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Myst Labs disposable e-cigarette G1 review – Extraordinary flavors and impressive scent


You can’t forget the wonderful scent of Myst Labs G1 for a lifetime after the very first puff.

Myst Labs G1 disposable vape pen is a lightweight and portable one-off pod e-cigarette that weighs less 5 grams and has a length of 5 cm. Here are the specifications of G1:

Product name: Myst G1

Battery: 280 mAh

Nicotine strength: 3%

E-liquid: 1.3 ml

E-liquid ingredients: Natural vegetable glycerin, medical grade propylene glycol, nicotine salt, edible grade spices

As we can see from above data, the battery and e-liquid are not good enough compared to pod systems like Myst P1. But it’s portable, the small size also makes it discreet.

According to the information on the packaging box, Myst G1 is produced by Shenzhen Wuling Technology Co,. Ltd. And the authorized producer is Shenzhen First Union Co., Ltd.

This product has a quality guarantee period and certificates like CE, RoHS. So the quality is ensured.

Now it comes to the most important part – vaping experience of the flavors. Here is the flavor rank of Myst G1 by VAPE HK:

Top 1 California Mongo Orange (Nicotine strength:3%)

It has a good consistent flavor, great for chain vaping. It’s not too sweet but has a distinct pancake with syrup taste, to the point that my girlfriend always craves pancakes when I vape around her. It’s not unique enough to be my favorite flavor, but is a great go-to if you need something tasty that will last a long time.

Top 2 Moroccan Mint (Nicotine strength:3%)

Looking for the best spearmint e-liquid with refreshing flavor! Vaping this naturally fresh spearmint e-liquid cools your throat with the slightly sweet cool minty flavor and refreshing aroma. A simply spearmint e Juice flavor blend with spot on delicious e-liquid flavors that makes a nice any time of day vaping juice.

Myst Labs disposable e-cigarette
Mint flavor

Top 3 Virginia Tobacco (Nicotine strength:5%)

It tastes totally the same as JUUL Virginia Tobacco flavor or even better than Juul, meanwhile, it has richer vapor production. Strong nicotine strength, so take care of the first inhale in case your throat isn’t ready for the hit. Small puff first then inhale bravely.

Myst Labs disposable e-cigarette
Virginia Tobacco

Top 4 Classic Chinese Style (Nicotine strength:5%)

It has less sweet and flavor than Virginia Tobacco. Traditional Chinese flue-cured tobacco. Tastes good. Designed for traditional smokers only.

Myst Labs disposable e-cigarette
Classic Chinese Style

Where to buy the Myst Labs disposable e-cigarette G1

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Myst G1 is a convenient and good taste disposable vape pen.Myst Labs disposable e-cigarette G1 review - Extraordinary flavors and impressive scent