Wotofo PROFILE RDTA/RDA review- DirtyCheck No.82

Although the global market is currently being hit by pod vapes,

There are always mod brands that have been targeting professional players with good products.

WOTOFO is such a brand created for vaping enthusiasts.

Today’s product is based on its previously produced Profile RDA,
The new product is RDTA.

Wotofo PROLILE RDTA/RDA review

Wotofo PROFILE RDTA/RDA introduction

Box content

This Profile RDA is more than just an RDTA,

In fact, it is also an RDA,

Because its accessories can be reconstituted into an RDA

Wotofo PROLILE RDTA/RDA review

Suitable for current WOTOFO’s best heating mesh,

The original packaging comes with three different heating meshes,

NexMESH Clapton,

NexMESH Extreme,

NexMESH Turbo.

As a more functional RDTA,

The original packaging also comes with 2 Framed Staple Clapton traditional atomizing core.

Wotofo PROLILE RDTA/RDA review

It is definitely worth mentioning that the RDTA e-liquid guide part.

It uses a steel coil to guide e-liquid,

The strange place is that the steel coil has a large e-liquid control space.

The steel coil is not well fixed,

So later tilt will definitely cause e-liquid leakage.

Wotofo PROLILE RDTA/RDA review

Taste feedback

In terms of heating mesh:

The overall feeling is very strong and excellent,

The sweetness of e-liquid is unique,

This is difficult to achieve with other conventional atomizers.

The vaping taste is just right.

The disadvantage is that sometimes there will be insufficient or too slow e-liquid conduction.

So it’s not suggested to use heating mesh with RDTA.

Wotofo PROLILE RDTA/RDA reviewWotofo PROLILE RDTA/RDA review

In terms of regular heating coil:

You can use your favorite setting to feel this,

It’s recommended to use Clapton heating coil,

It will give the vaper good feedback.

Everything is normal in terms of e-liquid/oil/e-juice conduction.

The combination of heating wire and e-liquid according to your own ideas

Will create a brilliant vaping experience.

Wotofo PROLILE RDTA/RDA review

Friendly reminder:

Due to the structural limitations of this atomizer,

Stuff as much cotton as possible,  fill up the entire tank,

Otherwise, it will leak e-liquid/oil anytime and anywhere

Wotofo PROLILE RDTA/RDA review


WOTOFO gives me a surprise this time,

This RDTA is not only cost-effective,

But also can be used as a classic RDA.

There are more possibilities in matching for richer flavor experience in this Wotofo PROFILE RDTA/RDA.

Wotofo PROLILE RDTA/RDA review

But in terms of sealing,

WOTOFO needs to do better,

Captain also noticed that the mesh core had welding spots.

I hope WOTOFO to explain it,

Making it clear that the solder joint is healthy and normal.

Wotofo PROLILE RDTA/RDA review

Accessories should also need to be equipped with a spring,

Because the ceramic support plate in the middle of the atomizer has only one spring,

Over time it will lose flexibility.

Friends who like mod vaping is recommended to take a try on this Wotofo PROFILE RDTA/RDA.

I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy Wotofo PROFILE RDTA/RDA

Wotofo PROLILE RDTA/RDA reviewWotofo PROLILE RDTA/RDA review Wotofo PROLILE RDTA/RDA review Wotofo PROLILE RDTA/RDA review

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