Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Vaporesso Carries Out a Multi-brand Strategy Launching a New Brand Renova


Vaporesso, IECIE‘s own brand, lays out a multi-brand strategy and launches a new brand Renova

Inspired by “0”

Flowing the smooth beauty of the arc

Zero is coming quietly


The moment you meet

Smart curves are in front of you

Exuding irresistible charm


Vaporesso lays out a multi-brand strategy, and its new brand Renova is launched.


Renova focuses on the development of POD products, as its pioneering work – Zero,


Being placed high hopes, indicating a new beginning and a new journey.


Product parameters

Size: 31×13.5×80.2mm

Capacity: 2ml

Built-in battery: 650 mAh

Three-speed adjustable power: 9-12.5W

Charging current: 1A


Product features

  1. Innovative PTF (press type) oil filling system,iseasy to operate and effectively prevent leakage.
  2. Three-speed adjustable power (9-12.5W).
  3. Pre-installed Vaporesso’s highly acclaimed CCELL ceramic atomizing core.

A special ceramic heating material that restores the purest smoky flavor,

meeting the best nicotine transmission experience.

  1. LoadingOMNI Board Mini chip, supportingfast charge,

it takes only 45 minutes to complete Zero charging; it also has multiple protection features,

ensuring user experience and security.


  1. Material: zinc alloy + PCTG.

For the first time, PCTG materials are applied to e-cigarette products in the market.

PCTG materials have passed the US Food and Drug Administration standards for food contact.

mainly used in food, medicine and other fields.


Product packaging



Starting with Zero

There is nothing impossible

In the future, it is even more infinite.


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