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Shaky E-JUICE apple tobacco flavor review – DirtyCheck No. 30



Greetings, fans of VAPE.HK & Captain Dirty! Today is the first workday of Captain Dirty, and I’m gonna share a nice and popular e-liquid. Though the vape industry is affected by the novel coronavirus, the good thing is the goods can be shipped normally by most shipping companies now. Did you almost run out of your stock of e juice? Do you want something new? Today’s protagonist is Shaky of OREGONVAPOR, apple tobacco!

Brand Introduction

OREGONVAPOR is actually a relatively unfamiliar brand to most people. You can go to Instagram to find out more (Click here for #OREGONVAPOR). E-liquid produced by this company is currently very well-received among pro vapers. And it is necessary to share it with everyone.

Shaky E-JUICE apple tobacco

Product Introduction

Shaky currently comes with several types of tobacco flavors: apple tobacco, peach tobacco, apple tobacco with ice, and peach tobacco.

In consumer feedbacks, apple tobacco is the best word of mouth.

From the packaging, the design is also very good, with strong visual impact, eye-catching Shaky logo. Apple tobacco’s design says “NOT FOOD DO NOT EAT” also indirectly illustrates the high quality of this vape juice in the author’s mind.

Shaky E-JUICE apple tobacco

The flank side writes 0.0% of NICOTINE. There are very few e-liquids containing nicotine in foreign countries. Nicotine is added by users themselves when they buy e-liquid, but this e-liquid of Captain Dirty is the Chinese version, so there is nicotine content labeling at the bottom.

Shaky E-JUICE apple tobacco

The other side is the website address of OREGONVAPOR, some necessary signs and VG / PG ratio.

Shaky E-JUICE apple tobacco

The quality of e-liquid is relatively good, the color is also normal, and the additives should be scientific.

Shaky E-JUICE apple tobacco

Product Problem

Seeing this title is not a little panicky, haha.

In fact, it is the problem of quality control. There is nothing wrong with this e-liquid. The problem is the e-liquid bottle. The oil-filling hole of the e-liquid bottle and the link between the oil bottle is a triangle. This is a very serious problem in quality control. You can not squeeze with big pressure or it will explode itself out, eject the e-liquid, which is wasteful.

This is the scene of my tragedy.

Shaky E-JUICE apple tobacco

Product Experience

6mg e-liquid vaped by Captain Dirty

Reference data: 1.21ohm double twisted coils 30GA 9.5W

In fact, when you open the e-liquid cover, you can smell a very fragrant apple flavor, followed by the entrained tobacco smell. I think it is an interesting e-liquid.
Adding it to the atomizer, taking a sip gives me a very subtle feeling. The front taste is a little bit acidic, and then with the richness of the vapor, the original taste of the apple is changed, and it becomes a dry experience of tobacco. When it is finally exhaled, it returns with the original fragrance of apple, it is a really good e-liquid.

Shaky E-JUICE apple tobacco


Although Shaky produced by OREGONVAPOR is relatively unknown in the industry, I think this e-liquid is a very good e-liquid with special characteristics in tobacco flavor. The only drawback is that the quality control of the packaging is kind of careless. It should be more rigorous or upgrade its own canned packaging. Apple tobacco, with the dryness in the fragrance, gives vaper a refreshing contemplation.

Where to buy Shaky E-JUICE apple tobacco


Vape how we roll,All in TrueToy

I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Captain Dirty Cooperation Wechat: SaingCiao

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A high-quality e-liquid with a little defect in packaging.Shaky E-JUICE apple tobacco flavor review - DirtyCheck No. 30