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Myst Labs vape enters British hospitals, approved by official medical institutions


Shenzhen, China, May 5th, 18th 2020; London, United Kingdom, May 5th, 19th 2020 – While the leading new tobacco provider Myst Labs expanding against the trend in China, its overseas markets have also experienced explosive growth, taking the lead in the UK market, occupying offline & online sales channels. The number of Myst Labs offline retail stores in the UK has exceeded 300. It is worth noting that among the more than 300 retail stores in the UK, Myst Labs has 53 stores belonging to Ecigwizard, a well-known British electronic cigarette retailer. ECW is an electronic cigarette store that opened its stores in British hospitals. It was approved by the British government medical institutions, and its stores open in Birmingham City Hospital and Sandwell General Hospital.

ECW retail outlets all over the UK
ECW retail outlets all over the UK

The National Health Service of the UK has long recognized the use of electronic cigarettes as a way to quit smoking, and encouraged smokers to switch from traditional tobacco to electronic cigarettes. Public Health England has publicly stated that electric cigarettes are not harmless, but they are less harmful than traditional cigarettes by 95%. It is recommended that hospitals should sell electric cigarettes and provide vaping lounge to smoking patients to help create a smoke-free environment. Immediately in July 2019, the two largest medical institutions in the Birmingham region of the United Kingdom began to introduce this policy, and called electronic cigarettes as “public health necessities”. Selling electric cigarettes in hospitals is a part of the smoking ban in British hospitals.

From the beginning of entering the British market, Myst Labs has sought to cooperate with the most professional electronic cigarette retail channels in the local area. The principle of ECW’s selection of cooperative brands is “professional” and “quality”. With the cooperation agreement, Myst Labs has become the ECW’s most recommended pod system. Previously, Myst Labs products have been sold on ECW’s official website, and have been recommended on ECW’s home page. As to offline channels, British retail stores affected by the epidemic will resume operations in the next week. By then, more than 300 stores with Myst Labs will open, and Myst Labs products would be sold both online and offline.

Myst Labs is highly recommended on the ECW official page
Myst Labs vape is highly recommended on the ECW official homepage

Myst Labs held an online new product launch event in Shenzhen, China and the United States on April 4th this year, announcing the latest scientific research results of its scientist Dr. Xing Chenyue, Nicotine X, and using technology to promote the positive development of the industry.

Myst Labs CEO Chen Min stated that Myst Labs’ three-year goal is to rank among the top three brands in China market share and the top five in overseas market share. It is understood that in addition to the United Kingdom, Myst Labs has entered the markets of Canada, Southeast Asia, Russia, New Zealand and so on.

About Myst Labs:

Myst Labs is a new tobacco brand invented by Nicotine Salt and Nicotine X inventor, Dr. Xing Chenyue, which aims to provide low-hazard products that can replace combustible cigarettes for 1 billion smokers and people around them worldwide. Its R & D headquarters is located in the United States of America, and it has established an e-liquid research and development laboratory there, adhering to the QbD drug research and development philosophy respected by the US FDA, strictly in accordance with the US pharmaceutical production quality management system (GMP) for production and quality management. Besides, it has obtained professional recognition from many authoritative institutions around the world.

Myst Labs has launched the world’s first slider mouthpiece cover design vape P1, MEMS differential pressure sensor core vape S1 and other products. Currently, there are more than 3,000 Myst Labs retail terminals in China, covering 200+ cities across the country, and successively launches sales in the international markets of the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Malaysia and other countries.

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