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FUMYTECH Rose MTL RTA atomizer review – DirtyCheck No. 24


Hello everyone, I’m TrueToy’s Captain Dirty. Nice to meet you again! At present, the pod vape market is popular, and the mod vape RDA atomizer is not well recognized by most people. However, the DIY feature is hindered by pod vapes. Therefore, some friends consider the RTA or RDTA type with strong endurance. Some old hands are still vaping with classic Wuziqi atomizer. Such MTL atomizer has its own market in the case of low temperature and low heat.


Fumytech, I think all the friends who know the Captain Dirty know it.

Products like Dragon Beads, Wind Power and Whirlwind will surely be known! Captain Dirty likes Dragon Beads very much. I hope this Rose can also bring me a surprise. What Captain Dirty gets is a new golden version, and the old one is red. Although the RTA atomizer of ROSE MTL is also called Rose, the ROSE V2S is quite different. Rose MTL adopts the current mainstream diameter of 24mm, which can not only be basically matched with the current box mod device, but also perform excellently in endurance. Perhaps the most comfortable thing is that this atomizer is an MTL atomizer, which is very suitable for smoking high-quality vape juice.

Product introduction


Plastic packaging

Black box

On the back is the notice and list in English

Manufacturer logo on the side

At the top is a gold rose logo

FUMYTECH RoseMTL atomizer review FUMYTECH RoseMTL atomizer review


Atomizer * 1
Mouthpiece * 2
Glass tank * 1
Rubber ring * 8
Heating coils * 4
Cotton * 1
Screwdriver * 1
Screw * 5

FUMYTECH RoseMTL atomizer reviewFUMYTECH RoseMTL atomizer review


Atomizer top cover gold rose logo

The entire top cover is designed to look like a rose petal

Compared with the old version of red, it is basically the same

The only big difference is that there is no old version of the anti vape juice spitting design on the top cover

That’s why Captain Dirty really doesn’t know does cost saving deserve it

The anti condensation design of the whole atomizer is also remarkable

The e-liquid splashing prevention design at the top of the atomizing tank makes the vaping inhalation process of the atomizer very clean

The possibility of vape juice spiting and condensate entering the nozzle is greatly reduced

The mouthpiece has an inverted hook design, which also prevents the vape juice spitting and condensate from entering the nozzle to the maximum degree

It seems that the old version of the cross anti vape juice spitting on the top cover is not necessary,

Just one more design and one more insurance

Small hole type adjustable intake structure

The air intake openings on both sides are 3 and 5 respectively, so naughty

The adjustment of the air hole ring is provided with gridding treatment, which can increase the user’s adjustment treatment and increase the friction

The part of the atomizer electrode table is also really excellent

Four screws can fix many heating coils

Users can install heating coil in front or back

The design of the vape juice refilling port is very similar to the revolver bullet hole. It’s really exquisite

Another change is the cotton hole. The old one is round

Now it’s semicircle and frameless on the side, which is good for vape juice absorption

FUMYTECH RoseMTL atomizer reviewFUMYTECH RoseMTL atomizer review


Heating coil of original package

Double set (data is 0.36)

Single set (data is 0.63)

Single is better

Recommended data: 26ga / 7-turn plain silk

FUMYTECH RoseMTL atomizer review

User experience

How much do you students learn about it? How about taking practice together with the lead of Captain Dirty?

Captain dirty first used the heating coil of silk double set of the original package (the data is 0.36). It’s really comfortable in the taste, but one thing, because of the double set, the mouthpiece is relatively hot, which affects the taste. So I drop it with resolution at once. It’s better to use a single set with original silk. Well, it’s comfortable. It’s OK to feel by Captain Dirty myself. Hahaha, the students only need to watch the picture. How to say, the front, middle and back flavors are all incisively and vividly expressed, which is perfect. After all, in order to pursue the most comfortable taste, we have to constantly try to adjust the coil for data and so on. In terms of the performance of atomizer, the intake structure of ROSE MTL is actually very common, which can’t be said to be ordinary, it’s simple and meet the needs of daily life. The praiseworthy tank warehouse, 3.5ml, is really a very awesome value. I use it by myself, full tank, one warehouse a day, no need to refill the vape juice, and it’s beautiful. The cotton delivered is not ordinary cotton. The quality and oil conducting speed are OK and stable.

FUMYTECH RoseMTL atomizer review


OK, let me summarize for you, so as to get prepared for being spot-checked in the entrance examination for a higher school. The appearance of the product is superior. If ROSE MTL needs to upgrade, it cancels the cross of the old version of the top cover, but the new one doesn’t, I suggest that it’s better to use a leak hole. If it’s officially anti-condensation and anti spitting, isn’t it better? In fact, the screws need to be upgraded a little. Although the fixation is very good, there is a small flaw, that is, the coil will move around a little bit more or less when it is set up. Novice friends who use it will be affected in user experience. It is suggested to increase the stress area of the screw head and increase a small circle, so the user experience will be better. I won’t say much about the taste. It’s really smooth, consistent and comfortable. As mentioned in the article, the three flavors can be clearly reflected. Of course, the data of the students are also needed. Because it’s MTL type, the taste difference will be much more obvious than that of a rebuildable dripping atomizer. Folks who like the taste, tangle the endurance, consider the appearance, it’s recommended for you to buy ~ Tell the truth, there is no surprise in it. Besides the design, the atomizer is very simple from its performance, maybe this simple feature is the essence of the ROSE! Simple in the amazing!

Vape how we Roll, all in TrueToy

I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time!


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