Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Captain Dirty Ciao is coming with great momentum into VAPE HK


Captain Dirty (Ciao) Captain Dirty (Ciao)

Captain Dirty Ciao, an independent reviewer in the active vaping circle.

He has compiled numerous and various reviews of electronic cigarette products.

This guy used to explain the quality of a product in a humorous and hilarious way.

His unboxing uses sharp words to whip the product into an update.

And he is good at rapping products and brands into tears, which makes his style more distinct and outstanding.

The brands he has cooperated with include ASVAPE、OZside、ASMODUS、BDVAPE、FlashHeart……

More than 500k individual hits of his vape reviews in the Chuibox platform in China have been harvested by him.

Its own TrueToyStudio personal self-media is popular with vape players and friends in China.

Today, he makes a strong presence at VAPE HK.

Captain Dirty Ciao Wechat account: SiangCiao

Welcome Captain Dirty Ciao!

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