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Myst Labs releases Nicotine X technology

Nicotine salt inventor's latest scientific research result to promote the transformation of the electronic cigarette industry


Shenzhen, China, April 8, 2020; San Jose, United States, April 7, 2020Myst Labs, a leading new tobacco provider, held an online global new product launch today, announcing its latest R & D result Nicotine X.

Myst Labs Nicotine X press conference & media interview details

This is the new generation of nicotine technology dedicated to e-cigarettes following the discovery of nicotine salt by the founder of Myst Labs, Dr. Chenyue Xing. Nicotine X pioneered the Lego formula. It was designed and combined from more than ten “former tobacco original formula parts”. In addition to strictly calculating the acid-base molar ratio balance of each formula raw material and nicotine, it also introduced the consideration of the three-dimensional structure of organic molecules from the perspective of the effective space used for the bonding between the molecules, the proportion of each formula raw material is precisely adjusted. In the case of reducing the nicotine content of e-liquid to 1.7%, it still provides smokers with a proper buzz and a clearer throat hit, so as to provide smokers with new addiction relieving options rather than new sources of addiction. Another breakthrough of “Nicotine X” is, it solved the problem of extracting the original flavor of natural tobacco. It takes the use of a special refining process to restore the unique flavor experience of Chinese flue-cured cigarettes for smokers.

Nicotine X draft of the scientist inventor
Nicotine X draft of the scientist inventor, Chenyue Xing

“Nicotine X” is another important technological breakthrough in the global new tobacco field after nicotine salt. This technology was developed by Myst Labs. Myst Labs, located in Silicon Valley, USA, is considered to be one of the top three e-liquid research and development laboratories in the world. Dr. Chenyue Xing, the technical inventor of “Nicotine X”, invented nicotine salt in 2015, said, “Myst Labs has always been committed to the pursuit of true smoke taste while reducing nicotine content. The original intention of Myst Labs was to provide smokers with new addiction relieving options, reduce tar and reduce harm, rather than become a new source of addiction .” It is reported that Myst Labs’s 1.7% nicotine content meets EU standards and is far below the current mainstream content of 5% in Chinese vape products. At present, the latest flavors of Myst Labs “No. 3 Mellow” series take the use of “Nicotine X” technology.

About Myst Labs

Myst Labs is a new tobacco brand founded by the inventor of nicotine salt, Dr. Chenyue Xing. It is committed to providing low-hazard products that can replace combustible cigarettes for 1 billion smokers and second-hand smokers around the world. Its R & D headquarters is located in Silicon Valley, USA. Myst Labs is an e-liquid research and development laboratory. Adhering to the QbD drug R & D philosophy promoted by the US FDA, it strictly follows the US pharmaceutical production quality management system (GMP) for production and quality management, and has obtained many professional certificates from global authorities & institutions. Myst Labs has launched the world’s first slider mouthpiece cover electronic cigarette P1 and other series products. At present, it has more than 3,000 retail terminal outlets in China, covering 200+ cities across the country, and will expand its market successively in the UK, the United States, Canada, Malaysia and more.

About Chenyue Xing

Chenyue Xing, founder of Myst Labs, Ph.D. in chemical engineering, University of California, female Chinese scientist. She has worked as a scientist in North American pharmaceutical companies such as MAP and has been engaged in the research and development of respiratory medicines, committing to improving human respiratory health. In 2013, she was the chief scientist in JUUL and invented nicotine salt. In 2016, she participated in the development of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) e-cigarette industry standards.

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