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MYSTLABS new secrets that you haven’t even heard about


Many people have been impressed by MYSTLABS, or have a preliminary understanding to it. Xing Chenyue, a female scientist who invented nicotine salt in JUUL, is the founder of the MYSTLABS brand. The company established is called Shenzhen Wuling Technology.

But in Xing Chenyue’s mind, Wuling Technology is not a company, but a research and development organization; she is not an entrepreneur, but a scientist.

MYSTLABS Xing Chenyue
MYSTLABS Xing Chenyue

In Wuling Technology, she also positioned herself as a chief scientist, not a CEO.

In July, she received an invitation from GMIC, the Global Mobile Internet Conference, to give a keynote speech. Xing Chenyue said, “People who know me should know that I seldom come out to give speeches. It’s better not to go anywhere. Just leave me alone in the laboratory to do experiments.” Later, the organizer communicated that she was talking about “science and entrepreneurship”. She thought the topic was interesting and agreed to it.

In the current wave of electronic cigarettes sweeping all over the world, many people feel that the current electronic cigarette industry is facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities. The electronic cigarette industry is a 100-meter dash, but Xing Chenyue said, “This is a marathon,” which is just the beginning.

MYSTLABS Xing Chenyue

Juul is the leader of the U.S. e-cigarette industry, accounting for 76% of the U.S. e-cigarette market in 2018. Juul’s success is mainly based on the first-class product quality, the real smoke experience brought by the breakthrough of the core technology of nicotine salt, and the brand image building with great investment.

Based on the above successful logic, MYSTLABS will aim at the Chinese market, and achieve the following goals: to pursue a taste that is close to real smoke, to help smokers and their neighbors reduce harm; people-oriented product design concept, to make users happy to use; adhere to high-quality products, not compromise product safety for short-term interests; build a trustworthy brand.

MYSTLABS Xing Chenyue

At present, for many people, there are many mysterious places in MYSTLABS. In order to let you know more about MYSTLABS., we interviewed Xing Chenyue in response to the concerns of everyone. The following is the interview.

1. As the inventor of nicotine salt, do you use special vape juice of exclusive technology for MYSTLABS’s P1 currently on the market?

Xing: Our e-liquid is a formulation developed exclusively by us, and our selection criteria are very strict, with over 99% purity of nicotine raw liquor strictly selected.


2. What are the differences of flagship product P1 series compared to other products on the market?

Xing: Different flavors have different tastes, it’s difficult to compare; different tastes have different criteria. We can make it possible to punch the throat without piercing the throat and moderately imitate the natural particles when traditional cigarettes are burning. The vapor taste of P1 is specially designed for senior smokers in China. With the unique design of cartridge and atomizer, the vapor after atomization has a good balance of throat hit and smoothness.


3. What aspects of technology research is your company currently focusing on?

Xing: The company is currently engaged in innovative research and development of second-generation e-liquid (nicotine X), and is committed to providing mature smokers with a taste and satisfaction closer to real smoke from the e-liquid technology, and reducing the attraction of non-smokers and minors.


4. As the inventor of nicotine salt, how do you think about nicotine salt technology?

Xing: I think the nicotine salt e-liquid technology has really started to provide smokers with a choice close to the real smoke experience, stand out in the new tobacco products, so that many smokers through the help of electronic cigarettes, they alter from a pack of cigarettes a day to a pack of cigarettes a month, then finally completely free themselves from tar in cigarettes.


5. How do you think about future vape oil technology development?

Xing: E-liquid technology is mainly based on the core formula of nicotine. I think it is the future development direction to provide electronic cigarette users with the best taste and throat feel with the lowest nicotine content. We are already working on this research.


6. In your mind, Wuling Technology is not a company, but a research and development organization; you are not an entrepreneur, but a scientist.  So what’s the layout of the R&D of MYSTLABS?

Xing: In terms of research and development, the layout can be divided into three dimensions: 1) research on the formula of nicotine salt in the core of e-liquid; 2) research on new heater materials, atomizing e-liquid at lower temperature; 3) vaporizing devices, we need to add more intelligent chips to help users better understand their smoking habits, while making the atomization of nicotine salt e-liquid closer to the flavor of traditional cigarettes.



The electronic cigarette industry will continue to grow in the future. It can be imagined that only the brands insist on technological innovation and product quality can they stand out of so many competitors.

As a brand created by a scientist, MYSTLABS is the one who actually holds the core tech power in the field of electronic cigarette. It also makes the future development of MYSTLABS possible and promising.

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