Monday, June 17, 2024

Is Myst e-cigarette safe?


Myst e-cigarette is safe compared to cigarettes and its e-liquid is made of the best formula with top quality.

Overall, all the e-cigarettes may still be harmful to health while they are much safer than cigarettes. Nicotine is addictive and strictly prohibited for minors. Meanwhile, it’s also not recommended to vape for pregnant, cardiovascular and respiratory disease patients. Once e-cigarettes are used by appropriate adult smokers, they are safe.

Moreover, e-cigarette buyers should take responsibility to prevent kids from e-cigarette products. Besides, stop using vapes immediately if you feel uncomfortable, especially vape juice containing THC. Luckily, Mystlabs cartridges only have nicotine inside, and it’s closed type, which is impossible to add any harmful additives like fatal vitamin E acetate. Myst Labs device is relatively safe just like other closed pod systems.

The closed pod system including Myst Lab pod device also comes with 2 obvious safety advantages. First, it’s vaping temperature is low compared to cigarettes and box mod vapes. This temperature produces much less formaldehyde and heavy metal. Second, its battery is safe from the explosion. We heard lots of mod vapes with crazy 500W capacity batteries lead to endless terrible explosions and do terrible physical harm to the human body irreversibly and greatly. Taking a pod system like P1 will free you from this worry.

According to the author’s real vaping experience, Myst P1’s pleasant to vape and it’s comfortable and dry hits free from the first puff to last.

Myst Labs’ e-liquid is made of vegetable glycerin (VG). propylene glycol, salt nicotine, flavors. Since it’s VG based e-liquid, it’s natural and doesn’t stimulate your throat too much and makes the vaping experience smooth. Meanwhile, tt has nicotine content 5% and 3% for choosing. Smokers, no matter beginners or veterans, all have their flavor among the Myst’s list.

Myst Labs e-cigarette classic edition P1 pod device is a new cartridge-based e-cigarette designed in San Francisco. It’s a pod system produced by Shenzhen Wuling technology Co. Ltd, which is established by the nicotine salt inventor Xing Chenyue, the former chief scientist of Juul.

Myst Labs company’s founder is the expert in the vape field and knows what’s best in the e-liquid and takes the use of cutting edge technology to ensure its best vaping experience. This product quality is ensured by the scientist’s name so it’s reliable.

Though Myst Labs P1 is sold for about 40 USD, its performance outraces its price. The P1 starter kit comes with a 450 mAh battery(almost biggest capacity among most pod systems), a slider cover design(world-first mouthpiece protection design) and a high-end durable alloy shell with a metallic luster, which is made above the ordinary cost. As far as the author concerned, it worths at least 50 USD. It’s designed for professional and supreme vapers.

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