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The Vaping Device Has Experienced 8 Generations of Evolution


E-cigarettes are mainly divided into Vaping Device and heating not burn vape, the latter belongs to the new type of e-cigarettes, and IQOS belongs to HnB equipment.


In 2015, the heat not burn e-cigarettes represented by IQOS began to appear. By 2016, IQOS quickly became popular around the world, and some domestic and foreign traditional tobacco companies and e-cigarette companies began to develop similar heating not burning products. Today, we are sharing the evolutionary history of vaping device, which are already the eighth generation of e-cigarettes by 2018.


The first generation vaping device


As a prototype of a cigarette substitute. The first generation e-cigarette has an electronic controller that is separate from the battery, which controls the 3.7v rechargeable lithium battery to discharge current. It uses a three-stage structure of batteries, atomizers and cartridges. The battery controller limits the voltage to 4.2v through the micro board and outputs a voltage of 3.3v. And this e-cigarette is a huge success on market.


The second generation vaping device


Mechanical e-cigarette. The early second-generation e-cigarette model included a 14500 lithium battery case (for example: the Nicostick, an early e-cigarette prototype that was first discussed at a foreign e-cigarette forum in 2009, with a battery case on the e-cigarette). A two-headed copper tube (the early prototype with the copper). The first commercially successful second-generation e-cigarette prototype was the Screwdriver made by Trog in the UK.


The most typical feature: the RC123a lithium battery is larger and takes longer to use. At the same time, Trog used a resistor to reduce the battery voltage to 5V. The second generation e-cigarette holders combines the cartridge and the atomizer into one. It is also possible to count medium-sized e-cigarette as second-generation e-cigarette, such as EGO‘s medium-sized e-cigarette. The market imitation rate is very high because of not applying for patents.


The third generation vaping device


Electronically regulated e- igarette. Box style design, there are still two lithium batteries, normally the voltage is 7.4v and the maximum voltage is 8.4v, but with an electronic voltage regulator controller, the battery output voltage control is stable at 5V, using lithium battery, rechargeable, use the cigarette holder that can be repeatedly added with e-liquid. The 5V battery-box e-cigarette dominates the 2010 market and is able to satisfy the vast majority of consumers.


The fourth generation vaping device

Electronic voltage regulators lead the trend of the fourth generation e-cigarette. Use a rough potentiometer button to provide external voltage control, or use a screwdriver to adjust the voltage. There was no display at first. Later, a display like a very original electronic watch was added like iJoy revenger. It’s more convenient.

vape girl 2018

The fifth generation vaping device

Increase or decrease the pressure regulating box device, the voltage regulator can generate the voltage used by any atomizers, and is not limited by the battery voltage, and even a lithium battery can be used to adjust any voltage required. Of course, there is a requirement for the quality of the battery.


The sixth generation vaping device

Power control type e-cigarette. The sixth generation electronic cigarettes is marked with adjustable output power, which means that the wattage of the atomizer output can be adjusted. In the case of the same output power, no matter what kind of atomizer is used, the amount of smoke generated is basically no difference. Like Evolv’s Darwin series, it is also the first six-generation commercial e-cigarette product.

vape girl 2018

The seventh generation vaping device


In the first quarter of 2015, the seventh generation of temperature control e-cigarette was introduced. The advantage is that it can avoid burning the cotton core and set the maximum temperature limit to prevent the thermal degradation of the smoke oil caused by excessive temperature. But the disadvantage is that high temperatures can cause the voltage to be less stable.

vape hk

The eighth generation vaping device


Since 2017, some constant-voltage small e-cigarettes have appeared on the market. By 2018, small e-cigarettes will explode, and a variety of mini vapes varieties will flood into the market. Almost all e-cigarette manufacturers have developed their own mini vape products.vape hk

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