Wotofo Ultra disposable vape pen review

The famous mod vape RDA and RTA brand WOTOFO has launched many disposable vapes recently, and the new ones keep coming out. Today let’s take a look at the latest Wotofo Ultra disposable vape pen.

The Wotofo Ultra Vape Pen is a disposable vape that brings you the ultimate, high-end and premium vaping experience just like a box mod. It features 3000 puffs endurance and nexMESH heating core and rechargeable design.

Specifications/ Parameters of Wotofo Ultra disposable vape pen

  • Product Size: 24.6 mm * 112.8 mm
  • Battery Capacity: 550 mAh
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 8.5 ml
  • Puff Count: Up to 3000
  • Heating Core: Mesh Coil by nexMESH Tech
  • Coil Resistance: 1.4 Ohms
  • Nicotine Salt: 50 mg
  • Material: Food Grade PC
  • Charging Port: Micro USB

Wotofo Ultra disposable vape pen review

Experience with Wotofo Ultra disposable vape pen

First things first, the flavor on Wotof Ultra is impressive. It’s not the best while it’s at the upper-middle level. Let’s take watermelon ice flavor as an example, the fragrance and scent of the real watermelon exist in vaping like Kardinal Stick,  which is mellow and rich. It’s sweeter than KS, while the author prefers light taste vapes. This flavor works perfectly for sweet taste enthusiasts.

And the 50% nicotine content version makes a stronger throat hit compared to Maskking. It makes you dizzy in a few seconds by generating a decent nicotine buzz. Very awesome device for quitting smoking. However, be careful of the puff numbers you take during a certain time, over-frequent vaping with it will make your throat uncomfortable for a short time.

The 500mAh battery is the right balance between power and performance. High nicotine content vapes usually produce smaller vapor; while low nicotine strength usually comes with a larger cloud amount. The Wotofo Ultra 50% comes with very high nicotine content, thus 500mAh low power that produces smaller vapor compared to ALD Cube Boom matches the performance perfectly.

500mAh also means a low cost for vapers. Rechargeable design compensates for the low capacity of the battery very well. Since most vapers take around 300 puffs per day, 500mAh is more than enough for 1 or 2 days of vaping need. It’s a very smart configuration because the strongest performance is not always the pursuit of experienced and expert vapers, the real & good experience is.

Usually, a 1500 puff disposable like IGET is usually sold for $20-$30 in the United States or Australia at retail price. The Ultra is sold for merely $14.99. So Wotofo makes Ultra just cost-effective and the price affordable. It’s an economical disposable without doubt.

Design of Wotofo Ultra disposable vape pen

Not like smooth body disposables including HQD, Kang Vape, or Mrvapor, the shell of Wotofo comes with an anti-slip & good-looking pattern on the surface. It feels comfortable on hands. This design also makes Wotof Ultra unique among so many disposables on market.


Wotofo Ultra disposable vape pen is a high-quality vape that comes in a wide variety of exciting flavors. And it doesn’t need refilling the e-juice, it’s convenient without the hassle. Its friendly price also makes it very accessible to most vapers. Overall speaking, Wotofo Ultra is great.

Where to buy Wotofo Ultra disposable vape pen @$14.99

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