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When it comes to BB boxes, many people will say it’s classic. After the first generation came out, it is almost popular all the time. You can picture how popular it is. In the opinion of Captain Dirty, the BB box is almost the master of the electronic cigarette industry. The combination with the DNA chip is basically one of the vapers’ graduation products.

Whether it is a variety of accessories, including buttons, mouthpiece, covers, or the DIY of the atomizer kit, it is worshipped and respected by vapers around the world.

At the same time, the excellent vape juice storage capacity is also deeply loved by vapers. Some of the limited editions released by BB boxes before are in short supply.

So, let’s take a look at today’s protagonist, how does BilletBox 2020 perform?

Brand Introduction

BilletBox doesn’t even need my introduction, it’s the old OG in the e-cigarette industry, only one bb box product is almost the entire history of the e-cigarette industry.

Product Introduction


Its packaging has always been a point I want to criticize, whether it is the kraft paper-colored top cover, or the current black heaven and earth cover, such a classic product, shouldn’t the brand do a good job in packaging, at least for consumers to make it look more luxury? Let me put it in perspective, the subtext of BilletBox is “My stuff is so good that it doesn’t need a fancy appearance”, okay, not a big deal.

BilletBox 2020 review

Open the package, we can see the device itself and some various kits and manuals and the like.

BilletBox 2020 review

It’s still a familiar taste, a familiar recipe, and it’s really something that doesn’t improve, okay, not a big deal, too.

Open the console panel, we can clearly see the “usa2020” and “BilletBox” LOGO words, this design would not only be scolded by the boss but also criticized by the vaper. Buttons and charging holes are here, nothing has changed.

BilletBox 2020 review

On the other side is the console, including the battery level and the voltage adjustment key and voltage adjustment panel.

BilletBox 2020 review


The accessories are still the same. Kanger’s tank RBA and Nautilus RBA. To be honest, they are really classic. I personally prefer tank RBA. Now some manufacturers ’RBAs almost copy the Kanger’s tank RBA.

A big smog and a tasteful configuration are also reasonable.

BilletBox 2020 review BilletBox 2020 review

Atomization core

The original atomization core is really not very easy to use. It still uses the design of 4 or 5 years ago. The sliding glass sliding position of the panel is relatively on a low level. Now we have a frequent rate of vape juice change. It is much more frequent than it was 4 or 5 years ago. If the e-liquid has not been used up when the atomizing core is changed, it will be very embarrassing, and it wastes the e-liquid indeed.

BilletBox 2020 review


In fact, the workmanship of BilletBox is sometimes a contradiction. The small details are in place and can be described with exquisiteness. However, the planning and exposure of the small parts will make me give it a bad review. The size of 88mm * 54mm * 24mm seems to be out of tune with the current market demand. For example, the size control of Patri and Elf that imitate it is very in line with the current era. Of course, classics are classics. The combination of DNA chips gives this device a strong advantage, and it is also the king of all DIY accessories.

BilletBox 2020 review

Product DIY

The DIY body of the product is the soul of BilletBox and the biggest advantage at present.
All brands of electronic cigarettes can find the matching point on BilletBox regardless of material, process, and structure. On this point, Captain Dirty don’t think it’s a big deal, and it is invincible.
The customized color schemes of all parties are vividly displayed on this device.
(The picture below is from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please inform Captain Dirty to deal with it, thank you)

BilletBox 2020 review BilletBox 2020 review BilletBox 2020 review BilletBox 2020 review BilletBox 2020 review


Today, Captain Dirty also got the currently hot four-box shell Vape atnizoo, which is also a classic accessory.

BilletBox 2020 review BilletBox 2020 review

It’s a little obvious that the combination of gas and vape juice injection are better than the original configuration, which is why the I like BilletBox. As for what setting is needed, it’s about personal preference, how do you think?

In the case of membranes, the interface of a net heating wire has also come out recently. It is really a variety of diamond. How can you not love it?

BilletBox 2020 review

To sum up

For the previous product, the high price has stopped players. Now the price of about 700 is acceptable. I feel that it is the best time to buy in BilletBox. Such a device that can cover the entire history of e-cigarettes is already rare, Captain Dirty can be very responsible to say that this is a vaper’s ultimate device.

As a friendly reminder, you must master the mode of the case when matching a variety of cases. The loose-wound heating wire must be loosely wound, and the cotton must be repaired, so as not to experience the unsatisfactory experience.

In terms of hands-on, the operation & process of using BilletBox is indeed more complex than that of other boxes. Friends who do not like tossing around should retreat from it, because this is originally a device for players, which is the fun of hands-on and the infinite experience of DIY.

Have you fallen in love with such a device?
OK, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time

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