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FlashHeart nicotine salt vape juice review – DirtyCheck No. 19



How are you doing recently? Ha ha ha ha ha, I’m sorry, I can’t help laughing out, China vape e-commerce platforms basically died in response to national policy, you can only go to physical stores or individual sales channels to buy vape related things, isn’t it very hurt? The injury is a little bit. Maybe it will be better in the future?

Not much to say. The product is still coming out, and the review has to be done. Let’s talk about our old friend, Flashheart.

FlashHeart nicotine salt vape juice review

Flash Heart

An old friend who we have known for a long time, although it didn’t give Captain Dirty a big surprise, it seems to be all right. Why Captain Dirty wrote about it must have its own reason.

Product packaging

In terms of product packaging, the design of the whole white bottle can jump out of many products at a glance. The design of our red flash heart logo is very beautiful, and there is a row of small fonts below to mark its taste. The Chinese label, including the plastic seal, also complies with the relevant national laws and regulations.

Below are the production date and warranty date. It is very intuitive to see when you bought the oil. It’s very considerate. The warranty period is two years.

FlashHeart nicotine salt vape juice review

Product flavors

FlashHeart nicotine salt vape juice review
Crystal grape, mung bean sand ice, zero degree mint, frozen watermelon, mixed tobacco, White Peach Oolong

FlashHeart nicotine salt vape juice review

Product user experience

Review device:

Do pod sytem, Relx pod system

Crystal Grape  ★★★☆

In fact, the taste is the same as the pod system. The sweetness is too heavy. It’s the same feeling as Master Kang’s Crystal Grape. It’s sweeter than first love, but Captain Dirty prefers the flavor with a little fruit sour, which is more real.

Mungbean ice ★★★★

Captain Dirty has always been not very understanding of mung bean sand ice, because such a taste, OK, is still the sentence “existence with rationality”, the overall flavor comes with a very fresh feeling, more in line with the taste of our people, the cool feeling with the impact of mung bean is that kind of summer relief.

Zero Degree MINT ★★★★☆

If you want to make the product well, mint flavor is indispensable. This taste interprets the feeling of heart cooling. Menthol is extracted properly without bitterness. But if it brings a little bitter taste, I think it will be more real, more in line with the characteristics of mint. If I don’t want to feel bitter, I personally think it’s very good to use the taste of spearmint to give a punch.

Ice watermelon ★★☆☆☆

The taste of frozen watermelon is not very surprising frankly, but it will not deserve a bad review. The sweetness of watermelon is too high, which dilutes the overall proportion. The feedback of taste is average, and the watermelon flavor is really not easy to make, which needs to be strengthened.

Mixed tobacco ★★★★☆

The performance of mixed tobacco is very good, I feel a little butter, but the astringency of tobacco dilutes butter. I think the overall sense of proportion is the best. Friends who like this kind of tobacco can try it.

White Peach Oolong ★★★★☆

It’s a problem with Flash Heart’s disposable pod vape. The tea flavor is less. If the tea flavor is improved, the taste will deserve five stars well.

FlashHeart nicotine salt vape juice review


As mentioned before, as you can see, the performance of such a product is average. Why should Captain Dirty bother to write about it? The reason is very simple. The quality of the vape juice is really very good. It doesn’t have a strong “grainy feeling” like inferior tobacco e-liquid. It’s very smooth and comfortable to use. If it hasn’t met the requirements of the long-term stock, it must be the second choice after long term stock. We also hope that FLASHHEART can offer more flavors with core competitiveness and more easy-to-use products.

Where to buy FLASHHEART vape juice:

Add Wechat: lyyy825320724

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The quality of the FLASHHEART vape juice is really very good.FlashHeart nicotine salt vape juice review - DirtyCheck No. 19