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Stubborn Lone Wolf – SNOWWOLF WOCKET POD SYSTEM Review


Hello, everyone. I’m glad to meet you at VAPE HK. Did you have any new device or practice your old coiling art honestly? It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you can find out your favorite device and use it all the time.

Today, I’d like to share a small device that is suitable for vaping nicotine salt with rich vapor amount. If you’re considering to start with a starter kit while being afraid that its battery life is not enough, or if you’re a mod user who wishes to try something new, it’s recommended to try this mod that Captain Dirty brought to you today.

Brand brief view

Let’s talk about the brand first.

SNOWWOLF, if calculated by time, is not too much to say that it is a manufacturer from the ancient dinosaur age with fossils outside. However, the rate of exposure in public of their product is not satisfactory in recent years. Perhaps its overseas business is their main focus. Anyway, the first box mod of Captain Dirty is the mirror suface 200W SNOWWOLF. If you remember correctly, there was also the ASMODUS trademark on it. It’s not surprising that Sigelei SNOWWOLF box mod is also this SNOWWOLF. My God, speaking of this, Captain Dirty really can’t see the whole strategic deployment of SNOWWOLF clearly. In a words, it’s quite puzzling. Let’s just feel the device well. It’s better to bring you a really useful device than analyze the market and brand too much.

Product description

Product packaging:

It adopts the common drawer type subpackage, pulls out the paper box showing the SNOWWOLF logo inside the outer package, opens the paper box, the product is clear at a glance, the device is with plastic film protection, a series of bla bla bla bla instructions, warranty cards, quality certificates and a bright charging line that’s offensive to the eye of Captain Dirty, and the charging line has the SNOWWOLF logo.




To put it simply, if this kind of packaging wants to be sold in China at present, obviously, there is something lacked to please the eyes of the customers. In terms of design, it’s well behaved and compact, and all the things it should express are shown.


The packing of the tank is a consistent international style still. Amazingly, the tank is not in the same packing with the device, which makes me puzzled about how the manufacturer dude thinks by taking the separate packing mode.


Product overview:

The device has power settings. The ignition key and adjustment key are distributed on both sides of the display screen. The screen is not LED at present, but an old-fashioned “pixel screen”. Looks a bit of cheap.


Both the front and back are black mirrors, with logo and product name on them. Because Captain Dirty got the solid color, I think the highlight is the stable wood resin panel. Unfortunately, the playability is not high, and there is no panel replacing way.


The power is set as a cycle, with only one adjustment key. The lowest value is 5W, and the highest value is 20W. It’s suitable for vaping nicotine salt vape juice, needless to say. It’s the taste type one.


The tank is 3ml, which is about 0.5ml-1ml more than most of the pods on the market. The quantity is absolutely enough for all the old vapers and starters.

I like the design of the mouthpiece very much. In short, it’s a bit old style. The 510 interface mouthpiece can be replaced. The mouthpiece has adjustable air holes. It can be adjusted freely according to your own taste or replaced by yourself according to your preferences.

The atomizing core is quite in line with the current trend. It has a new and durable mesh with good heating uniformity and less carbon deposition, which is obvious.

There are two places to adjust the air intake. The bottom of the atomizing core is not only the bracket, but also the air intake regulation of the mouthpiece itself.



In order to truly reflect the taste of this device and so on, three kinds of e-liquid were used for testing.

Let’s talk about the feelings:

1. Refiner litchi flavor 35mg (nicotine salt version)

10W The taste is not good, and it lacks the processing details.

15W The taste is just right, but the details are still lacked.

2. Classic flavor of Milk Donkey 3mg

10W Can’t feel the taste, pure vapor and throat punch.

18W Pure taste and it makes you comfortable

3. VP (nicotine salt version)

15W is suitable and tastes comfortable

Comprehensive feeling: because of the reticular heating, it heats up quickly, and vapor comes out instantly after sucking, the user experience is better.

The above data is for reference only




From the product itself, the workmanship is rough, but also acceptable to consumers. In terms of the product’s extensibility, it is actually unlimited, after all, it can be improved too much, such as other choices of different power atomizing cores in later use, and the upgrade of the product’s appearance playability. As for the experience, I think it can meet the eligible standard. It has reached certain standards in terms of box mod and replacing cigarettes. And it can switch back and forth. I think it is a good highlight. Whether the stubborn lone wolf is strong or not, whether it needs more experience, it needs more feedbacks from the mouth of more vaper friends.

I’m Captain Dirty, see you later.

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From the product itself, the workmanship is rough, but also acceptable to consumers. In terms of the product's extensibility, it is actually unlimited. It has reached certain standards in terms of box mod and replacing cigarettes.Stubborn Lone Wolf - SNOWWOLF WOCKET POD SYSTEM Review