Nicotine X pods vaping experience share

Thanks for the precious opportunity from Myst Labs, we got the Nicotine X technology pods/cartridges for an internal test. And today we tried the Red Bean flavor, the Lemon Oolong Tea flavor and the Mellow Tobacco flavor. All of them come with 1.7% nicotine strength. Following are the details.

We tested the pods on the new product Myst S1.

Myst Labs S1
Myst Labs S1 pod system (Not on sale)

Red Bean flavor (Nicotine X) vaping experience

Delicious red bean soap taste. With some yummy milk fragrance. Mellow, rich & smooth. Proper sugar amount added.

The throat hit feeling is strong though it only has a 1.7% nicotine strength. It creates a buzz in 6 seconds. Real high tech.

No Leakage found.

Nicotine X
Nicotine X flavors

Lemon Oolong Tea flavor (Nicotine X) vaping experience

Strong & high-end Oolong tea fragrance with a bit of Lemon inside. Refreshing, not greasy.

It doesn’t irritate your throat, no harsh in the back of your throat. Silky & smooth feeling.

It should be PG, high-end e-liquid base. Better than above Red Bean flavor.

No Leakage found.

Mellow Tobacco (Mellow 3) flavor (Nicotine X) vaping experience

It feels like smoking. But the experience is better than smoking. It restores the fragrance, clouds, throat hit & smell of cigarettes perfectly while kicks out all the bad parts of the smells & side effects of smoking.

Meanwhile, its throat hit is strong. And it stops your craving for cigarettes well.

Tell it like it is, smokers can’t go back to smoking after vaping on Mellow 3.


Nicotine X pods use the least nicotine amount to create maximum throat hit & buzz, isn’t it revolutionary? It would be popular soon.

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