Friday, April 19, 2024

Smoore launched the Mission Sword – Working with police to destroy dozens of counterfeit workshops


The vape industry has developed vigorously in recent years. With its leading technology and strong R&D capabilities, Smoore’s products become popular widely, and groups that copy and counterfeit Smoore’s products are beginning to emerge.

Counterfeiters use inferior materials to manufacture products in workshops that do not conform to hygienic standards and technical specifications, so as pour them into the market for profits. These inferior products not only seriously disrupt the normal market order, but also bring great safety risks to the vast number of users.

smoore counterfeit

Smoore, headquartered in Shenzhen, has a strong R&D team, always insists on independent innovation, owns the leading basic research institute and testing center of atomization technology, and is committed to building the world’s leading atomization technology platform. And it has more than 1000 trademarks and patents in the field of atomization technology. VAPORESSO, RENOVA, FEELM, CCELL and other products are the company’s own products or technology brands, Smoore has independent intellectual property rights for these products. These products are marketed in dozens of countries and regions around the world. They are recognized and praised in the global market and have a wide range of brand influence.smoore counterfeit

Some counterfeiters and sellers take risks at all costs, which is a serious illegal act. The Smoore company resolutely safeguards the interests of consumers and its own legitimate rights and interest. Meanwhile, it will continue to increase global efforts to combat counterfeiting. Consumers also need to open up their eyes and choose formal channels to protect their legitimate rights and interests.


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