VPO announced the completion of $30 million round A financing

VPO, a domestic vape company, has announced the completion of 30 million RMB round A  financing, which is jointly invested by Heading Century and Maoxin Capital. VPO founder Hao Xiaomeng said that the financing will be used to improve product quality and safety control, set up VPO atomization technology laboratory, expand the international market and new retail system, and build social e-commerce.

With the continuous attention of domestic capital and entrepreneurs to the vape, consumers’safety awareness is becoming stronger and stronger, and the vape industry is rapidly realizing industrial upgrading. For this reason, VPO has established a VPO joint atomization technology laboratory with top domestic science and technology universities, inviting top medical experts at home and abroad to jointly develop more safe and reliable atomization technology products, and continuously improve the quality and reliability of VPO products in accordance with the international top certification and safety standards. In terms of product innovation, VPO Mini Pro positioned itself as the best disposable atomization technology product in China, continuously improving the quality, taste and safety of the product. In April, it launched a 0-nicotine product line and launched a new cartridge-changer product, which is appearing at IECIE on April 14.

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With the rapid development of the global vape market, VPO has formulated an international market strategy and formed an international team. VPO products have entered many countries and regions, such as Malaysia, South Korea, Dubai, Russia, and so on. In June, VPO participated in the vape technology exhibition in Berlin, Germany. In terms of new online retailing, VPO actively carries out innovations and attempts. At present, its offline channels have entered many traditional chain convenience stores in China, with thousands of stores accumulating. In early 2019, VPO’s “100 Cities Project” has completed dozens of cities and thousands of offline stores coverage. VPO launched a new social e-commerce program, recruited 100 social leaders, signed strategic cooperation with the new species of business park handlers in office scenes, and launched a dedicated product line for social e-commerce.

Yuan Bo, founder of Heading Century, thinks that the most attractive thing is the competitiveness of VPO products. The design, quality and taste of VPO disposable vape products, which make him quit smoking successfully within a month. In his opinion, the trend of traditional smokers using vape products is irreversible. VPO will become a very good substitute and partner product for many old smokers. He is very optimistic about the industrial structure and pragmatic practice of VPO team.

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Xiao Zhiyue, chairman of Maoxin Capital, the investor, believes that with the enhancement of global awareness of smoke control and health, atomization technology and vapes have a huge market growth space. At present, China’s domestic and foreign market channel systems are not mature. Therefore, the penetration and development ability of all channels is the key to team success. We are very optimistic about VPO’s efficient channel expansion ability and look forward to VPO in atomization section. He is looking forward to the VPO bringing more surprises to consumers.

VPO founder Hao Xiaomeng introduced that he will continue to increase research and development and investment in safe and quality products to be the best disposable atomization technology products in China. At the same time, VPO has strengthened cooperation and exchanges with domestic tobacco control associations and NGO organizations, hoping to work with more willing channel partners to build an ecosystem of the vape technology.

The author tests over 100 kinds of similar pod vapes at IECIE today, after comparing all the tastes of the same kinds of pod vapes, VPO is one of the best taste pod vapes. It’s sold at 39 yuan according to its sales at IECIE. And VPO’s a brand with great potential. And that’s why the author writes about this brand today.

PS: Thousands of pod vapes at IECIE are almost the same both in appearance and taste, which makes it hard to choose if I were a buyer, really. You can only identify a few differences in some specific brands like VPO, Silmo, Relx among the thousands of brands.


Enjovp HNB sponsored by Enjovp today. This product hasn’t been launched yet and is expected to on markete at 39 yuan in March.

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