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MYSTLABS P1 review – Cleaner mouthpice makes you healthier


MYSTLABS brand was released on July 27. It has attracted considerable attention from the public. One of the founders of the brand is Xing Yuechun, a former chief scientist of JUUL. At the same time, it also has a group of business operation experts and capital support, which makes it ready for everything. And MYSTLABS P1 itself has a lot of characteristics, so it is worth exploring and reviewing today.


The packing box has a push-pull design. There’s nothing special to say about this. Anyway, how can the major brands differentiate from others?



The exterior design of the device is the most important feature of MYSTLABS P1. First, the first device in the industry adopts push-pull design. It is said that it came from IDEO, the former Apple mouse design team ( the best one is the most useful one). The greatest advantage of this push-pull design is dust-proof. It’s important when carrying it. When it is put in the bag, the mouthpiece is bare, which can not guarantee hygiene. This design is based on the full consideration of this pain point. Seriously speaking, this design is very good, and the cleanness of the mouthpiece should be paid attention to.


Colour: There are only two colours at present – silver and black. I don’t know if the brand side will produce more colors in the future. According to my guess, it will!

Weight and length are also different from other brands: the product’s shell is stainless steel, battery capacity is 350mAh, device weight is 36.8g, compared with the commonly seen aluminum alloy shell and battery capacity of the same specifications of the device, the weight is twice as high, so it is quite heavy in hand. In terms of length, because space is reserved to accommodate carts, the length of device is longer than that of most other brands (one more cartridge length).


In the case of more complex control motherboard, more functions have been added, such as over-current protection, under-voltage protection, over-charge protection of cores and fuse protection of charging, so more capacitors have been used.


LED lamp: LED lamp has a complex control motherboard, and also achieves more functions:

Respiratory Flash of LED Red Lamp in Charging

Charging Complete – LED White Light on

Electricity > 20%-LED White Lamp Flashes Gradually

LED Red Light Flashes Gradually

Electricity Less than 5%-LED Red Flash 3 times

Battery: Battery capacity mentioned above – 350 mAh, basically most of the capacity design, it supports 1-day use easily.



Atomizing core: The atomizing core is honeycomb ceramic atomizing core, but there are many kinds of so-called ceramic atomizing core on the market at present. The atomizing core used by the company’s pod should be heating wire + ceramic atomizing core.


Flavors: There are four flavors on the market at present, including classic tobacco, international mixed tobacco, Arctic ice and California orange. They don’t have many flavors yet.

Capacity: Tank capacity is 1.3ML. Compared with the mainstream pods on market, the storage capacity is smaller. I guess the designer try to meet the push-pull design of the device. If the capacity is too large, it can only be lengthened, which may have a greater impact on aesthetics.

MYSTLABS p1 reivew

Vaping experience

Taste is very important for electronic cigarettes. The original product in the starter kit is classic tobacco and Arctic ice. The taste of classic tobacco is very smooth and delicate. It is very excellent in similar products. The company’s chief scientist has the world’s top experience and technology in e-liquid research and development, which should be the advantage of MYSTLABS. But the amount of vapor experience is not particularly rich, it is more moderate, this should have a greater relationship with the atomization core, the use of ceramic + heating wire atomization core products compared to the back film printing of ceramic atomization core, the amount of vapor will be slightly smaller, which depends on personal preferences.


The company’s product design is different. You should guess that the price of the product is higher than that of similar products. First of all, the price of the suit is 399/set, which is 33% higher than the general 299 suits. The price of carts is one-up to that of mass electronic cigarette products – 99 yuan per box, 3 pieces per pack as standard. The capacity of cart is 1.3ML, the number of puffs is 280-350. Take SnowPlus as an example, the price of this popular product is still 93/box, which is also marked with 3 pieces. The capacity of each is 2ml, and the number of puffs is 600-700. Therefore, the price of a single pod of RELX is about 40%-70% higher than that of the same pod.


Overall, MYSTLABS P1 is a good product. Compared with a large number of homogeneous electronic cigarette products on the market, its product design has made great efforts in both function and e-liquid. The design and functionality of the device are the highlights, and the taste and reductivity of the vape juice are very good, but the amount of smoke is moderate (this depends on personal preferences). Of course, different products will have different prices, you can try if you’re interested.


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