ALD factory makes the vapes for brands, the product is not for mainly for sale but mainly for customization and rebranding. they realize the idea of customers and provide them with the best designs and manufacturing services.

Where to OEM ALD Cube Box

CUBE BOX by ALD: a small disposable with delicate designs

ALD Group has released a disposable rechargeable device CUBE BOX. This is a compact pod system with 7.5 ml of e-liquid, a Type-C charging port in an unusual square case with a silicone “belt”.


ALD Group Limited has recently expanded its range of disposable electronic cigarettes by releasing an interesting device – CUBE BOX. It is charged via USB-C cable, contains 7.5 ml. liquid and is rated for 2500 puffs. The case is complemented by a silicone case with a embossed mesh coating and an “ear” to which you can tie a tape to wear the device around your neck. The color scheme of the design depends on the chosen taste. Activation occurs by tightening – there is not a single button on the device. A color indicator informing about the current state of the battery was placed on the bottom of the case next to the air intake and Type-C port.

CUBE BOX by ALD: a small disposable with delicate designs

The miniature device operates in one mode of operation – with an output power of 10.2 watts. Powered by a built-in 400 mAh battery. A full charge cycle via USB Type-C will take about an hour. An integrated evaporator along with a liquid reservoir is placed inside the device. The mesh coil “Mesh coil” doubles the service life of the device and makes it 40% more stable than analogues on conventional spirals. In addition, the resistance of the coil is 1.2 ohm, which can improve the taste by 40% and increase the volume of steam by 50%. The reservoir has a pre-filled liquid volume of 7.5 ml. The large mouthpiece on the top of the device allows you to take deep volume puffs.

The CUBE BOX line includes twenty-four combinations. Some of them are: Grape Ice, KPG, Lime Cola, Sour Apple, Blueberry Cake, Juicy Ice, Strawberry Ice, Pineapple, Cuban Cream, Cola Ice, Cherry Cola.

CUBE BOX by ALD: a small disposable with delicate designs

Main characteristics:

  • Model Number: CUBE BOX
  • Puff activation: Sensor
  • Evaporative element: Mesh coil
  • Mouthpiece material: PCTG plastic
  • Size – 48 x 18 x 70 mm.
  • Weight – 70 gr.
  • Built-in 400mAh battery
  • Maximum power – 10.2 watts
  • Evaporator resistance – 1.2 ohm
  • The volume of the tank is 7.5 ml.
  • Charging port – Type-C

Learn more about CUBE BOX from ALD official site

ALD shows XPLLO and Cube Boom at Vaper Expo UK 2022

ALD showed at Vaper Expo UK 2022 with its XPLLO pod system and Cube Boom disposable vape from May 26- 29, 2022. A large number of visitors stayed at the booth ALD and talked about the business with the ALD factory. The atmosphere of the ALD booth was quite warm and popular.

The products shown by ALD are the latest achievements and masterpieces of the company.   ALD XPPLO comes with a smaller 580mAh battery and 2 kinds of pods are exactly essential for vaping. While ALD Boom is the best long-distance running athlete among so many disposables in 2022 without a doubt. 12ml vape juice capacity is very good and more than enough for daily vaping use. The flavors are excellent. No wonder ALD was so popular with such great products at the expo.

The three-day British e-cigarette exhibition (Vaper Expo UK) ended successfully in Birmingham. The exhibition attracted more than 1000 brands from all over the world, with more than 100,000 visitors.  Despite the Covid 19 period,  ALD has also participated in the 2019 Vaper Expo UK, and was also well received by the local exhibition visitors.

ALD as a one-stop vaporizer solution provider has grown to be one of the best vape manufacturers in China since 2019, and is becoming more and more popular worldwide with its continuous innovation and advancement.

ALD Polus new disposable vape pen for CBD oil review

ALD has just invented (not officially launched) a new disposable vape solution for CBD oil named ALD Polus. It features its cigarette-like shape, which is sleek, lightweight and portable.

Let’s take a look at the looks of ALD Polus first:

ALD Polus AH1604 new disposable vape pen for CBD oil review
ALD Polus AH1604 new disposable vape pen for CBD oil review ALD Polus AH1604 new disposable vape pen for CBD oil review ALD Polus AH1604 new disposable vape pen for CBD oil review

ALD POLUS AH1604 new disposable vape pen for CBD oilALD POLUS AH1604 new disposable vape pen for CBD oilALD POLUS AH1604 new disposable vape pen for CBD oilALD POLUS AH1604 new disposable vape pen for CBD oilALD POLUS AH1604 new disposable vape pen for CBD oilALD POLUS AH1604 new disposable vape pen for CBD oilALD POLUS AH1604 new disposable vape pen for CBD oilALD POLUS AH1604 new disposable vape pen for CBD oilALD POLUS AH1604 new disposable vape pen for CBD oilALD POLUS AH1604 new disposable vape pen for CBD oil

ALD Polus disposable vape pen specifications

Height: 104mm
Width: 14mm
Thickness: 14mm
Capacity: 2.0ml
Material: stainless steel
Battery capacity: 200mAh
Resistance: 1.25ohm
Output wattage: 10w
Net weight” 22g
Charging port: Type C

ALD Polus apperance

ALD Polus hands on

Generally speaking, ALD Polus is a disposable vape with a rechargeable design. Its small size comes with a big advantage being portable and stealthy. However, due to its small size with a small 200mAh battery, the vapor size is also small. A mouth-to-lung device. So it will work best with high nicotine content e-juice or CBD oil.

CBD oil is usually thick and not easy to flow through the heating core inside the heating element. ALD Polus has taken this issue into consideration and set it up with a large diameter ceramic heating core. Therefore, the common CBD oil clogging problem is avoided by this device in advance.

There is an LED indicator light at the bottom of the device, making the device look better.

Type C fast charging port has compensated for the small battery of the vape pen very well. 10 minutes charging for at least 2 hours of frequent vaping.

Meanwhile, there are 2 oil windows on the 2 symmetrical sides of the vape pen, helping you monitor the rest amount of your e-juice.

ALD is a factory allowing customers to fill up the device themselves, adding some DIY fun to the simple device. However, remember to fill in enough e-liquid before closing the cover, or you won’t be able to take out the cover the second time. It’s too tight for the sake of being leakage-proof.


ALD Polus is a great vape for vapers who have just begun vaping with high concentrate e-liquid or CBD oil. It’s a starter kit level product that’s very easy and convenient to use. The portable and sleek shape makes it a good device for taking anywhere. Though I don’t know exactly how much it is,  I believe its price would be the lowest in the industry since it’s from the factory or manufacturer directly.

Heads up that ALD Polus is not a finished product sold on market, it’s a solution for brands for customizing and OEM. That’s why large clients prefer to fill up their own favorite e-liquid. ALD is a large factory that majors in OEM. You may not find its finished products on market so easily because its products are usually made under other brands’ names. However, please rest assured to use it because they’re the manufacturer of many world-famous top vaping brands. If you’re looking to make your own brand in vaping field, working with ALD would be one of your best choices.

I didn’t find any information about ALD Polus on ALD official site, so

To learn more about ALD Polus, please contact ALD official:

ALD CANNABAR review: a ceramic coil 3mL Delta 8 disposable for pleasant vaping

ALD CANNABAR is another disposable solution for Delta 8 vaping. The 3ml capacity, large ceramic heating element and dual air passage design ensure an unclogged, smooth and pleasant experience. Previously we have taken a glance at it in this article. Today let’s take a closer look into it.

ALD CANNABAR apperance


Compared to ALD Polus we introduced yesterday, ALD CANNABAR is a lot better in the aspect of vaping performance.

Moreover, the unobstructed, innovative ceramic heating elements come with a stronger vaping performance for a bigger cloud. Though the battery is still 280mAh, the cloud is much better and warmer for decent vaping. And after 5 puffs with the device, you can even feel a bit hot on the device’s surface.

Meanwhile, there is a sophisticated CNC machining process with it. The systems make process aluminum housing perfect in appearance.

In addition. a dual air passage design is utilized, when the main airflow passage is blocked, the independent sensor-driving airflow passage is able to activate. Then the ceramic heating elements heats up and burns the concentrated residue down, which helps avoid clogging effectively. It’s a unique patent design that few manufacturers have used.

This product also needs your hands to fill the vape juice into it. Or you can ask the ALD factory to fill it up in advance. It’s up to your choice. The factory enables customers to make their own favorite vape upon every order, which is very customizable.

ALD CANNABAR specifications

Model No: AH2801
Feature: dual air passage design
Mouthpiece material: PCTG
Body material: aluminum alloy anodizing
Control Method: sensor
Oil injection: local filling
LED Light Color: OEM
Battery Capacity: 280mAh
Charging: type-c
Charging time: 50mins
CBD oil injection method: Top
CBD oil Capacity: 3mL
Coil: ceramic
Coil Resistance: 1.25Ω
Output: 10W
Product size: 92x28x11.5mm

ALD CANNABAR more details:

ALD CANNABAR disposalble for delta 8 vapingALD CANNABAR disposalble for delta 8 vapingALD CANNABAR disposalble for delta 8 vaping


ALD Cannabar AH2801 reviewALD Cannabar AH2801 reviewALD Cannabar AH2801 reviewALD Cannabar AH2801 reviewALD Cannabar AH2801 reviewALD Cannabar AH2801 reviewALD Cannabar AH2801 reviewALD CANNABAR ceramic coil 3mL Delta 8 disposableALD Cannabar AH2801 reviewALD CANNABAR ceramic coil 3mL Delta 8 disposableALD Cannabar AH2801 reviewALD Cannabar AH2801 reviewALD Cannabar AH2801 review ALD CANNABAR ceramic coil 3mL Delta 8 disposableALD Cannabar AH2801 reviewALD Cannabar AH2801 review

Final words

ALD CANNABAR is a great device for vaping with Delta 8. It works perfectly like a pro. However, ALD accepts bulk orders only, please contact ALD official for more details if you’re interested in more details and OEM :

ALD XPLLO pod vape review: a large vapor, strong performance beautiful pod mod

Vapers who are familiar with common draw-activated starter kits like Relx, Mystlabs, Vuse know it’s very easy and foolproof to use those devices, just connect the pod with the device then start vaping.  So what’s the point of adding an extra power button to the pod system speaking of the new device we gonna introduce today? Let’s go and find out what’s new in ALD XPLLO pod vape.

ALD XPLLO pod vape review: a large vapor, strong performance and beautiful pod mod

ALD XPLLO pod vape specifications/ parameters

Pod capacity: 2.0ml

Battery: 500mAh

Resistance: 1.7 Ohm Mesh Coil

Output power: 7.5W – 15W

Charging port: Type C


ald xpllo pod vape review

You’ll find it’s an upgraded pod vape compared to those ordinary 350mAh draw-activated starter kits reading the parameters. And it’s more powerful in vaping performance for its max 15W output according to the official compared to common 7.5W starter kits.

ALD XPPLO comes with a smaller 580mAh battery compared to the Smok Nfix Pro 700 mAh, while it doesn’t come with a display which saves more power for vaping. ALD XPPLO is not a fancy vaping device, but everything in it is exactly essential for vaping.

ALD XPLLO Kits content

1 X PLLO battery

1 X Closed pod

1 X Type-C cable

1 X User manual

ALD XPLLO pod vape try out

ALD XPLLO pod vape looks beautiful outside. There are gradient fragmentary patterns on the surface in light red and sky blue. And it reflects light from different directions when being rotated.

Meanwhile, ALD XPLLO differentiates itself from other ordinary pod vapes and disposable vapes with its higher performance.

According to our past experience, most disposable vapes and some pod vapes need a little pre-heat time by taking some light draws in advance to make the pod heat up, then produce sufficient vapor. The first puff is usually cold and not good enough for real vaping. You need the second puff to start a better vaping experience.

However, you won’t see a similar situation in ALD XPLLO. Because there is a power button on it. Press 5 times to start the device, or press 5 times to turn it off. When it’s turned on by the power button, the device is ready to use, and the vapor will be full and rich from first puff. Not like other pod vapes, it’s amazing that the vapor from ALD XPLLO is warm and mellow.

Observing real hands-on experience with it, this device is not only draw-activated but also button-pressing active. Double modes for vaping. Its operation style and working performance are kind of like mod vapes, while it’s much easier to use compared to mod vapes.

As we know the taste of e-liquid varies when heated by different power. And by pressing the power button 3 times when the device is on, you can switch from different modes of power, from 11W, 13W to 15W. Some e-liquids work better with a higher power while other high nicotine salt vape juice works well with low power. It satisfies the needs of different vapers.

ALD XPLLO pod vape review: a large vapor, strong performance and beautiful pod mod

As to the pod, there are 2 options for choosing. One is the closed pod, the other is refillable pod.

ALD XPLLO pod vape review: a large vapor, strong performance and beautiful pod mod

Closed pods are pre-filled with flavors like mint, mango, blueberry and other fruit flavors. While the refillable pod is empty and you need to add your hand-made e-juice or CBD oils into it yourself. It’s easy and takes less than 10 seconds as the following video shows:

The author prefers a closed pod because it’s as simple as smoking a cigarette. While refillable ones are not bad as well, it’s cost-effective and allow you to add your favorite flavors into the pod, more fun for DIY.


Overall speaking, ALD XPLLO is a perfect pod vape for a more advanced vaping experience compared to most pod vapes on market. Its vaping performance is stronger and the cloud is bigger. Moreover, vapers are able to control the power of the device with a button now, an interesting and useful design.

Last but not least, ALD is a large factory that majors in OEM. You may not find its finished products on market so easily because its products are usually made under other brands’ names. However, please rest assured to use it because they’re the manufacturer of many world-famous top vaping brands. If you’re looking to make your own brand in vaping field, working with ALD would be one of your best choices.

To learn more about ALD XPLLO, you can reach ALD by the following contact means:

Product page:


Email: [email protected]




ald xpllo pod vape review ald xpllo pod vape review

ALD Group to Launch Biodegradable Vape Next Year

ALD Group Limited (ALD) is set to launch the first biodegradable vaping product worldwide in mid-2023, the company announced at today’s In Focus event. The product will also be 90 percent recyclable (including the packaging, plastic shell, PCBA, mouthpiece and battery).

Currently named the Eco-friendly, Biodegradable Vape Solution (EBVS), the new device will take as little as three months to biodegrade, and was created in response to consumer and market demand.

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China, ALD is a high-tech enterprise specializing in electronic atomization technology research and applications. ALD′s business covers electronic nicotine delivery systems, inhaled medical vaporizer and heated tobacco products.

The plastic components in ALD’s eco-friendly vape solutions use innovative biodegradable raw materials like PBS, and the shell and structural parts do not come into contact with e-liquid; addressing the challenge of vaping producers whose single-use plastic pod products cannot be recycled due to the residues left over from e-liquids.

“The innovative factor is that our extensive research showed that in the e-cigarette sector there was currently no ready-made solution for the application of biodegradable materials,” said Eric Ding, founder and president of ALD Group.

“During development, we screened dozens of materials, repeatedly verified product performance and, finally, determined the seven best mixes of materials. Our processes included the verification of material strength, chemical resistance, extractability and degradability.”

The engineering validation and testing evaluation of its new device was completed in mid-2021, and the shelf life and biodegradability testing are expected to be completed in mid-2022.

ALD BOOM MAX PLUS! Language: Indonesian





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KRYST 2.0 CBD rechargeable and disposable vape pen first impression

ALD has launched a new CBD disposable vape pen product named KRYST 2.0. What’s new in this newly released CBD vape pen. Let’s go and take a look at it.

KRYST 2.0 Specifications

  • Model No: AH1919
  • Brand: OEM
  • Mouthpiece material: PCTG
  • Control Method: sensor
  • Oil injection: Local filling
  • Battery Capacity: 300mAh
  • E liquid Capacity: 2 mL
  • Heating Coil: ceramic
  • Children Lock: 5 clicks on/off design
  • Charging Method: type-c

kryst 2.0 battery 300mAh, heating coil:ceramic, chariging: type-c

KRYST 2.0 features

KRYST 2.0 comes with the advanced MICROFEEL CERA CUBE for better taste. It produces pure and smooth tastes for its honeycomb ceramic material with an internal coil and upgraded S316L built-in heating element. Moreover, it comes with the best leakage-proof design which is very user-friendly for vapers.


Unlike other pods with a flat design at the bottom, KRYST 2.0 comes with a V-shaped funnel oil tank. This unique design will save your last drop of vape juice.

pod wth v shaped funnel to save vape juice

At the same time, the classic Type-C charging port is also found in Kryst 2.0.  The rechargeable design will make the voltage always stay at the peak state and make the taste consistent and the vapor amount always rich and mellow.

disposable vape type c charging stable performace

What’s more, there is a button-controlled design in the Kryst 2.0 vape pen. You might think it’s a very simple vape pen without any personal control option, while it does come with a button to control firing and pre-heating. CBD oil is different from nicotine e-juice, CBD oil is more sticky and thick. Therefore, a pre-heating design can’t be more useful on the CBD disposable vape pen.

After pre-heating the oil in just 0.02s, the taste will reach the best state for vaping.

kryst 2.0 button controlled design

Besides the above features, KRYST 2.0 comes with many other smart and ergonomic designs.

First, it’s the transparent pod design. It makes it easy to see your e-liquid.
The second is the local filling design. It’s convenient and simple to fill the CBD vape juice.
Third, it’s portable in small size. It’s small than the size of a cell phone.
The last, 2.0Ml later capacity is very durable for daily vaping.
transparent design, local filling, pocketable, 2.0ml large capacity

Last but not the least, it’s customizable and can be modified to different versions with different colors and functions according to your own design by OEM.

customizable and can be modified in details according to your own design by OEM.


KRYST 2.0 CBD rechargeable and disposable vape pen will be one of your best choices for vaping CBD oils for its comprehensive and scientific designs.

Learn more from ALD official site for KRYST 2.0 and CBD vape pen OEM