Thursday, June 20, 2024

VPO vape is invested again

To keep continuous investment in supply chain and sales channel construction


China vape company VPO announced the completion of a new round of strategic financing, this round of financing is jointly invested by new strategic investors and old shareholders. VPO founder Hao Xiaomeng expressed his gratitude to the new investors for their support and recognition of VPO. This financing will mainly be used for the promotion of VPO’s user-friendly pod system, to improve the existing sales channel system, and to recruit more regional & professional e-cigarette partners.

In 2019, VPO received two financings, and completed the sale of 39 yuan V-series products of disposable vapes in 10,000 convenience stores. In the past six months, due to the impact of online bans and epidemics, the survival of the fittest Chinese e-cigarette brand has undergone a new round of reshuffling, and VPO’s offline channel advantage has begun to become prominent in this process. As the growth of the mod e-cigarette user base growth slows down, China pod system vape market is the brightest rising industry in 2020. Taking the advantage of being fast consumer goods and convenience store channel, VPO has quickly adjusted its strategy during the epidemic and launched a user-friendly high cost-effective starter kit “Waking Series”, with the help of the original superior channel and agency system, quickly completed the promotion and occupied the market. Hao Xiaomeng, the founder of VPO, said that this time the VPO’s Waking kit will help channel agents better assist customers and market promotion during the epidemic and economic downturn. The company will subsidize 100,000 cartridges to already cooperating and potential cooperative agents, through more user-friendly products, let more Chinese consumers experience the new technology of vaporing products. At the same time, VPO will also focus on overseas markets with its one-off V series products.

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