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Essential Facts About The New Vape Brand VPO


One minute to learn about the e-cigarette brand rookie “VPO”  

The future users of e-cigarettes are pyramid-shaped. The top of the pyramid is the vape player, but the bottom of the pyramid is the smoker market. VPO will focus more on products, specifically developing closed-end equipment for the smoker market and healthier e-liquid,” VPO co-founder Hao Xiaomeng said at an e-cigarette industry exchange event.

It is understood that the VPO brand was born in Seattle, USA. VPO is one of Madfrog (US)’s e-cigarette brands. And it has been invested by angels of well-known investment institutions and entered the Chinese market in the same year, which is focusing on product development, sales and service in the vape market.

“VPO” brand of blood and meat

Just like the arrival of a baby, the birth of a new brand is naturally inseparable from the cells that make up it, such as the origin of the brand name, brand positioning, core team and so on. In an interview, VPO brand co-founder Hao Xiaomeng explained this one by one.

The VPO brand name evolved from the word “Vapor” steam, and after the team’ decision, the brand name was officially determined as: VPO. After the VPO decided to enter China, the Chinese team took a more soulful name for the VPO: Weibo.

VPO is in the executive team, Hao Xiaomeng is the general manager and co-founder of China. From the background, Hao Xiaomeng has previously established several companies. And he is also the founder of Ruijinlin United, the largest retail channel service provider in China. The other team members are mostly from the top 500 executives in the world and they are all front-line executives with rich management and practical experience in the industry.

Although the health of e-cigarettes has long been known, the good or bad quality of the products, the unsightly appearance, and the complicated use process make the e-cigarettes unacceptable to the public.

The VPO accurately hits the pain point and aims to achieve “No harm, more fashion”. This is also the dream of changing the world in the next ten years. It is committed to inject more innovative vitality such as cultural content and technological power into the traditional tobacco industry.

Up to now, VPO’s first generation of e-cigarette products have been launched. Its shape draws on the Gargantua black hole, hoping to give the spirit of e-cigarettes to explore the future of technology.

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Source: Phoenix Network


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